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Did Straight Talk T-Mobile SIMs Just Get LTE?

It's taken a while but T-Mobile MVNOs are slowly starting to get 4G LTE data. It started with 35orLess which has had LTE since its launch early last month. TracFone's Simple Mobile brand gained LTE later in December. Today, HowardForuns member Mralexander reported that he's getting LTE with a Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM. Up to now the only LTE on Straight Talk has been with a few AT&T (iPhone 5C and 5S) and Sprint (Samsung Galaxy S4) based Straight Talk phones and withAT&T BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) SIMs.

So far we only have one report of working LTE with Straight Talk T-Mobile. If you are in a T-Mobile LTE market with a Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM in a phone that supports LTE on the AWS (aka Band 4 or 1700) band that T-Mobile uses, please leave a comment saying whether you are seeing LTE or not.

I wonder how long LTE spreads to the rest of the LTE MVNOs, including PTel, Ultra Mobile, Brightspot and Lycamobile?  As a PTel user I'm hoping it will be soon.

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  1. Dennis,

    Pardon my ignorance here. Why does this particular HoFo user have such credibility? Couldn't he/she be a troll?

    1. Of course he could be a troll, but looking at his other posts, the HoFo member doesn't seem to have a history of making things up. LTE on Straight Talk T-Mobile seems plausible as TracFone owned Simple Mobile recently got it.

      But until there's more confirmation, as I asked for in the post, I consider LTE on Straight Talk T-Mobile a rumor.

  2. Nexus 5 on TMo StraightTalk Sim since November - LTE since November.

  3. Sridhara-syama dasaJanuary 28, 2014 at 3:22 PM

    Getting LTE on my Straight Talk AT&T sim since I started using it on my Blackberry Z10 from about Christmas time.

    Hare Krishna

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