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T-Mobile Launching New $35 Unlimited Talk & Text Plan

I just got a copy of a promotional flyer that T-Mobile sent to its independent dealers. The flyer indicates that T-Mobile will offer a new $35/month Unlimited Talk and Text Plan starting Dec 8. It's a promotional plan that will be only be available to new customers and only for a "limited time".

The plan does not include data and the Unlimited International Talk and Text add-on is not available with this plan.

I don't have a lot of details about this offer but presumably customers who activate during the promotion will be able to keep the plan indefinitely. I also don't know if this plan will only be available though T-Mobile authorized dealers or if it will also be offered online or at T-Mobile corporate stores.

This plan has fairly limited appeal, in my opinion. It's a good deal only if you don't need data but do need access to roaming off the T-Mobile network. If you don't need roaming there are less expensive T-Mobile based unlimited talk and text only plans including $25 plans from Spot Mobile and Simple Mobile, both of which include unlimited international texting. There's also Ultra Mobile's $29 plan which includes unlimited talk and text, including international texts, plus 100 MB of data and 1000 minutes of international calls to 70 countries. See T-Mobile and T-Mobile MVNO Prepaid Plans Compared for other options.

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  1. roaming can be important, but there isn't much cost difference than going with airvoice, red pocket, H20, etc which are nearly the same price. Many of these plans are 30 bucks and give you data. Not sure what market they are aiming for.

  2. Probably just a marketing ploy. Now they can compare themselves to Virgin Mobile, VZ Prepaid and AT&T who all have a $35 plan.

  3. Probably just a marketing ploy. Now they can compare themselves to Virgin Mobile, VZ Prepaid and AT&T who all have a $35 plan.

  4. I've been saying for like a year they need an unlimited talk and text plan. Yea there is cheaper unlimited talk and text plans but those are on MVNO's of course a national provider is going to charge more. This price is fair. Also, there will always be those people that will pay a little more to have brand recognition and have access to a little roaming on At&t makes it even better. A lot of people don't need data. Also, this could be an attempt to steal some more Cricket customers before the deal closes next month and At&t has full control over the brand. Cricket had an unlimited talk and text plan for $35; so obviously if you have the same plan at the same price customers would chose the better network; which in this case would be T-mobile.

  5. I don't get appeal of this at all. For just $5 more a month you can use T-Mobile's network with MetroPCS and get unlimited talk/text AND get 500MB of data.

    1. or you could get the same 500MB plan at 35orless.com and save even more $

  6. Actually MetroPCS for $5 includes 500MB of so called LTE data then so called unlimited trotted data.

  7. Their $35 plan should be: 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 5gb of data.

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