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Update - Closed: RingPlus to Reopen Free Mobile Phone Plan Signups at 10 AM PST Today

Sprint MVNO RingPlus, will open signups for their free mobile phone service again today, Dec 10 at 10 AM PST.  The free plan is a promotion that's limited to an unspecified number of sign ups. The last time RingPlus opened up the free plan was in September, when all the available slots were filled in 9 minutes.

Update - 12/10/2013 10:27 AM PST: The RingPlus free plan promotion is now closed.

The free service includes 325 minutes, 70 texts and 10 MB of data per month at no charge. If you use up the free minutes, text or data, RingPlus charges overage rates of 2¢ per extra minute, text or MB. MMS picture messages are not free but are available at an extra cost of 7¢ each.

RingPlus can activate most Sprint phones that aren't currently active on Sprint or another Sprint MVNO except for iPhones, BlackBerrys, Palm phones, PTT devices and Boost and Virgin Mobile phones which are NOT allowed. Sprint phone models released in the last 12 months are also blocked. There's a long list of allowed and not allowed phones on the Ring Plus Forum. You also can check if your phone is allowed by entering the MEID or ESN at https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new.

When signups open at 10 AM, go to https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new and enter your phone's ESN or MEID which you can find on a label under the battery. If your device is eligible you can activate the phone immediately. To get the free plan choose "FREE BYOSD" from the plan drop down. That plan option will only be available during the promotion.

A valid email address and a credit or debit card number (for overages) is required at signup. RingPlus says they will not automatically charge your card. If and when you need more minutes, texts or data you use your stored credit card to buy credit. The minimum purchase is $5 and balances do not expire.

Once you register a phone successfully you should see a screen with your new RingPlus number and basic programming information. To activate most Sprint phones you do a network reset or a factory reset and the phone will reboot and automatically activate itself. A factory reset will delete all user data (messages, contacts, photos and user installed ringtones or apps) from the phone. Back up anything you care about to a memory card, PC or cloud service before doing a factory reset.

You will probably need to use Google to find network reset or factory reset instructions for your phone make and model. If you have trouble getting the phone to activate, the RingPlus Forum has a page of activation troubleshooting tips.

The free plan is funded, at least in part, by advertisements that play during the time between when a call is placed and the called party or voice mail answers. RingPlus wants users to make calls so they they hear the ads. There are a number of rules intended to insure that calls are made. New users need to watch out for two rules in particular:
  • You must activate your phone and make a successful outgoing call within 24 hours after registering it or your account will be cancelled.
  • Within the first 7 day period after activation, inbound calls should not exceed outbound calls by a ratio of 10:1 over two or more consecutive days except if you make more than 17 outbound calls within 7 days."
There's a complete list of the rules of the free BYOSP plan on the RingPlus Forum.

Good luck getting activated on the free program, let us know in a comment if you do.

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  1. WARNING: Doing a Factory Reset will wipe your phone clean, it will delete your contacts, texts, pictures, ringtones, etc

    1. Yes that's what a factory reset does. It's also the recommended way to activate most used Sprint phones on a new account. Copy anything you want to keep to the memory card or a PC before you hard reset.

  2. Not a good idea to store pictures on your phone like that anyway. They should be periodically copied off to something more stable.

    Reminded of a person I talked to who was needing to get a new iPhone after a few years because the memory on the old one had completely filled up with pictures...

  3. After a few "Bad Gateway" errors, got signed up with an old Samsung Rant. The phone is at home, so I haven't been able to test it yet.

  4. R+ wouldn't take the IMEI for my unused Nexus 5. Customer support told me that I needed a Sprint SIM. Looks like I'm screwed.

    1. Last I heard Ting is selling LTE SIMs to their customers for $10. I don't know whether they can be reused with another MVNO once activated.

    2. Thanks! The Sprint stores don't have any and tell you to contact Sprint customer support. Customer support tells you to go to the stores. Looks like they're hard to come by.

  5. Shakes head. They actually have a phone called the Rant? What next, the Peeve, Pain, Enrage, and Jeremiad?

  6. I registered an account and was able to add an old phone to the free plan. It took a long time before I could see the Dashboard. Got my welcome email about 15 minutes before the Dashboard showed up. I manually programmed the phone, and data tried to autoprogram but the server is busy so I will try later.

  7. I got a few "Bad Gateway" errors too, seems the RingPlus system was overloaded and could not acknowledge my request. I was able to activated a new FREE account, but
    the Activity in the Dashboard said "The activation of My_nickname failed, clicking on the more info for it gave me:

    "Device could not be activated: ESN is already assigned to subscriber 695xxxxxx in account 40xxxxxxx. Please correct and try again."

    So it looks like I got through at least once with "Bad Gateway" errors.

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