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Prepaid Operator Profile - Lycamobile

This is one of Prepaid Phone News' series of comprehensive US prepaid mobile operator profiles. These posts cover all the major US mobile operators that have prepaid plans as well as MVNOs which offer a good value.

Overview: UK based Lycamobile (866-277-3221) launched in 2005 and quickly grew to become Europe's largest MVNO, specializing in low-cost international calls. In the US Lycamobile launched as a T-Mobile MVNO in March, 2013. Worldwide, Lycamobile has over 6 million customers. The company hasn't released US subscriber numbers.

Technology: GSM on the 1900 Mhz band with GPRS, Edge, and HSPA+ data support. Additional HSPA and HSPA+ on the 1700 Mhz AWS band.
LTE on band 2 (1900 Mhz), 4 (1700 MHz) and 12 (700 Mhz).

Plans: Lycamobile's plan offerings include pay as you go and monthly prepaid plans.

Here's the full plan lineup:
Plan Voice Texts Domestic / International Data 4 International Minutes International Calling Credit
Pay As You Go 5¢/min 4¢/12¢ 2 none
$19/month National Plan Unlimited Unlimited/ Unlimited 500 MB (4G LTE speeds) Unlimited to 60 countries
$23/month International Plan Unlimited Unlimited/ Unlimited Unlimited 1st 1 GB high speed Unlimited to 60 counties $1.50
$29/month International Plan Unlimited Unlimited/ Unlimited Unlimited (4 GB at 4G LTE speeds) Unlimited (to 65 countries $2.50
$35/month National Plan Unlimited Unlimited/ Unlimited Unlimited (6 GB at 4G LTE speeds) Unlimited to 60 counties
$45/month National Plan Unlimited Unlimited / Unlimited Unlimited (7 GB at 4G LTE speeds) Unlimited to 60 counties
$50/month National Plan Unlimited Unlimited / Unlimited Unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds) Unlimited to 60 counties
1 Balance never expires provided an outgoing call is made, data is used or a text message sent at least every 90 days. Minimum top up is $10.
2 Incoming texts are free.
4 Data Add Ons available: $5 for 500 MB, $10 for 1 GB. Add on data expires at end of current plan month.

Taxes and fees: Lycamobile adds a 5% recovery fee to all top ups and auto refills purchased directly from Lyca.  For top ups purchased from dealers and online PIN sellers, the recovery fee is a flat $1 per top up. 

Domestic Roaming: $45 and $50 plans include 200 minutes and 200 texts of off network roaming per plan month. Data roaming is not available.

Family Plan: Lycamobile offers multi-line customers a discount on the $45 plan. 2 lines are $80, 3 lines are $105, 4 lines $120 and 5 lines $125.

Lycamobile's PayGo plan is a sort of a secret. It's not mentioned on the Lycamobile site but is the default plan that Lycamobile accounts fall back to when there's no active monthly plan. New customers can get the PayGo plan by activating a Lycamobile SIM and adding a $10 top up. Monthly plan users can switch to PayGo by adding a $10 top up and waiting for their plan month to expire.

International Rates: 
Lyca's plans include "unlimited" international calls to many countries. To see which countries are included click the "more than ... countries" text in each plan's description on Lycamobile's Plans page. Calls to mobile phones are supported to quite a few countries.

All Lycamobile monthly plans also include unlimited calls to Lycamobile numbers in Australia,
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Tunisia, United States, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ukraine and South Africa.
    Lycamobile's pay as you international voice rates  (rate finder) are  good. Sample rates for calls to mobile phones: Canada 1¢; Mexico 3¢; China 1¢; UK 5¢; Philippines 9¢. Pay as you go users pay these prices on top of the base 5¢/minute rate. Lycamobile supports international direct dialing.

    Unlimited international text messaging is included with all monthly plans but cost a surprisingly expensive 12¢ per message on pay as you go.

    International Roaming: Pay per minute or text roaming is available in most countries. Rates are high. Data roaming is not available.

    Coverage: Lycamobile uses T-Mobile's relatively small native network. $45 and higher plans include 200 minutes and 200 texts of off network roaming per plan month. There is no roaming on less expensive plans.  Data roaming is not available on any plan. Coverage is available in most cities and larger towns and along most interstates, but is lacking in rural and many resort areas. Lycamobile doesn't publish a coverage map but coverage should be the same as Ting's GSM (map). Areas labeled as Partner are roaming

    Devices: Lycamobile sells a selection of mostly pricey phones on their site.

    SIMs: SIMs are available in regular, micro and nano sizes. SIMs are free. Shipping SIMs is normally $7 but is free if you order $10 or more in airtime in the same transaction as the SIM.

