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T-Mobile's GoSmart Introduces a $25/Month Unlimited Talk-Only Plan

If you only use your phone for talking, T-Mobile's GoSmart Mobile brand has a deal for you. For $25 per month you get unlimited voice calling but no data and no ability to send or receive text or picture messages.

The only available add-ons for the $25 plan are:
  • $5/month unlimited international text (but not picture) messaging
  • $10/month unlimited texting and calls to landline numbers in selected (list) countries
Adding one of the international add-ons does NOT enable domestic messaging. If you want to text you will need to be on one of GoSmart's  other plans which start at $30 month:
  • $30/month Unlimited Talk and Text, including picture messaging but no other data
  • $35/month Unlimited Talk Text and Web at "2G" speeds
  • $45/month Unlimited Talk Text and "high speed data" with the first 5 GB  at "3G" speeds
While a talk-only plan is not for everyone, T-Mobile obviously believes that there's a substantial demographic that does not want messaging and data. The $25 plan is not listed on GoSmart Website yet but GoSmart dealers received a message (image) yesterday announcing that the plan is now available.

GoSmartMobile operates on T-Mobile's native network with no roaming (map). That means less coverage than with the prepaid plans that T-Mobile offers under it's own name which include some off-network roaming.


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  1. You can get exactly the same plan, on the same network, for the same price, with domestic and intl text included from Spot Mobile and Simple Mobile, so where's the bargain??

    1. exactly, and if you are okay with sprint network it is only 12.99

  2. Does anybody offer a text only plan? That seems like it might be more popular these days.

  3. For 5 dollars more (less using callingmart) you can get airvoice with really good customer service and 100mb i believe.

  4. I see what they trying to do but I doubt it will get many customers, I am in my 20's and I wouldn't go for this plan texting is more of a must than data. However, this plan would be better suited for my mom and grandma those generations. Neither one texts much and I am sure it is the same story with most peoples moms and grandmas that are over 40.

    The problem is GSM is targeted for teens and young adults who want cheap mobile service with no contract. Both of them would want texting so they would go straight to the $30 plan and skip this one. Most people over 40 have never heard of GSM. T-mobile has done no commercials for this brand. One thing about AIO was even though it originally launched in only two states I am in Houston one of those areas. AIO had two or three commericals on daily to bring attention to the brand a good job by At&t. My mom thought AIO was a new separate company until I explained it was owned by At&t. Now that Metro Pcs is established as running on T-mobile's network I think they should merge GSM into Metro Pcs like At&t will do with AIO to Cricket.

  5. Grandma's over 40.lol

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