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Aio Users Can Earn Up to $250 By Referring Their Friends

AT&T's Aio Wireless brand announced a new referral program yesterday that pays Aio customers $25 for each person they refer to Aio.

The way it works is that you send Aio your friend's email addresses. Aio then spams emails your friends a referral code to use when they activate Aio service. If you and the friend stay on Aio for 60 days after the referral activation you both get a $25 account credit. There's a $250 per account annual limit on referral rewards.

Aio (pronounced "A-O") is an AT&T prepaid brand that was launched nationwide in September. However, Aio as a brand won't be around much longer as AT&T has said that when it completes the acquisition of Cricket Wireless it will combine Aio with Cricket and drop the Aio name. AT&T expects to complete the Cricket acquisition by the end of March, 2014.

AT&T has promised that Aio users that can keep their current phones and phone numbers after the deal closes and the Aio brand disappears. It's unclear if that promise applies Aio plans or to the referral program which is described as a Limited time offer; subject to change.

Source Aio Wireless via FierceWireless

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  1. Interesting ,so the cricket name will live on and be GSM only?

    1. Yes, that's waht AT&T says they will do. I expect it will take at least two years before CDMA is gone.

  2. I don't understand why ATT wants to keep the Cricket brand. Their service is terrible.

  3. Why would I refer my friends to a service that doesnt work ? Aio has been shut down for two days now. Yes... AIO CUSTOMERS HAVE NO CELL SERVICE..! service outages are very frequent and last for days. Thx but no Thx.

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