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RingPlus Increases Feb 10 Free Plan to 200 Minutes and 500 Texts

Sprint MVNO RingPlus announced on Twitter today that the 2014 free plan will include 200 voice minutes and 500 domestic or international texts at no cost. That's a big increase for the plan, which was originally announced has only having 100 minutes and 30 texts. There's no increase in the data allowance which is still 10 MB. If you need more, additional minutes, texts and MBs of data are 2¢ each. MMS picture messages, which are not part of the free bundle, are 7¢ each

The free plan is a limited promotion that's only open to new signups for a brief period. The last time RingPlus offered it on Dec 17 it was limited to 1000 signups and "sold out" in just six minutes.

This time RingPlus says the promo will be open for a full two hours from 10 AM until noon Pacific Time this coming Monday Feb. 10.  There will be no limit on the number of accounts that can be activated during the two hour window.

The free plan is strictly a BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Phone) deal. To sign up for the free plan you need a clean ESN, not currently active Sprint phone. In common with other Sprint MVNOs, Ring Plus can not activate iPhones, BlackBerrys, Palm phones, PTT devices or Boost or Virgin Mobile phones or phones launched by Sprint in the last 12 months. There's a list of allowed and not allowed phones on the Ring Plus Forum. You also can check if your phone is allowed by entering the MEID or ESN at https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new.

The free service is supported by audio advertisements that play during the time between when a call is placed and the called party or voice mail answers.  To insure that the ads reach an audience there are some some minimum usage rules that users must follow to be able to keep their free service. The main ones are
  • You must activate your phone and make a successful outgoing call within 24 hours after registering it or your account will be cancelled.
  • You must make a successful outbound call at least once per week and10 successful outbound calls per month.
If you don't want to abide the usage rules you can purchase a "Free Card" for $4.50/month that protects your account from cancellation for the breaking those two rules.

If you want the free plan go to https://my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new Monday between 10 AM and Noon PT and enter your phone's ESN or MEID. If your phone is eligible choose "FREE BYOSD" from the plan drop down. That  option will only be available during the promotion.

RingPlus can only provide limited support for free plan users. The best place to get help is the RingPlus Forum See the forum post for basic phone programming instructions.

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  1. At first I was going to ask if they were moving existing free users to this, but after seeing the below, I'm not positive I would want them to. I've been using them as a secondary line, and I'm not sure I would met that criteria.

    "You must make a successful outbound call at least once per week and10 successful outbound calls per month."

    1. I thought that how hard is it to make 3 calls a week to a family or friend. We all make the " I am leaving in X minutes call" at least once a week. I am look for old sprint phone now

    2. I have to keep track of enough things on a day to day basis. The last thing I need to be worrying about is "Oh, crud, how many calls have I made with my RingPlus phone this week?".

    3. I see no length of call requirement in the usage rules, if that's true, you could make a quick 5-10 second call to any number that answers with a automated attendant.

  2. Does anybody know if we would be helping RingPlus out if we called Toll Free numbers?

    What I mean by this is: Owners of a Toll-Free number pay something like 1-5 cents/min, that amount is split between those companies that make and terminate the call, since RingPlus is doing this VoIP thing, it would seem possible they would get a piece of the per min fee.

  3. As long as you initiate a call and hear the ad, you fulfill their requirement.

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