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2013 Brick and Mortar Black Friday Deal Tracker

Black Friday seem to start earlier every year and this year is no exception with stores opening their doors for Black Friday sales as early as 6 AM Thanksgiving morning.

The Prepaid Phone News Black Friday Deal Timeline, listing all in-store Black Friday prepaid mobile phone deals, has been updated with detailed information about store hours and blockbuster deals.

Prepaid Phone News will continue to monitor retailer sites and the Tracker will be updated as new last minute Black Friday prepaid phone deals leak.

The listings below are in order of store opening. 

Click the store name to go directly to that retailer's Black Friday sale page. Items withe links are also available online.

Kmart Thanksgiving Day Sale 6 AM-5 PM, Thanksgiving Night Sale 7 PM - 3 AM, Black Friday Doorbusters 6AM-12Noon

Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro waterproof Android phone $19.99 ($79.99)

NET10 LG Optimus Dynamic L38C (Verizon) Android Phone $39.99 (reg $79.99) Thursday 6AM sale only

Verizon Gusto 2 flip phone $9.99 (reg $19.99) Friday only

Verizon LG Optimus Zone Android phone $19.99 (reg $79.99) Friday only

Meijer doors open  6 AM Thanksgiving Day, 6 AM Friday

Boost Mobile Kyocear Coast flip phone $4.99 (reg $29.99) (Thanksgiving only)

Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro Android $19.99 (reg $79.99) (Thanksgiving only)

TracFone Samsung S150G candybar $4.99 (reg $9.99) (Friday only)

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Rise Android QWERTY slider $24.99 (reg $79.99) (Friday only)

Dollar General doors open 7 AM Thanksgiving

NET10 Huawei Inspira (AT&T) Android phone $25 (reg $79.99) (Thursday only)

NET10 LG Optimus Logic (AT&T) Android phone $25 (reg $79.99) (Thursday only)

NET10 Unimax Bravo (Verizon) Android phone $25 (reg $79.99) (Thursday only)

NET10 ZTE Merit (AT&T)Android phone $25 (reg $79.99) (Thursday only)

TracFone LG 840G touchscreen $20 (reg $49.99) (Thur-Sat)

Verizon LG Optimus Zone Android phone $25 (reg $79.99) (Thursday only)

Walgreens doors open 8 AM Thanksgiving. Prices good through Saturday

Virgin Mobile payLo Kyocera Entro flip phone $7.99 (reg 14.99)

Fry's Electronics doors open 9 AM Thanksgiving

AT&T ZTE Avail 2  Android phone $39.99 (reg $79.99) (on sale 11 AM Thur)

Blu T190Q unlocked quadband GSM candy bar $19.99 (reg $29.89) (on sale 9 AM Thur)

Blu Dash D270 unlocked quadband GSM + 850/1900 Mhz HSPA Android 4.0 phone  $119.99 (reg $129.99)

MetroPCS Huawei Valiant $49.99 Android phone (reg $69.99) (on sale 9 AM Thur)

MetroPCS LG F3 LTE Android phone $99.99 (reg $139.99) (on sale 3 PM Thur)

Samsung Galaxy S III (i747 AT&T version) unlocked GSM Android phone $299.99 (reg $549.99) (on sale 1 PM Thur)

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Windows Prone $59.99 (reg $149.99) (on sale 1 PM Thur)

Verizon 5510 Prepaid Jetpack mobile hotspot $59.99 (reg $99.99) (on sale 9 AM Thur)

BestBuy doors open 6 PM Thanksgiving. Tickets for 6 PM door busters be handed out up to two hours before store opening. Doors open New doorbusters at 10 PM Thur, Midnight Fri and 10 AM Friday.

AT&T ZTE Avail 2 Android phone $34.99 (reg $79.99)

Boost Mobile Sanyo Innuendoicon QWERTY clamshell $29.99 (reg $59.99)

Boost Mobile HTC One SV LTE Android phone $179.99 (reg $279.99)

Boost Mobile LG Optimus F7 4G LTE Android Phone $199.99 (reg $299.99)

Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE Android phone $299.99 (reg $399.99)

MetroPCS GSM LG Optimus F3 LTE Android phone $129.99 (reg $149.99)

T-Mobile Alcatel Sparq II QWERTY slider $24.99 (reg $49.99)

Virgin Mobile LG F3 LTE Android phone $89.99 (reg $179.99)

Virgin Mobile Mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE Android phone $299.99 (reg $399.99)

Walmart doors open 6 PM Thanksgiving

NET10 $50 airtime card with free SIM $50 (reg $56.99)

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Centura (Verizon) $29 (reg $99.99) Guaranteed available 8PM-9PM Thursday

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S III (Sprint or Verizon) Android phone $299 (reg $399.99) 8PM Thursday

TracFone Alcatel Big Easy candy bar $10 (reg $19.99) 8PM Thursday

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Eventicon Android phone $20 (reg $59.99) 8PM Thursday

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Legend Android phone $35 (reg $129.99) 8PM Thursday

Office Max doors open 8 PM Thanksgiving, 5 AM Friday

NET10 Huawei Glory H868C (Verizon) Android phone $49.99 (reg $99.99) 11PM Thur - 2AM Fri

NET10 Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720 (Verizon) Android phone $74.99 (reg $99.99) 11PM Thur - 2AM Fri

Sears doors open 8 PM Thursday, 6 AM Friday. Doorbuster prices good through 1 PM Fri while supplies last.

