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Possible Boost Mobile LG F7 GPS Issues

With its 4.7" HD screen 8 MP camera and dual core 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon S4 processor the LG F7 appears to be one of Boost Mobile's top LTE Android phones. It's a good value too at its current sale price of $199.99 from Amazon, Best Buy and others. But Android ROM developer Chevanlol360 believes that the F7 has a fatal flaw, very poor GPS performance. 

Chevan says his GPS gets a location fix fairly quickly but doesn't stay locked on to GPS for long. When used for in a car, the F7 loses track of the vehicle's location frequently, displaying the car's position up to a mile away from where it really is. This inaccuracy makes the F7 essentially useless for drive navigation. He's had his F7 replaced twice and all three units exhibit the same GPS problems.

It seems Chevan isn't alone. It's easy to find complaints about the F7's GPS in reviews on Amazon and the Boost Mobile site. A couple examples:

From Amazon: "GPS signal goes in and out making it basically useless. most of the time it wont be able to pick up your location. LG included a free app called Izat qualcomm enhanced location service to help with the issue but it doesn't help what so ever same problems persist even after activating the app.LG refused to help me solve the issue when i called them."

From the Boost site: "Good phone bad GPS. If you do not want to a GPS heavy phone, this is a great phone for you. Great battery life, great handling and very light. No decent cases but that's ok I guess. The biggest problem was that this phone's GPS is just awful, can hardly get a lock and it performs very poorly. So if you want even decent GPS usage don't get this phone"

There's a long thread about F7 GPS woes on Android Forums too. According to one user "I have had the F7 since Tuesday. I first tested the GPS on Thursday and noticed that it would not locate a GPS signal while inside the front passenger of a vehicle (SUV) unless I held it up to the window. Once I removed it from the window, the connection would drop. I subsequently tested it in another vehicle (car) and it also failed to connect while in the car."

Also on Android Forums someone posted pictures of a side by side test showing a Boost Force GPS locked on to 11 satellites and an LG F7 at the same location was unable to find a single satellite

Chevan, a developer responsible for porting a number of ROMs to the ZTE Warp, ZTE Warp Sequent and Samsung Transform Ultra as well as the F7, has tried to a fix the GPS though software without success. He contracted LG support about the issue three months ago and was told that LG had not received any complaints about the F7's GPS performance. Support promised to report Chevan's issue to development. But when Chevan contacted LG recently he was again told that LG was not aware of any F7 GPS issues. One has to  wonder what happened to Chevan's earlier report as well as the reports to LG that other users said they made in some of the user reviews.

If you have an F7 please chime in with a comment letting us all know if you are happy with the phone's GPS or not.

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  1. LG phones have GPS and Wifi issues for some generations now.
    All the ones I've had, were problematic to some degree.
    Even earlier Samsung Galaxy were bad enough that they should not have been on the market.

    1. The GPS on my LG G2 works great. There don't seem to be many complaints about the GPS performance of the Optimus F3, F6 or L9 either.

  2. Other than this smartphone model(which I don't have), the others Nexus4, Nexus5, G2, Nexus 7(tablet) all have excellent GPS with quick lockons and no disconnections. I remember Samsung's 1st Galaxy S devices(the Captivate, Galaxy S 4G, Fascinate, Mesmerize, Epic 4G) all had terrible GPS, even after trying diffferent solutions & even after Samsung released an update(or a reset). That sucks to have a smartphone not be able to do excellent GPS. Not cool.

  3. i only use my f7 for google maps, because i dont like the scout nav app ( it would never find my location. ) but the f7 has good location service, for example i have gps off on my f7 but when i go into google maps, it has me located on the map, i dont know how it does that but it does

    1. If GPS is disabled, Android uses cell tower and WiFi access point triangulation for location. It's quite accurate in populated areas.

  4. I have problems with my LG F7 Maps and Scout neither one keeps track of where you are. Great phone but the GPS navigation is junk looks like I will have to return to my Samsung.

  5. I've owned this phone for about a year and the GPS has never worked. It takes several minutes to lock on to a sufficient number of satellites to locate the phone and when it does it's always at least 500 feet away from where I'm actually located. If you're trying to use it for navigating, the command you will hear non-stop is "Lost Satellite Reception". LG is aware of the problem but apparently has no intention of fixing it. Knowing what I now know about this phone, I would not buy it again. I would recommend that Boost remove it from their phone choices to avoid more unhappy customers.

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