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Updated: PrepaYd Wireless Shuts Down - How To Port Your Number Out

This post has been updated. Scroll to the bottom to see the latest updates.

Customers of  Sprint MVNO PrepaYd Wireless had their service cut off Tuesday with only five hours notice from the company.

PrepaYd posted a message on their Website blaming Sprint. It in itially read:

PrepaYd Wireless service was terminated by Sprint with what we believe was insufficient notice.

PrepaYd Wireless recommends you take your phone and switch to another carrier.

PrepaYd is what is known as a Sprint MVNO. There are many Sprint MVNO’s that can activate your phone but as we lost our Sprint service with little notice in our opinion they could too.

If you need help transferring your phone to another carrier please CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your loyal patronage.

Sprint customer service numbers are toll free 888-211-4727 800-877-4020

If you feel sprint is a monopoly and or practices unfair business practices email a complaint to the U.S Department of Justice. [email protected] [email protected]

If you feel Sprint should have given you at least 30-90 days’ notice prior to shutting down your phone we suggest you email a complaint to the U.S. Federal Communication Commission the FCC

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

I blame PrepaYd, not Sprint, for customers losing service and potentially their phone numbers. They were PrepaYd's customers not Sprint's. Sprint has several dozen MVNOs and doesn't have a history of shutting them down without warning. There must have been some sort of contract dispute between the two companies.  PrepaYd has known the shutdown was coming since at least Feb 14 when they notified their dealers that their Sprint agreement was being terminated and advised dealers to port PrepaYd customers to other operators. Why did Prepayd wait until the last minute to notify users?

At this point I don't know if it's possible for customers to port their numbers to another operator. I recommend emailing [email protected] asking for your account number and passcode which are generally needed to do a port. Unfortunately I haven't heard of anyone getting a reply from PrepaYd.

Update 3:35 PM PT, 2/26/14: It doesn't look good for customers trying to save their PrepaYd phone numbers. A PrepaYd Wireless dealer tells me he's tried to port PrepaYd numbers to other operators today and the ports have not been going through.

PrepaYd has updated their site with the following message:

Mobile Number Port UPDATE 10:45 A.M. PST February 25 2014

Many phone subscribers have been asking how to recover their phone number. It is our understanding the only way to recover your phone number is for Sprint IT to restore your MDN to hotline status we sent an email to the following people asking them to do that at 10:30 A.M. PST Wednesday February 26 2014.

If we do not get a response from Sprint in 3 hours we will post their names and phone numbers so you can contact them.

Mobile Number Port UPDATE 11:35 A.M. PST February 25 2014

UPDATED Sprint Response:

unfortunately once a device is deactivated the number is released from that device and put back into the pool of available numbers for use by Sprint retail and MVNOs. There is no practical way for us to grab these numbers and reactivate them so they are available for port requests. Also, if the PrepaYd sub originally ported their number from another carrier this number was immediately returned to that other carrier when we deactivated the PrepaYd sub so some portion of these numbers are not even in our system any more.

Mobile Number Port UPDATE 12:09 P.M. PST February 25 2014


Our Processor has informed us in the past one of their Sprint MVNOs had a disgruntled employee deactivate tens of thousands of active Sprint MVNO subscribers and that they were later recovered. Are you stating this ability does not exist anymore? I'm sure if someone mistakenly expired all MDNs of one of the other MVNOs or Sprint Prepaid Brands there would be a way to recover the MDNs. We can provide a list of numbers that were originally provided by Sprint if that helps to recover those MDNs at minimum. Thank you.

Update: 7:30 PM PT 2/27/2014: Sprint has temporarily reactivated PrepaYd customer's phones so that they can port their numbers to another operator. I don't know how long the phones will stay active but I don't expect it to be for long.

Contrary to earlier reports, you do need your PrepaYd account number and pass code to do a port. The only way to get that information currently seems to be by contacting a PrepaYd Wireless dealer. At the moment, the PrepaYd dealer portal is still available and it shows customers account credentials. The PrepaYd Website's dealer locator is also still working. Un-check the "Show national retail locations plus re-up locations" to limit the search to full service dealers.

