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Next G Porting Information

For several days, possibly as long as a week, Verizon MVNO Next G Mobile' s activation and airtime recharge systems have been out of service. Customers, Next G dealers and even Next G customer service representatives are unable to add funds to a users' accounts. As a result plans are expiring and people are losing service. Next G says it's a technical problem. Whatever the cause, it's probably a good time to switch to another provider.

If you want to keep your Next G number you need to port it to another operator. Also, if you want to use your Next G phone on another Verizon based operator, porting will release the phone from Next G, which is necessary before it can be activated on another operator.

Normally you can port a mobile number by contacting the operator you want to port to. But former Next G dealer ACRS Wireless posted on Howard Forums that there's an extra step involved when porting from Next G. First. you need to call Next G at 1-855-775-6789, press 2 and ask who ever answers to release your number. According to ACRS, Next G can and will release numbers even if they are inactive for non-payment. Once you have asked Next G to release your number, contact the operator you want to port to or one of their dealers. If you want to stay on the Verizon network, your options are PagePlus, Selectel or Verizon Prepaid.  Selectel, like Next G offers no extra charge off network voice roaming. Verizon and Page Plus charge 29¢ or 20¢ per minute for roaming, depending on plan.

Page Plus dealers Kitty WirelessGenius WirelessFreedom Wireless and Bat Mobile Wireless as well as Page Plus itself will port your number to PagePlus from Next G for free.

Genius Wireless, Freedom Wireless and Bat Mobile Wireless are also a Selectel dealers and they all do ports to Selectel at no charge.

Regardless of which operator you port to, you will need two pieces of information, your Next G account number and password.

Your Next G account number is your ten digit TFG phone number.
Your Next G password is the last four digits of your phone number.

Good luck porting and please share your experiences in the comments,


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    1. You could use the money you save to go to the gym.

    2. I haven't heard of any issues at Selectel. They are new and new Verizon MVNOs don't have the best track record. But it's prepaid, if they don't work out, just leave.

    3. Selectel might be new, but trust me on this, they are not Next G!
      The fact that both uses the post-paid service is about the only thing that the two have in common.

      Selectel has great customer service, they are much more stable. There plans are vary competitive and unlike Next G, they offer data with all of their plans.

      I have been a Page Plus, Next G dealer for a while now and due to regional providers and roaming issues, Next G had to be our carrier of choice, at least in the immediate area. The service was excellent, but Next G was constantly cutting people off on the "Unlimited Data" plans, not throttling them back, cutting them off. Selectel has excellent customer support, superior dealer support and in my opinion, if they keep the ship moving in the right direction, will eventually overtake Page Plus as the strongest Verizon MVNO.

      If anyone is needing to port over from Next G, we are offering free porting service, just visit us online or drop us an email and we will be happy to help you through the transition.


    4. I am a dealer and have been referring customers to Next G since their inception. Due to regional providers in my area, Page Plus, wasn't a good alternative, due to the roaming issues. Next G provided what we needed in that they were utilizing the post-paid coverage. This really helped when our customers were roaming.

      However, Next G, has been riddled with issues for some time. Not paying SPIFF's, cutting off customers data, despite advertising "unlimited data," forgetting to acknowledge pins and causing customers to go hours and days without service, etc. and so on.

      I have to say that Selectel is by far the superior MVNO, in my opinion, I even rate it ahead of Page Plus. True, they have a few bugs for a new MVNO, but they are doing everything right. Their customer service is the absolute best that I have encountered anywhere, their plans are competitive and the post paid coverage beats Page Plus.

      We are happy to help anyone port over at no cost, feel free to contact us or visit our website and one of our reps will assist you navigate this transition.


  2. Selectel has changed their website to add an account log-in button. Coming soon.

  3. I have had Selectel for about six months now and love it! I had pageplus before for 3 yrs and my coverage is much better with Selectel. They have the same coverage as vz retail instead of prepaid that pageplus uses. With retail towers there is no roaming fees and extended coverage. I recommend them to my friends and family which I don't do very often.

  4. Hey everyone! If you are currently a Next G Mobile customer we can transfer your phone number to Selectel Wireless absolutely FREE. You can visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/nocontractcell. We are one of the top 5 dealers for Selectel Wireless and have been in the prepaid industry for some time. By far Selectel has had the best customer support we have seen in the industry. If you are a Next G Mobile customer and are accustomed to no roaming then Selectel Wireless is definitely your answer! We are also an authorized dealer for Next G and Page Plus, so our advice is not biased. Coverage-wise, Next G was on par with Selectel, but their prices were much more expensive. Their customer service was nowhere near as helpful as Selectel has been and Page Plus does not offer free roaming as Selectel Wireless does. Give us a call at 828-835-9393, email us at [email protected], or message us on Facebook to get your phone and number transfered Selectel Wireless for FREE!

  5. I have both NextG and Selectel..I have been super happy with Selectel which I got through Genius-Wireless..Eric the owner goes above and beyond to service his customers...The no charge for roaming is a Huge factor for me.Blowing Verizon out of the water fot s orepaid..If you prefer PagePlus Genius can also service ur needs

  6. Hello, we are a Page Plus and Selectel Dealer and can port your number FREE! Also, we Remote Flash many new devices to these carriers such as the Galaxy S4, Note 3, RAZR, Droid DNA, and much more same day service for only 39.99! Port-in and Activations all included with this service Same Day! Guaranteed 3G fully working! If interested, please call 253-888-5437 or visit us at CellularFlashUSA.com - We are an Insured and Licensed Company Remote Flashing Nation-Wide!

    1. Those porting out of NextG that are looking for stability should consider Page Plus. We use excellularmobile.com great customer service and a nice autopay system.

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