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New Free Phone Service Promotion From RingPlus Opens Feb 10 at 10 AM PT

RingPlus is doing it again. The upstart Sprint MVNO will open sign ups for their free BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Phone) plan again Monday, February 10 at 10 AM PT.

The free plan is a promotion limited to an unspecified number of sign ups. They've run it several times before and it always sells out in just a few minutes.

Unfortunately the 2014 version of RingPlus free plan is a bit less generous than previous ones. It includes 100 120 domestic minutes, 30 50 domestic and international SMS, and 10 MB of data for free.

Last year's free plans came with 325 minutes, 70 texts and 10 MB of data for free. But at least the plan is still free and if you use up the free minutes, text or data, RingPlus' overage rates of 2¢ per extra minute, text or MB are lower than any other operator's pay as you plan. MMS picture messages are 7¢ each.

Current users of one of the 2013 free BYOSD plans are grandfathered and get to keep their 325 minutes, 70 texts and 10 MB.

RingPlus can activate most Sprint phones that aren't currently active on Sprint or another Sprint MVNO. However, iPhones, BlackBerrys, Palm phones, PTT devices and Boost and Virgin Mobile phones are NOT allowed. Sprint phone models released in the last 12 months are also blocked. There's a long list of allowed and not allowed phones on the Ring Plus Forum. You also can check if your phone is allowed by entering the MEID or ESN at https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new.

When signups open at 10 AM Feb 10, go to https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new and enter your phone's ESN or MEID which you can find on a label under the battery. If your device is eligible you can activate the phone immediately. To get the free plan choose "FREE BYOSD" from the plan drop down. That plan option will only be available during the promotion.

A valid email address and a credit or debit card number (for overages) is required at sign up. RingPlus says they will not automatically charge your card. If and when you need more minutes, texts or data you use your stored credit card to buy credit. The minimum purchase is $5 and balances do not expire.

Once you register a phone successfully you should see a screen with your new RingPlus number and basic programming information. To activate most Sprint phones you do a network reset or a factory reset and the phone will reboot and automatically activate itself. A factory reset will delete all user data (messages, contacts, photos and user installed ringtones or apps) from the phone. Back up anything you care about to a memory card, PC or cloud service before doing the factory reset.

You will probably need to use Google to find network reset or factory reset instructions for your phone make and model. If you have trouble getting the phone to activate, the RingPlus Forum has a page of activation troubleshooting tips.

The free plan is funded, at least in part, by advertisements that play during the time between when a call is placed and the called party or voice mail answers. RingPlus wants users to make calls so they they hear the ads. There are a number of rules intended to insure that calls are made. New users need to watch out for two rules in particular:
  • You must activate your phone and make a successful outgoing call within 24 hours after registering it or your account will be cancelled.
  • You must make a successful outbound call at least once per week and 30 10 successful outbound calls per month.
  • Within the first 7 day period after activation, inbound calls should not exceed outbound calls by a ratio of 10:1 over two or more consecutive days except if you make more than 17 outbound calls within 7 days.
Update 1/27: RingPlus has reduced the minimum usage requirement from 30 to 10 calls per month and eliminated the requirement that the inbound:outbound call ratio must no more than 10:1 during the first 7 days. They also clarified that the new rules only apply to the 2104 free plan.  2013 Free Plan users are subject to the old "Rules of the Road" which include a requirement to make an outgoing call at least once  every three weeks

If you think you might not be able to abide by the usage rules you can purchase a "Free Card" for $4.50/month. The Free Card protects your account from cancellation for the breaking the first two rules (make a call within 24 hours of activation and make one call per week and 30 10 per month). However the Free Card does not protect you from cancellation for breaking the third rule (inbound/outbound call ration over 10:1).

Good luck getting activated on the free program, let us know in a comment if you do.

Update 1/28: RingPlus has increased the minutes included with the free plan from 100 to 120 and the texts from 30 to 50.


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  1. If RingPlus is going to require us to make 30 successful outbound calls per month, shouldn't they make it easy for us to determine what our current call count is?

    1. Not from their point of view. RingPlus does not want you to stop at 30 calls! They are trying to sign up advertisers to pay for your calls by showing high average outgoing calls.

  2. Does the 30 successful outbound calls rule apply to those on the 2013 free plans? I got mine during the last promotion.
    It appears that the rule only applies to 2014 plan(s).

    1. It's not clear whether the 30 calls rule applies to the 2013 plans. People on the RingPlus forum have been asking that question and RingPlus hasn't replied so far.

  3. Do calls to Toll-Free numbers count, I don't want to bug my friends 30 times a month, every month, to satisfy this requirement.

    1. Yes toll free calls do count fo fulfilling the 30 calls requirement.

  4. Looks like they already dropped it back to 10 calls a month, and that the plan will grow over time. Do they mention how fast it will grow?!

  5. This RingPlus Free BYOSD plan will be open for 2 hours with a limit higher than all the previous promos combined.

    See the pfoneguy post: www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1808357-RingPlus-Brings-Free-Ad-Supported-Service/page30

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