    Old vs New SIMs:
    In June, 2014, Lycamobile started shipping SIMs that use T-Mobile's Mobile Network Code  (MNC) instead of Lycamobile's.

    The old and new SIMs can be distinguished by the number of zeros in the 8th though 11th digits of the SIM ID. Four zeros indicates an old SIM, new SIMs have three zeros:
    89196010000XXXXXXXX Old SIM
    8919601000XXXXXXXXX NewSIM

    Effective September, 2016, the old SIMS no longer work.

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): You can also use unlocked GSM phone that supports at least the 1900 Mhz band. T-Mobile locked phones also work with current Lycamobile SIMs.

    How to Buy: SIMs are available online from Lycamobile online and from brick and mortar and online dealers (dealer locator).

    How to Activate: Activate online or by calling 845-301-1612 from another phone. Activation is free. If you want to port a number to Lycamobile you need to call Lycamobile at 866-277-3221 before you activate the SIM.

    Payment Options: You can top up with a PIN online or by calling 611 or 92# from your Lycamobile phone or 845-301-1611 from another phone. You can also add a PIN by dialing *611*PIN# and pressing send on your Lycamobile phone

    If you create an online My Lycamobile account you can use it check your balance and plan expiration, view online call, text and data use logs and top up or with a PIN or credit or debit card or set up Auto Recharge.

    PIN cards or codes are available from online and from local Lycmobile dealers (dealer locator). Some local and online dealers including callingmart.com offer instant PIN-less refills direct to your phone.

    Minute rollover:
    Unused pay as you go funds rollover provided a non-tollfree call is made or received or a text is sent at least every 90 days.

    Account expiration: 

    Pay as you go plan balances never expire provided an outgoing call is made, data is used or a text message sent at least every 90 days.

    Monthly plans renew every 30 days. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to renew your service will be suspended.

    On both pay as you go and monthly plans, you will lose you phone number if you do not top up within 30 days after your account is suspended.

    Account Management: You can check your cash balance or available minutes and view call logs online at My Lycamobile. Or dial *611# or 94# to display your balance on screen or call 611 or 95# to hear your balance. To check you balance from another phone call 845-301-1611

    Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling

    To forward all calls to another number: Lycamobile doesn't support call forwarding.

    Call waiting:  Call waiting is enabled by default. It lets you place one call on hold while you take another call. When you are on a call and have another incoming call, you will hear a short tone. You'll have approximately 30 seconds to answer before the second caller hears a standard message or is forwarded to voicemail. Unless you have an unlimited calling plan, you will be charged for both calls.

    To answer Call Waiting: To put the first call on hold, press "SEND." You'll automatically be connected with the second call. To return to the first call, press "SEND" again. To switch between the two calls, press "SEND."

    3-Way Calling:  Lets you create a conference call between yourself and two other people. You will be charged for both calls.
    • While on the first call, dial the 10-digit number of the second person and press "SEND." The first person is automatically put on hold while the call is made.
    • When the 2nd person answers, press "SEND" to create the conference call.
    Lycamobile "Secret" Codes:
    *#06# displays the phone's IMEI (serial number)
    *613# or 97# view your Lycamobile number
    *611# or 94# to display your balance on screen
    95# hear your balance
    *611*PIN# apply a top-up PIN

    Free information services calls
    611 - add a PIN
    612 - Lycamobile customer care
    711 - Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) for the hearing and speech impaired
    911 - Emergency services
    Other 3 digit codes like 211, 311 and 511 are not free on Lycamobile.$7.50

    Toll-free calls: Unlike other US mobile operators, Lycamoble does not charge for calls to toll free 800 and 866 numbers

    Lycamobile data settings:

    Current SIMs:
    APN: data.lycamobile.com
    MMS APN: data.lycamobile.com
    MMSC: – http://lyca.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc

    Legacy SIMs:
    APN: data.lycamobile.us (some users report having to use data.lycamobile.com)
    Username: lmus (Lowercase L for Lima)
    Password: plus

    Lycamobile Quirks:
    • Plans change frequently with no grandfathering: Lycamobile has a history of changing prices and discontinuing plans with little or no warning. Users on discontinued plans must switch to a current plan to continue service.
    • Undocumented pay as you go plan: All mention of Lycamobile's pay as you go plan was removed from the Lycamobile Website in July, 2014. Lycamobile customer support will confirm that the plan is still available. 
    Customer Service:
    Phone support: 8 AM to Midnight EST at 866-277-3221 (toll-free) or 845-301-1612 or 612 from your Lycamobile phone

    Online email support form: www.lycamobile.us/en/contactus. Report customer support issues at
    [email protected]

    Online Chat: Not available

    Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

    Phone Sales and General Information Web Sitehttp://www.lycamobile.us/en/

    Lycamobile Pros: Airtime doesn't expire, free incoming texts, calls to 800 numbers are free, good pay as you go voice and messaging rates, good international rates, online call records,

    Lycamobile Cons: Plans change frequently and when they do current customers are not grandfathered. No call forwarding, limited T-Mobile native coverage.

