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Cricket Announces 5 Unlimited Smartphone Lines For $100 Promotion

Cricket Wireless announced today that it's launching a "5 Smartphone Lines for $100" family plan promotion. The limited time offer gives new and current Cricket Wireless customers unlimited talk, text, music and one gigabyte of full-speed data per line on up to five lines for $100 per month. Customers who sign up for autopay save $5, reducing the plan's cost to $95.

The offer will be available beginning this Sunday, January 26, 2014 at company-owned stores and premier dealers.

Cricket also announced a new "The Nation's Best Trade-In" program which Cricket says offers more money for their old phone's than any other trade-in program. Unlike other programs will pay nothing for many older phone's Cricket's guarantees a minimum  $30 credit for Cricket smartphones and $15 credit for all other phones. The trade-in promotion also begins January 26.

The 5 lines for $100 offer sounds like an amazing deal. Details of the offer aren't clear but as it's only available in Cricket stores and not online, it's limited to Cricket native markets only and not other areas where Cricket operates as a Sprint MVNO.

The timing of the offer is interesting as AT&T expects to complete its acquisition of Cricket by March of this year. AT&T has said that it will let Cricket customers keep their plans after the takeover. So if you are in a Cricket market and can line up four friends or family members it might be a good time to jump on this offer and lock in the $100 rate, which works out to just $20 per line for unlimited talk, messaging and music and 1 GB of data.

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  1. "AT&T has said that it will let Cricket customers keep their plans after the takeover."
    This sounds good if AT&T also lets them keep and use their phones. How long will AT&T operate the Cricket CDMA network, I wonder?

  2. WOW!!!! Now that is a good deal. I know nothing about Cricket, but this promotion has made me interested.

  3. I read 18 months from september acquisition paperwork, so this plan is bs, all cdma phones will be turned off in september on 14....what a scam, atat trying to get the last little bit of money out of users before they turn off cdma network, So users that go out and buy super expensive smartphones will feel completely screwed come september

    1. Well don't buy a supoer expensive phone, they have plenty of cheaper ones, and you are saving a lot on the monthly bill , even if you only had a year before CDMA was decomissioned.

  4. LOVE the price. Hate the coverage.

  5. Cricket is so dishonest and has such terrible service I Dont know why anyone would choose them. Forget the 30 day return policy, they NEVER honor it.

  6. I can't wait until the acquisition is complete. Cricket has to be the last cell phone company that still has roaming. If they have deals like this once AT&T is in charge, they may have something on their hands.

  7. So what if you just want 3 lines? $60?

  8. How long do the plan goes on?

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