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PrepaYd Wireless Emails Users Telling Them to Port Out Today

Customers of Sprint MVNO Prepayd Wireless received this email from PrepaYd just now:

From: "PrepaYd Wireless" <[email protected]>
Date: February 25, 2014 at 3:55:05 PM EST
Reply-To: [email protected]


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Talk about leaving your customers in the dark until the last minute! However, I doubt that there are many PrepaYd customers left, at least not ones that read this site. I've been covering the PrepaYd meltdown and warning users to get out since the troubles started on Feb. 14 when PrepaYd notified its dealers and file a press release saying it would be suing Sprint for breach of contract.

If you're still with PrepaYd, I recommend emailing I[email protected] PREPAYDWIRELESS.COM saying that you want to port out and asking for your account number and passcode. If they don't reply, try initiating a port request with another carrier anyway leaving the account number and passcode fields empty or with your phone number as the account a number and 0000 as the passcode. Some dealers are reporting PrepaYd ports going through even with blank IDs and passcodes.

Update 2/26/2014: PrepaYd users' service has been shut off. PrepaYd has posted a new email address, [email protected] that customers should use to get their account number and passcode for porting purposes.

If you want to keep your current PrepaYd  phone you need to port to another Sprint MVNO that supports "Bring Your Own Sprint Phone" (BYOP) such as EcoMobileTingRed Pocket CDMASExpo MobileRingPlus  or Chit Chat. See Sprint and Sprint MVNO Prepaid Plans Compared for details of each operator's plans. You can contact one of those operators directly to initiate a port or use a local or online dealer.

PrepaYd Wireless is in Trouble, Customers Need to Port Out NOW


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  1. Thank you Dennis for keeping abreast of this situation.

  2. Sorry PrepaYd, one more looser for the books of MVNO'S failure.

  3. Another victim of Sprint's unfair business practices. How sad. I hope PrepaYd can get another carrier.

    1. Rumor has it that PrepaYd was shut off for non-payment. In any case PrepaYd has known they will be shut down since at least two weeks ago when they notified dealers. Why did they wait to the last minute to notify end users? I'd say most of the blame lies with PrepaYd.

  4. w.kirkland tampa fla.February 28, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    I filed a complaint today with the FCC and thy imformed me tht thy will get my number bk . And tht wht Prepayd did was and is illegal. U guys need to call and file a complaint as well..Her is their number 888-225-5322

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