    Updated 1-Mar-2018: More data on $19 plan, $50 plans now includes unlimited calls to landlines in 60 countries and mobile phones in 25.


    Comment Page :
    1. A profile in 2011 has it with 116.8 million pounds and 17 employees


    2. Lyca has revamped their website and now sells phones. http://shop.lycamobile.us/

      1. They do. Some of the prices are crazy though, $929 for a 16 GB iPhone 5S! Same phone is $649 at the Apple store

    3. "lost-cost international calls" ?
      what is lost-cost? or is that low-cost?

    4. Another big issue that should be added to the "gotcha" list. Lyca USA does NOT support Apple iMessage. Activation of iMessage requires an initial SMS (everytime iMessage is turned on). iOS believe MCC 311 and MNC 960 is a UK-based, so the iMessage SMS is addressed to an UK activation center number. Lyca's SMS carrier in the US doesn't seem to route that SMS or the reply, thus preventing you from activating iMessage.

      1. Definitely an issue but I don't think the 311 MNC has anything to do with in. 311 has been one of several US MNCs for many years and is used by other operators besides Lycamobile. Maybe Apple always routes iMessages activation texts to the UK.

        I've added the issue to the post.

    5. Real big issue with me it doesn't support MMS. Big issue! A lot of people don't know that MMS can be used as an email system. All important email messages are transferred to my phone and then I can also reply in a pinch (through the same MMS/EMail system).

    6. What about Porting Out?

    7. Lycamobile has increased their pay as you go rate from 2c/min to 5c/min and no more free incoming texts.

      1. I see the new 5¢/min rate on the Lyca site.

        But are you sure that incoming texts are no longer free? I don't see any indication of that.

    8. Lycamobile is still charging me 2c/minute, and incoming texts are still free.

    9. HOFO ID. Grateful4adviceJuly 17, 2014 at 5:38 AM

      I tried to port two numbers last night from area code 812 and was told they have no clec in my area. Lyca said the same thing months ago when I tried to port those numbers. If the change gives Lyca access to numbers in all markets their systems don't yet recognize it.

    10. Don't buy this shit, No Imessage and face time working, comes with witing for activation for several days and sending silent SMS to UK based server several times a day this will charge you every time.

      1. If you had read the post on Feb 19 and the "Lyca Cons" in the article above, you would have known this 5 1/2 months ago and saved some money. The Messages issue was reported on another blog post as well.

    11. Hi Dennis,

      I will be visiting the Hawaiian Islands 19-28 December. I don't know where I'll be staying yet and I don't know which islands I'll visit.

      I'm from Australia and whenever I take short trips to the States, I pickup a low-cost US SIM card – to stay in touch with friends back home.

      This trip I'm thinking of trying US Lycamobile - primarily because many of my Australian friends and family are using Australian Lycamobile…therefore calls between us should be either free or very cheap.

      Call you please advise:
      * How good is Lycamobile/T-Mobile coverage in Hawaii?
      * Is there any cost to receive Lycamobile Australia calls?
      * Is there any cost to receive regular calls from Australia?
      * Is there any cost to receive an SMS from Australia?
      * I will order my inactivated SIM off eBay – can I know my US number before leaving Australia?
      * Do I need to order a “Plus” SIM card or can I use the older type?
      * The plans confuse me. I want to spend less than $30 if possible. Will the $23/month or $29/month plans work for me? Am I locked into a contract period with these?
      * Would Pay-as-you-go work better for me? Do I need a US credit card and US address to be accepted for Pay-as-you-go?


      1. * "How good is Lycamobile/T-Mobile coverage in Hawaii?"
        I have no personal experience using the T-Mobile network in Hawaii. The T-Mobile prepaid coverage map indicates there's coverage in populated areas but not in the interior.

        * "Is there any cost to receive Lycamobile Australia calls?"
        There's no extra charge to receive incoming international calls so the're free on monthly plans and 5¢/minute on PayGo

        * "Is there any cost to receive regular calls from Australia?"
        Same as Lycamobile calls, free on monthly plans and 5¢/min on PayGo

        * "Is there any cost to receive an SMS from Australia?"