Almost all PrepaYd dealers sell service from multiple operators and should be able to help port your number. If you want to keep using your PrepaYd phone you need to port to one of the other Sprint MVNOs that support BYOSP including EcoMobile (855-825-8855), Ting (855-846-4389), Red Pocket CDMAS (888-993-3888), Expo Mobile (800-818-1597), RingPlus (310-919-0915)  or Chit Chat (855-440-3464) and see if they can do a port.

Update 8 AM 1/31/14: Even though at least some PrepaYd customers phones are working again and dealers are able to see the customers account numbers on the dealer portal, most ports outs are reportedly failing for unknown reasons. If you have a number you care about and want to save, I recommend filing an FCC complaint at www.fcc.gov/complaints. One that page choose "Wireless Telephone" then "Billing, Service, Privacy, Number Portability, Unlocking Devices and other issues" or by calling 1- 888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) M-F  8 AM - 5:30 PM ET.

I'll update this post if the situation changes.

PrepaYd Wireless Emails Users Telling Them to Port Out Today
PrepaYd Wireless is in Trouble, Customers Need to Port Out NOW


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  1. They have customers??

  2. BS, Sprint should have allowed enough time, no matter what, to allow PrepaYd customers to migrate their devices!

    1. Sprint notified PrepaYd at least 12 days ago that they were being terminated. If PrepaYd had passed that information on to its customers immediately there would have been plenty of time for them to port.

      Instead PrepaYd waited until it was too late before notifying customers, probably to anger customers and create bad publicity for Sprint.

    2. PrepaYd wen't out of line. You spec Sprint to be nice to PrepaYd and give them all the time in the world. Come on, be serious. They got what they deserved, period...

    3. To hell with PrepaYd, they are done! This is more about their users, Sprint MVNO users are in effect Sprint customers as they are subject to the whims of Sprint and the quality of their network. Sprint could have taken the high road to allow these Sprint Network customers to port out to other Sprint MVNOs, but chose the low road and deactivate before users were allowed to port out. Sprint has ultimately punished those who had no control over the situation and I hope they move to a different carrier altogether. Really Dennis 12 days? Why didn't Sprint give PrepaYd customers another 12 days then, they knew perfectly well what the the situation was on the ground.
      It is too bad so many of you have your lips firmly pasted to Sprints posterior in this instance where Sprint is basically screwing over Sprint Network customers, Pathetic!

    4. I agree that Sprint needs to make the former PrepaYd numbers available for porting. I think that will happen eventually.

      We may never know why Sprint terminated PrepaYd but by far the most common reason a supplier cuts off a wholesale customer is for non-payment. If that's the case, PrepaYd management would have known a month or more ago that their customers were in danger of being cut off suddenly. They may have chosen to keep customers in the dark while trying to sell their subscriber list to another MVNO.

    5. BS about being Sprint customers. They were PrepaYd customers - they had a contract agreement with PrapaYd, not Sprint. Hating Sprint does not change the facts.

  3. BS, stealing is illegal, and caving to demands for more time for continued stealing just encourages thieves to steal even more. People need to take responsibility for taking a chance with a company that could even spell their name.

  4. At this point there is no reasons to use any of these new prepaid companies. Between the Big 4 with their own prepaid brands, and tracfone which is owned by American Movil, you can find a plan and a company that is not going out of business.

    1. I agree. Now days is safer to go with a solid name like Boost, Metro ect......
      These new MVNO's are facing a tough competition and a lot of them won't make it.

  5. PrepaYd. That was always a stupid name. With a stupid name like that, can anyone trust that they'll last longer they have. Personally NOW cannot trust any NEW mvnos. but people will be attracted to any new mvno if the prices undercut everyone else or if the features seem to be more than others. You'll most likely find out these PrepaY fools will start a new mvno under a new name but have their cousin or close relative be the head of the new company in name only. and they'll continue to try to game the system until they get caught and are kicked out again. have no sympathy for the people who run PrepaYd or anyone who got suckered into drinking their koolaid.

  6. Zapp was another company with a juvenile and sloppy website. They did not last long, either. Eco is not flashy and stopped selling devices recently, but they have provided good support and still offer low PayGo prices. I hope they survive. They have excellent, granular online call/sms/data records and do not round up data as far as I can tell. They also do not wipe out your cash balance if your auto credit card payment does not go through.

