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Free Month of PagePlus Service With New Activation During January

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless has extended last month's free month of service promotion through the end of January.

Anyone who does a new activation, or a new port in request from now until 3 PM ET om 1/31/2014 will receive a free month of service on the PagePlus $12/month plan which includes 250 minutes, 250 texts and 10MB of data.

Additional minutes and texts are 5¢ each on the $12 plan. Additional data is 10¢/MB.

If the $12 plan doesn't meet your needs, Kitty Wireless will give you a coupon good for a 25% discount off the first month of the $29.95 Plan, 10% off the first month of $39.95 plan or 30% off the first month of the $55 or $69.95 plans.

To get started click here: free activation or here: free port to port your number from another carrier to a new or existing Page Plus account.

Current PagePlus customers can save with these Kitty Wireless bonus codes:
SERV25 is good for 25% off an ESN Change, Number Change or other paid service
SAVE3 takes 3% off the preice of any one time PagePlus airtime PIN.

Page Plus Cellular is a major Verizon MVNO, for more about Page Plus see our Page Plus Prepaid Operator Profile.

Source: Kitty Wireless Forums


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  1. Effective Monday, January 6, 2014, Start Wireless Group Inc, dba Page Plus Cellular is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Tracfone Wireless, which itself is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Movil.

    Please see the following links:






    1. Thanks for sharing this. Here's hoping TracFone doesn't scre up Page Plus too badly.

  2. Hat tip to your site. As of the time I posted this, I did not see this inofrmation on other cellular-related forums such as Howard Forums, Engadget, etc, and I believe that prepaidphonenews.com was the first cellular-related site to have the information made available to a broader audience.


    1. The credit belongs to you for finding it on the FCC site and letting us know with your comment

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