        * "I will order my inactivated SIM off eBay – can I know my US number before leaving Australia?"
        No the number is assigned when the SIM is activated

        * "Do I need to order a “Plus” SIM card or can I use the older type?"
        Either will work currently. The Plus cards are hard to find in any case

        * "The plans confuse me. I want to spend less than $30 if possible. Will the $23/month or $29/month plans work for me? Am I locked into a contract period with these?"
        The $23 plan should work for you unless you make a large number of calls to non Lyca international numbers or you need more than 100MB of data. There no contract.

        * "Would Pay-as-you-go work better for me? Do I need a US credit card and US address to be accepted for Pay-as-you-go?"
        Pay As You Go would be cheaper for very light use but international texts are 12¢/each and data is expensive so if you will do much of either the $23 plan would be better.

        Paying for Pay As You Go is the same as for a monthly plan, you pay in advance with credit or debit card on the Lyca site. Or you can pay cash at a Lyca dealer or use PIN codes from an online airtime vendor like callingmart.com I believe Lyca accepts non-US credit cards, if not Callingmart.com takes PayPal.

    12. Thanks Dennis,

      It sounds like the $23/month or $29/month plans would be perfect for me.

      Some further questions:
      * Does the $23/month plan include any credit to international (Australian) non-Lyca numbers? How much credit?
      * What will be the easiest way to activate and add credit upon landing in Hawaii (I may not have easy internet access)?
      * Can I activate a second SIM for my wife's phone, without adding credit and expect her to be able to receive calls from me and from Australia?
      * Is there a way to switch voicemail off - so that I cannot receive voicemail?
      * Do I need to close the account before returning to Australia i.e. if I leave the account open will Lycamobile charge my credit card again after a month has passed?

      Regarding Lycamobile Plus SIM cards:
      "Please note that our plans have changed. Our new plans will not work on the Lycamobile SIM. Please call 612 from your Lycamobile to order your free Lycamobile Plus SIM."
      The above notation appears in red at: http://www.lycamobile.us/en/national-plans
      Does that contradict what you said about using either SIM card?

      1. * "Does the $23/month plan include any credit to international (Australian) non-Lyca numbers? How much credit?"
        * "What will be the easiest way to activate and add credit upon landing in Hawaii (I may not have easy internet access)?"
        Call 845-301-1612 from another phone

        * "Can I activate a second SIM for my wife's phone, without adding credit and expect her to be able to receive calls from me and from Australia?"
        You can try. I've never heard of anyone doing that and doubt it will work."
        * "Is there a way to switch voicemail off - so that I cannot receive voicemail?"
        Probably not. The Lyca USA site says you can by dialing *185# followed by the call button. Users say it doesn't work and neither does the generic GSM code ##004#
        * "Do I need to close the account before returning to Australia i.e. if I leave the account open will Lycamobile charge my credit card again after a month has passed?"
        As long as you don't set up auto recharge, no

        Regarding the Plus SIM cards, Lyca is still activating the old SIMs. That could change so I recommend buying a Plus SIM if possible to be on the safe side.

      2. Thanks Dennis.

        You're right about Lycamobile Plus SIMs being hard to find! I just checked to see if www.lycamobile.us would deliver a SIM to any hotel in Hawaii - this was the online message:

        "MSISDN does not exists for given zip Code"

        * Does this mean I cannot order a SIM to Hawaii via www.lycamobile.us?
        * Do you know anywhere else I could order a Plus Sim from (either to Australia or Hawaii)?
        * Can I activate the SIM on www.lycamobile.us - while still in Australia?

      3. The error means Lyca doesn't have any numbers available in that zipcode.

        Can't you order a Lyca US SIM by calling Lyca AUS? I also see Lyca Plus SIMs on the US eBay site.

        I don't know if you can activate a Lyca SIM from Australia. It's worth a try, I activate Telcel Mexico SIMs on their Website when I'm in the US.

    13. Thanks Dennis.

      You said: "The error means Lyca doesn't have any numbers available in that zipcode."
      * In that case, when I activate - should I just choose another zip code that I know will work (even though that zip code is not in Hawaii)?
      * Also, does that mean people living in Hawaii can't order a SIM to be delivered there?
      * Also, because Lycamobile doesn't seem to deliver to Hawaii - is there a chance the SIM won't operate there?

      I called Australian Lycamobile. They cannot help with a US Lycamobile SIM.

      There are four Lyca Plus sellers on US eBay - none ship to Australia but I suppose I could ask them to ship to Hawaii.