  7. Not much on this blog about Kajeet experience, but I like them. They have BYOD, LTE, CS in the US, excellent dashboard controls and a couple of nice plans for $25 and $35 plus 10% fee for buying airtime online. 500/unlim/500, and 1000/unlim/1gb. Good deals for moderate use and LTE.

  8. Ting XL costs $81/month plus taxes (2100/4800/2gb). Kajeet Unlim TnT with 2gb of LTE costs $50 + $5 payment fee. Both have BYOD, excellent dashboard controls and excellent CS in the US.
    So you pay ~$26/month extra for voice roaming on Ting.

  9. Zapp Eco Kajeet Ting. Weird names. Only heard of one them personally from an actual user my aunt who uses Ting. Zapp is apparently zapped out of existence. But all the others? Never heard of the others, maybe they were reported on here whether in an article or in a planted comment. Weird names that do not inspire confidence that they will last.

    1. Kajeet's been around for many years. The others are new.

      Without the millions spent on advertising, Verizon would be a weird name.

    2. Explains why the name Kajeet and tells you all about the people there. You can send them a note if you want. Try doing that with Verizon or AT&T....

  10. The bottom line is that we can't port our numbers and Sprint could fix that if they wanted to. Prepayd can't do anything about it even though it is their fault, and Sprint is shown now as the owner of our numbers. I originally ported my number to Prepayd from Qwest and now tried to retrieve it from Qwest since Sprint says those numbers were immediately released back to their previous carriers. Quest/Century Link says they would be able to get my number back if this was true, however it shows that Sprint still has control of my number and we have to wait for them to release it which could take up to two months typically. Qwest says Sprint has the power to release those numbers, so I am looking at Sprint now to help. If Sprint wants to keep pointing the finger at Prepayd, I'm sure they can, but I wish they would help us customers who are left high and dry without our numbers. If they don't, it will tarnish their name just as bad as Prepayd's because as it stands now, they have the power to help us. All I care about is getting my business number back, and which carrier is not the issue. For us, this has been our landscape business number since 1993 and is absolutely crucial to our survival since spring is coming and we can't get a new number in the phone books in time.

    1. Sorry to hear about your phone number loss. As another small business owner, this reinforces the idea that if you have a valuable number, don't trust it with a new or really small MVNO, or one that has poor CS. My business number is with Ptel, a solid, long-time MVNO. It used to be with PagePlus, and I might have ported out of them before the sale to Am Movil, given the number of people who complain about porting issues with that company. I would not use the following MVNOs for business numbers based on my or other reported CS or service troubles: Lycamobile, Virgin Mobile, Spot Mobile, H20 or Black Wireless, any Am Movil company, FreedomPop, RingPlus, Ultra. The following are also too new or unproven, even though service has been good so far: Eco, BYO, 25orLess. And there are more that charge such high fees, have bad business practices and/or are so deceptive in advertising that I would never use them even if they were very successful: Aio, ChitChat. Finally, I am not going to be forced to buy their phone to use their service, like I would have to do with Republic or Zact.

    2. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint, they are not an MVNO.

    3. They used to be a MVNO before Sprint bought out Virgin, and they still have poor CS and business practices like hiding your account number and making you beg multiple people for it. Lots of reports of service problems that CS cannot solve. Businesses cannot afford to waste their time and money with outfits like Virgin Mobile.

  11. It baffles me that Sprint had to turn off the numbers in the first place. With no new activations allowed and the inability for replenishment. Why didn't they just allow the monthly plans to expire on their own?

    1. Sprint just sold PrepaYd blocks of airtime and allowed them to activate phone ESNs. Sprint probably does not have PrepaYd records that show when each person's plan expires. Payments (likely) stopped, so after a while the airtime stops. I doubt they want to give away MORE unpaid airtime, even thought it would be good for PR. Most people are likely to just activate their Sprint phone with another MVNO, and port the old number over if and when it is released by Sprint. Good dealers started moving their customers ASAP after the dealer notice. PIN pushers did not know or care.

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