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Deal: $189.99 iPhone 4 16 GB for PagePlus, Selectel or Verizon

1Sale.com has the factory refurbished Verizon iPhone 4 16 GB in white or black on sale for $189.99 with free shipping until 8 PM PT today Jan 1 only.

This is  a regular postpaid Verizon iPhone that can be used on Verizon MVNOs like Selectel and Page Plus as well as Verizon prepaid or postpaid. The phone comes with new OEM headphones and charger and carries a 6 month warranty.

The iPhone 4 is a 3G EVDO phone with a  3.5 inch 960 x 480 px "Retina" screen and a 5 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. It can run iOS 7.0.4, which is the latest version of  of the iPhone OS


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  1. Can't afford an iPhone for Pageplus or Selectel? Here is a new LG Enlighten advertised with full warranty on eBay from a big dealer for only $56.40.

  2. I would like to "Enlighten" you to avoid all phones that have less than 150MB of free internal user memory.

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