NET10 LG Optimus Dynamic L38C (Verizon) Android Phone $39.99 (reg $79.99)

Shopko doors open 8 PM Thanksgiving, doorbusters prices good through noon Friday

AT&T ZTE Z431 Spider QWERTY candy bar $24.99 (reg $59.99)

TracFone LG 540G WiFi 3G touchscreen $24.99 (reg $59.99)

Target doors open 8 PM Thanksgiving

Send $75 or more in store or online Black Friday between 12:01AM and store close and get a coupon good for 20% off one shopping trip Dec 1-7.

Virgin Mobile ZTE Awe Android phone $19.99 (reg $99.99)

Gamestop doors open 12:01 AM Friday

Buy 2 pre-owned products, get one free

AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone $84.99 (reg $99.99)

NET10 LG Optimus Dynamic L38C (Verizon) $39.99 (reg $79.99)

Pre-Owned AT&T iPhone 3GS 8GB $89.99 (reg $139.99)

Pre-Owned Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile) $249.99 ($399.99 new)

Tiger Direct (stores only, not online) doors open 5 AM Friday

AT&T ZTE Avail 2 Android phone $44.99 (reg $79.99)

AT&T Nokia Lumia Windows Phone $59.99 (reg $99.99)

TracFone Samsung S150G candybar $4.99 (reg $14.99) 2PM - 3PM Friday only

Unlocked Samsung galaxy Note i717 $289.99 (reg $399.99)

H-E-B doors open 6 AM Friday

NET10 Samsung Galaxy Centura Android phone $39.00 (reg $99.99)

RadioShack doors open 8 AM Friday. Most deals available online starting 12:01 AM Thanksgiving

AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone with case and 8GB SD card $69.99 (reg $99.99)

Boost Mobile Kyocera Coast flip phone $9.99 (reg $29.99)

Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro Edge waterproof Android phone $69.99 (reg $149.99)

Boost Mobile LG Optimus F7 LTE Android phone $199.99 (reg $299.99)

NET10 LG Optimus Dynamic (Verizon) Android Phone  Buy One Get One Free- two phones for $79.99

RadioShack Mobile Samsung Galaxy Discover Android phone $24.99 (reg $79.99) in-store activation or top-up required

Verizon Samsung Gusto flip phone $5.99 (reg $19.99)

Verizon LG Optimus Zone Android phone $39.99 (reg $79.99)

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Rise Android QWERTY slider $19.99 (reg $79.99)

Virgin Mobile Samsung Samsung Galaxy Ring Android phone $49.99 (reg $149.99)

Virgin Mobile ZTE Reef waterproof Android phone $79.99 (reg $149.99)

Virgin Mobile iPhone 4 8GB $99.99 (reg $199.99) in-store activation required

Cricket (Cricket corporate owned stores only) doors open 9 AM  Friday

All smartphones half price

Aio Wireless Black Friday sale starts 11 AM Friday

New Aio customers activating a line of service between 11AM and 3PM local time will receive a free BoostPlus Audio Speaker.
Free ZTE Prelude Android phone with new activation on a $55 or $70 Smartphone Plan.

There are always some great prepaid phone deals on Black Friday. Just keep in mind that stores usually only have a handful, or even just one, of the most steeply marked down phones. Which unfortunately means you have little or no chance of getting the hottest items unless you're willing to wait in line hours before stores open. It's up to you if it's worth it.

There's an easier way. Most stores, as well as online only merchants like Amazon.com, will have online Black Friday sales starting several days before Black Friday. See all the online sales and deals in Prepaid Phone News' Online Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Tracker.

Updated Nov 28, 10:45 AM PST: New Radio Shack and Best Buy items. Links to items available online added.

Image: cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Michael Holden


Comment Page :
  1. Why would radioshack require in store activations when its christmas time and people are buying gifts?

    1. Two reasons.
      To discourage people from buying their loss leaders for resale at a profit
      When a retailer activates a new account they get a commision of between $10 and $50.

    2. are these on all radio shack phones or just that one that you pointed out?

    3. According to the Radio Shack ad, in-store activation is only required on the Virgin Mobile iPhone and the RadioShack Mobile Samsung Galaxy Discover. However, RS employees don't always follow the rules and sometimes require activation when they shouldn't.

    4. I already have a virgin mobile phone, so why would I have to activate? and is there a fee to activate?

    5. Activation is free to the user, Radio Shack gets a commission for activating a new account.

    6. I got one of these deals at Radio Shack last night. They did NOT require activation. They did though give the usual third degree that is typical of Radio Shack, where even buying a battery with cash requires interrogation by the clerk.