      Anyone reading this post feel like ordering a free Lycamobile SIM to their US address (it seems like they don’t even charge shipping to most US cities)…then posting it to me in Australia (I would pay the US-Australia shipping costs of course)?

      1. Yes, just use a different zipcode. 93102 seems to work.
        T-Mobile operates in Hawaii, Lycamobile will work there
        There's a $7 shipping charge on free SIMs from Lycamobile. The charge is waived if airtime ($23 minimum) is purchased at the same time as the SIM.
        There's an Amazon seller, AH Prepaid that ships to Australia.

    14. Thanks Dennis.

      I never would have thought of Amazon. Even though AH Prepaid Amazon say they ship everywhere - a message pops up at checkout saying they don't ship to Australia. Good news is - they do ship to Australia via their website: www.buyprepaidsimcard.com

      The $10 shipping charge is a bit much but I don't think I've got any other options. If I buy a $29 plan through their site today - can I keep it inactive until my December trip - or will it expire before then?

      Then again, I'll probably wait a few months to see if Lycamobile Plus becomes more available on eBay because it will be cheaper there.

      1. Plan PINs are usually good for at least 90 days. If your trip is in December, I'd wait Lycamobile Plus SIM prices will almost certainly drop when they become the norm.

    15. Thanks Dennis.

      * Is there any way to keep the SIM active after I leave the States – without recharging monthly?

      On the www.lycamobile.us site:
      * Unlimited international texts are not shown against the $29 plan. Are international texts charged against the $2.50 bonus international call & text credit?
      * When I click on “Lycamobile PLUS Plans”, under the “Plans” tab – the $29 plan is not shown. Does this mean the $29 plan is unavailable with Lycamobile Plus SIMs?

      1. If you switch to pay as you go you can keep the SIM active by sending a text every 90 days currently. That's supposed to be changing at some point to require adding $10 every 90 days.
        I don't know where you are looking but on the lycamobile.us/en page under the $29 plan it says "Unlimited International Texts". Ever since their US launch all of Lyca's monthly plans have included unlimited international texts.

        Lycamobile US has a history of changing and discontinuing plans with little or no warning. Their website is a confusing and contradictory mess and they do a very poor job of communicating with customers, dealers or the press. I can only tell you what their plans are now. I don't know what changes they will make tomorrow.

        At the moment the $29 plan is available. It's listed in at least three places on the site. I haven't seen any indications it's going away anytime soon but with Lyca anything is possible.

      2. Thanks Dennis.

        On this page: http://www.lycamobile.us/en/national-plans
        * The $23, $35, $45 & $55 plans have the notation "Unlimited International Texts"
        * The $29, $39, $49 & $59 plans do not have that notation. I think it's just an oversight.

        On this page: http://www.lycamobile.us/en/4g-prepaid-phone-plans (which comes up when you click "Lycamobile PLUS Plans" under the "Plans" tab).
        * Only the $23, $39 & $59 plans are shown. I hope this does not mean the other plans aren't available with "Plus" SIMs. I think it's probably just as you say "their website is a confusing and contradictory mess".

      3. And on this page; http://www.lycamobile.us/en/
        The $23, $29, $39, $49 and $59 plans are listed "Lycamobile Plus National Plans" and all are described as having "Unlimited International Texts"

      4. Just realised...

        I can use my Australian Lycamobile account to "Refer a Friend" in the States. That friend would get a SIM card sent to them and I'll get $5AUD credited to my Australian Lycamobile account, when the SIM is activated. Trouble is I can't send myself a SIM to Hawaii because Lycamobile doesn't ship there.

        Anyone reading this post feel like trying an interesting experiment? I could order myself a free Lycamobile SIM to any US address…if someone living in the States is willing to post it onto to me in Australia or Hawaii (I would pay the shipping costs of course). I become my own “friend” and get paid $5AUD for it!

    16. Excellent - thanks Dennis!

      1. Update: I phoned Lycamobile in the US - after 15 minutes on hold I got through to Customer Service (luckily I called using My Lycamobile Australia SIM at just 1¢/min)!

        Apparently Lyca do deliver to Hawaii - they just can't supply cell numbers for Hawaii. The lady I talked with advised me to begin the SIM ordering process by entering a California Zip Code...and then later enter an Hawaiian delivery address. I think they should simply fix their website!

        I’m very tempted to go ahead with this closer to my travel date but I probably won’t as I can’t guarantee the SIM will make it to my hotel and I can’t guarantee that the hotel won’t toss it in the bin (even if I let them know it’s coming). After all this back-and-forth – I’ll probably pay a little extra to buy one off eBay and have it shipped to Australia.

        Thanks for your help.

    17. How long does Lycamobile take to post a SIM to Lehi, Utah?

    18. PORT OUT:
      You need Account number and PIN to port out. The account number is not SIM or PUK number and it is different. Usually it is a PAIN to get this account number needed to port out.
      HERE is a trick --- Login to your Lycamobile account using your phone number and password. Then, in the main account details page, view source of the HTML page shown in the browser ( right click, View Page Source)
      Search for string "Account number". A line below this shows the account number.

      id="ctl00_CustomerInfo1_lblAccountNumValue" class="cs-val">XYZ_ACCOUNT_NUMBER

    19. Can anyone who has an in depth kmowledge or experience about the $59 a month international plan, please tell me how it works. I couldn't quite get what was meant by the unlimited international call plan @ $59 (70 countries), but calling is restricted to the first 5 unique dialed numbers per month. I will love it if anyone can help break it down. Thanks!

      1. You can make unlimited calls to 5 unique international numbers per month. The 5 numbers can in any of 70 countries. The 5 numbers limit resets every plan month, so you can call one set of 5 numbers this month and a different set of 5 numbers next month.

      2. On Lyca's international plans you can only call 5 different international phone numbers per month. So, if you have 6 or more overseas numbers you need to call within a month Lyca's plans won't work for you. Straight Talk, Net10 and Telcel America have a similar limitation on their international plans but they allow up to 15 overseas numbers to be called per month, Simple Mobile only allows 10 numbers per month. There are other operators that offer international plans without limits on how many overseas numbers you can call. If you need an international plan it's best to avoid Lyca, Straight Talk, Net10, Telcel America and Simple Mobile.

      3. @Dennis, thank you so much. Thats exactly what i wanna be sure of, but just thouhht of comfirming from anyone who operates with the plan. Thanks for the info, you are highly appreciated.

      4. so does that mean only first 5 calls are free every month? or I can call those 5 people any number of times in one month?

    20. I think the PayGo rate is 5 cents per minute now. The table still says 2 cents.

      1. Lycamobile PayGo is still 2¢/minute based on recent user experiences although CS has been saying it's 5¢ for months.

      2. For me they are charging 5¢ for calls to other providers and 2¢ for calls to other Lycamobile numbers.

      3. Do you have an old or new SIM? Old SIM users pay 5¢/minute, New SIM users pay 2¢ unless things changed very recently.

    21. Does Lyca allow hotspot use?

      1. No, Lyca's terms and conditions page says "Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your Device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, using your Device as a modem or tethering your Device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted." I don't know if they actually enforce the tethering ban or not.

    22. Reported by Lyca customers on HowardForums: as of March 10, 2015, original Lyca SIM users are now being charged 5 ct/min for calls. LycaPlus SIM users are still being charged 2 ct/min.

    23. Roaming changes?

      The Lycamobile website now has a coverage map under the Help section that shows Partner coverage with yellow stripes.

      On the site’s Plan page, expand the Terms and Conditions section at the bottom to read that plans costing $45 and up include “US roaming allotment: 250 minutes; 200 texts; 0 data.” Cheaper plans get “no national roaming (voice, text and data not available in off-net areas.” No mention of the undocumented pay-as-you-go terms.

      1. I wonder if roaming actually works on Lyca. Anyone experiences it?

      2. I have a Lycamobile SIM I am using to see what TMUS coverage actually looks like in my area. I can receive SMS in a roaming location, but not SMS when roaming. This is for paygo, sent SMS are 2c, and SMS receive (even roaming) appears to be free. I dont need to test data or voice, so dont have anything to add for that.

    24. I just give up on Lyca. I have been using it as a pay as you go plan, recharging $10 at a time, one to two moths apart. The last time accidentally put $100 by quick refill. I was automatically put into their most expensive $59/mo plan. I have been talking to their help desk every other day for three weeeks now and they decline to reverse the charge. It does not matter that I did not ask for it, does not matter that I made only one call before discovering the unauthorized charge. "You have used the new plan." Sure I did, nice trap. My guess is that I was not a profitable customer.

    25. Account number and password to port out of Lycamobile?

      1. You need to call Lycamobile CS at 1-866-277-3221 to get your account # and password.

        Porting Your Number? How to Find Your Account Number and Password

      2. It is not easy to reach customer care for port out. Refer to post by Basky on December 1, 2014 at 8:25 AM for a trick to find account number. Passcode is something you set when you create new account and you can modify it online too.