    7. They also do it in attempt to block price matching stores that will price match , their prices such as Walmart, & BestBuy but a lot of the stores during black Friday deals will overlook that little flaw & price match to get you too shop with them & not require you to activate

  2. And RadioShack was absolutely adamant about it when target and vm were matching prices with out activations! So try target. Last Christmas I ran into the same problem.

    1. Don't waste your time and gas hoping that Target will price match Black Friday ads. This is specifically excluded in their price match policy now. Do you really think you will get lucky this BF?

  3. Thanks for your time and effort Dennis. This is beneficial to your readers, as usual.

  4. Dollr General will also offer the LG Optimus Zone for use on Verizon Wireless Prepaid on Thanksgiving Day at $25.00. The phone/device runs Android 2.3

    Currently, Radio Shack offers this phone/device for sale at $39.99, but sold out on-line. Amazon has it for sale at $59.40, with free shipping.


    1. Dollar General seems to be my likely place to get in line for sales

  5. @Dennis Bournique: Speaking of THANKSGIVING... THANKS for GIVING us bargain hunters all of this useful info. Keep up the good work.

  6. Any word of Virginmobile.com, I ordered a Htc One last year but can't remember if their black Friday was actually on Monday? thanks,

    1. Nothing yet. The online deals typically leak much latter than the in-store ones. I don't expect to see any online BF or CM leaks until next week at the earliest.

  7. Dennis is going to be busy the next day or so updating all the Black Friday deals that were released on Monday evening!


  8. $299 for the S3 on Straight Talk. I thought it would be $250. Good Luck finding a Verizon S3.

    1. I thought the s3 was sprint via st?

    2. There are two versions. S968L with LTE is Sprint, S968C w/o LTE is Verizon.

  9. The vzw Samsung galaxy legend $35 at Wal-Mart looks like a deal spec wise, here is hoping it will be online as well.

  10. I am looking for a phone for Lycamobile, so it needs to be an unlocked phone. What is the most efficient way to check what phones above are unlocked? If we find out, can you add an "unlocked" icon or tag to each such line item? Just a suggestion. Thanks for the this list and the weekly lists!

    1. Phones sold for use with a specific prepaid operator are almost never unlocked. You are unlikely to find any unlocked phones at a big box store's Black Friday sale.

      When I mention an unlocked phone in any post I do include the fact that it's unlocked.

      It may be possible to unlock some of the GSM prepaid doorbusters. I recommend researching if unlocking a particular model is possible and at what cost before buying any locked phone

      Good sources of unlocked phones are direct from phone manufacturers. Apple, the Google Play store and Sony that sell unlocked phones online.

      Amazon, Tigerdirect, BestBuy, Overstock.com, Newegg, Walmart and many other online retailers also sell unlocked phones.

    2. Look up Blue Products. They make phones with good specs at lower prices than the name brands. I have been using the BLU Life Play for about a month now on Air Voice. Had low hopes but I absolutely love this phone.

  11. Can I get the LG optimus f3 for virgin mobile online or do I have to buy it at best buy to get it at $89.99

    1. Online, where? bestbuy or vm.com?

    2. It's too early to tell if BestBuy or anyone else will have the F3 for $89.99 online. I don't usually get word of online deals until the day of or day before the deal.

      In store Black Friday sales leak early because the color newspaper supplements have to go to the printer weeks in advance but there's no printing needed for online sales.

  12. @Dennis Bournique: Will you continue to post info on the actual BF and CM days (just in case last-minute deals that were not leaked earlier suddenly appear on those days)?

  13. I am hoping to grab a few of the $20 droids for use in home security camera applications....

  14. what happened to the gamestop virgin mobile iphone 4?

    1. It was listed on a early leak of the Gamespot ad but is not on the final ad. Probably a typo.

  15. how is the galaxy legend a prepaid phone if everywhere i look it says 4g lte.. im confused lol

    1. I don't know where you are looking but the Legend is a made for prepaid 3G only version of the Samsung Stella.

  16. Dennis. I received this in my email. Sounds like an incredible offer!

    1. It's a good deal although the prices of the eligible phones are high: $249.99 for a Kyocera Kona flip phone! Or $449.98 ($100 more than Google charges. There are also taxes and fees including a $36 activation fee.

  17. Do you think the iPhones will sell fast?


    1. Most Boost stores are independently owned so it will be up to store owners to run Black Friday promotions. If Boost has a Black Friday sale in its corporate stores or a new dealer promotion for Black Friday I'll add it here.

  19. at radioshack for bf do you know if there is a limit of i phone 4 i can buy?

    1. The ad doesn't say but I suspect that there will be a very limited quantity of $99.99 iPhones and that at least some stores may limit sales to one or two per person

  20. MetroPCS has the LG F3 and L9 on sale for $99.99 on their website. Good deals!

    1. Just saw fine print. In store only; new line required to get these prices.

  21. @Dennis Bournique: Will there be any BF deals in any of the big-4 (ATT, Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile) corporate-owned retail stores?

  22. The Zact Galaxy s3 is $200 off at Best Buy, making it $299.

  23. the at&t nokia phone at radioshack is that on contract or unlocked?

  24. @Dennis Bournique: Typo in your headline: "Mortor" should be "Mortar".

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