    26. Lyca Mobile: 15% off ALL plans through September.

    27. Lyca now has LTE data add-ons available for their 30-day plans: $5/500MB or $10/1GB

      "Valid for the duration of the main plan. Not available on PAYG"


    28. Hello I'm from Italy and my girlfriend is from usa and i wish to buy a lycamobile sim for both but i have a few questions:
      1) in pay as you go plans, can she receive international calls and will she be charged for them?
      2) always in pay as you go will she receive international sms and will she be charged for receiving?
      3) will i be able to call her with me having an international calls plan from italy and her having a pay as you go plan?
      4) in pay as you go plans will she be forced to put money in the sim every now and then or she can leave it empty but using it only to receive calls?

      Thanks everyone for your reply

      1. 1) Lycamobile pay as you go can receive incoming international calls and SMS. All incoming calls cost 2¢/minute
        2) All incoming SMS are free.
        3) Yes.
        4) Pay as you go funds don't expire as long as a chargeable event (incoming or outgoing call or outgoing SMS) occurs at least ever 90 days.

    29. So it means the receiver is charged too for incoming calls? Not the sender only?

      1. Yes, that's the norm in the US. The receiver and caller both pay but there's no surcharge for calling mobile numbers.

      2. Calls between Lycamobile users in separate countries are free supposedly. That is, if he had a lycamobile.it SIM in Italy and she had a lycamobile.us SIM in USA, there would be no charge to call each other. I've not tested this, but it is listed on their International Tariff pages and look up the respective countries. You would still need to put a minimum amount of money on the account for the accounts to remain active, and make a chargeable call/text every 90 days.



      3. Well if I have an active tariff I won't have to charge credit if I have enough to keep it active right? And if she receives calls and texts by me even if they are free will she still have to put credit on it or it'll be enough to receive my calls to stay active? Also the putting credit and make a chargeable call must both apply or one is enough?

      4. Like it says in the post and in my first reply to you:

        Pay as you go funds don't expire as long as a chargeable event (incoming or outgoing call or outgoing SMS) occurs at least ever 90 days.

        A free call is not a chargeable event. Your girlfriend will need to make or receive a non-free call or snd a non-free text or add money every 90 days to keep the account active and retain her balance.

    30. Lycamobile pay-go now 5 cents per minute.

      I noticed today (3/17/2016) that Lyca is now charging $0.05/min versus $0.02/min for in and outbound calls, as they announced they would charge a year or so ago. Calls to toll-free numbers are still free. Outbound SMS are still $0.04 and inbound are free. Still no data available.

      1. I meant to include that this is with the newer, "Plus" SIM.

    31. Hi Dennis,

      I live in Australia and have regular short visits to the States.

      I have a US Lycamobile Plus SIM. When I visit the States, I buy a $29/month International Plan recharge. Below is a history of my recharges:

      20 December 2014
      15 January 2015
      15 July 2015
      25 September 2015
      5 January 2016
      10 March 2016

      The SIM gets no use when I'm back in Australia - it just sits in my drawer. As you can see the SIM has stayed active with up to six months between recharges, despite Lycamobile's terms and conditions: "SIM and assigned number expire after 90 days of non-use".

      My next visit will not be until late December 2016. Can you advise any strategy for keeping the SIM active at minimal cost until them? I notice the minimum recharge is $10 for something called an "International Recharge". Maybe I could buy one of these and just send an occasional text from Australia, incurring a $0.39 roaming charge? When I buy another $29/month International Plan - will that wipe out my $10 International Recharge?

      What do you think?


      1. That should work.

        When a Lycamobile monthly account expires with a positive balance that's less than $19 it's converted to a PayGo account. PayGo account balances never expire as long as a chargeable event like sending a text occurs at least every 90 days.

        If you add $10 your account should revert to PayGo. When you latter add a $29 plan it should not wipe out what's left of the $10.

    32. Is Lycamobile the only MVNO that offers international roaming apart from Mexicao and Canada?

      1. Ting GSM is a T-Mobile MVNO that offers roaming in 200 countries. There are also lots on Global Roaming SIM companies including Truphone, Piranha and FreedomPop Global.

        They aren't MVNOs but MetroPCS has a $10 add-on that includes 200 minutes, texts and MBs roaming in 200 countries and T-Mobile prepaid has overpriced pay per minute roaming in many countries.

    33. Hey Dennis, Lyca seems to have upped the data for the $23 plan to 500MB. Are you seeing the same?


      1. Yes,the $23 plan now includes 500 MB of high speed data. I need to update this post

    34. If I want to port to a $25 - $30 plan range T-Mobile MVNO, medium data user, which MVNO is better? Lyca or Ultra?

    35. That depends on your needs. Ultra customer support is much better than Lycamobile. But Lyca has free calling to some countries that Ultra doesn't and vice versa.

    36. can lyca payg plan still be activated? anyone tried it recently, how to do it? any information on it will be helpful, mainly because all amz* and e-bay* sellers mention now that it can't be used with payg anymore, and sim should be activated in 30 days with a 19+ plans only.

      1. Haven't tried recently, but the least expensive way get Lyca paygo is to 1) buy a Lycamobile SIM on Amazon for one cent - one that is not preloaded/prefunded 2) buy a Lycamobile $10 PIN on Callingmart 3) activate your SIM on the Lycamobile website, providing the SIM and $10 PIN numbers. You will need an unlocked GSM or T-Mobile compatible phone. Data is not available with Lyca Paygo. I was unable to find the paygo restriction comments you mention on ebay and amazon.

    37. Lyca has upped the LTE allotment to 1 GB from 500 MB for their $23 unlimited talk/text/data monthly plan in a "limited time offer."


    38. Dennis,

      Can you confirm that LYCAMOBILE has upped it's $23 PLAN from 500MB LTE to 1 GB LTE?


      1. http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2017/01/lycamobile-offering-double-data-on.html?m=1

    39. Lycamobile Offering 20% Off Plans For A Limited Time Plus Bonus Data

    40. Lycamobile has added data to many of their plans. EG, $35 National plan now includes 4GB.

    41. "Lyca's plans include 'unlimited' international calls to many countries but calling is restricted to the first 5 unique dialed numbers per month."

      Dennis is this still true as of 2017? I skimmed through the T&C and didn't see the five numbers policy.

      1. You're right. Lycamobile has eliminated the 5 unique numbers restriction. I've updated the post.

    42. Lycamobile $35/month plan now has 5GB high speed data, not 4GB.

    43. Lycamobile $45 plan has 7GB high speed, not 5GB. Unlimited plan costs $50, not $55.

    44. After starting my business trip in USA, I start daily receiving the following message: "Dear subscriber, your local no XXXXX for USA is about to expire on XXX please renew your local number to enjoy local rates" What should I do for that?

      1. It sounds like you need to either make a call or send a text with your Lycamobile US SIM or add a top up before XXX or you will lose your number and balance.

      2. Dennis, thank you for your reply! However, I don't have US SIM card - I bought sim card in Poland (and used it with its original Polish number), and I sent a few SMS after arriving to USA (this week) - and they were received with US number. Then I started getting mentioned messages. So, I'm very confused...

      3. I'm sorry but I don't know anything about how Lycamobile Poland operates. Have you tried contacting them?

      4. Did you figure out how to renew the local number, or did you lose it?
        I am receiving the same messages about a local no received after arriving in USA with a Lycamobile Netherlands chip. I am calling and receiving with the US number but unable to send text messages. I keep getting the message that it will expire though. I called Lycamobile US and the said only Lyca NL could help me because the chip is from them. There is no way to renew an non-Dutch number on their site though.

      5. Hi,were you able to renew the local number? I am receiving the same messages about a local number after arriving in USA with my Lycamobile Spain sim card

    45. Dennis, you state in your Lycamobile Operator Profile:

      "Toll-free calls: Unlike other US mobile operators, Lycamoble does not charge for calls to toll free 800 and 866 numbers".

      Does this mean that all PayAsYouGo plan voice calls to and from ALL toll-free numbers are free, i.e., no 5c/min charge? or only 800 and 866 numbers? Please clarify.

    46. I don't use Lyca so I haven't personally tested it. It has been reported by users here and on Howard Forums that calls to (not from) 800, 877, 866, and 855 numbers are free. I have no idea if calls to other toll-free prefixes are free or not.

      Also free calls to toll-free numbers is not something that's documented by Lyca so it could disappear at any time

    47. Download the free Lycamobile app to take control of your account on the go. Check your balance, buy plans or recharge credit, check your usage and history all from the app.

      The Lycamobile app is the safest and most accessible way to manage your Lycamobile account. You can buy plans on the go, recharge your balance whenever you wish, check out the latest rates to call abroad, see your transaction history and make all payments securely within the app.
      Features include:

      • Quick bundle purchase & recharge
      • Hassle-free & secure payment
      • Detailed history of calls, activated bundles, data usage & more
      • Easy registration and navigation
      • Buy a plan or a recharge for friends and family

      • You must be a Lycamobile USA customer to use the app.
      • The Lycamobile app is free, but any data you use to access the features and functions will be taken from your monthly allowance or credit.
      • If you use the app abroad, you’ll pay our standard international data charges. Still the app is free.

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