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35orLess Closes to New Customers, Current Users Can Keep Service

NetOnTheRun, the parent company of T-Mobile Reseller 35orLess, has decided to focus on providing services to businesses and is phasing out the three month old retail 35orLess brand. 

Effective immediately, 35orLess is no longer accepting new customers. 

Current 35orLess customers are mostly unaffected. NetOnTheRun has emailed current 35orLess customers notifying them of the changes. Current customers can keep their service with the following changes: 

  • Auto Pay will be available starting in April. 
  • Beginning in May, the monthly plan price will be $35, with a $2/month discount for using auto pay.
  • The $35 price will include all taxes and fees.
  • SMS and MMS short codes will be available to auto pay customers on request.
  • The $35 plan will include unlimited voice, messaging and data, with data throttled for the rest of the month after 1 GB has been used.
  • Customers will no longer be able to add 2.5 GB of high-speed data for $15/month or unlimited high speed data for $25/month. Customers who already have those add-ons will be allowed to keep them.
Here's a copy of the email that went out to 35orLess users today:

What's going on with 35orless and NetOnTheRun?
NetOnTheRun has been established for 5 years and is the parent corporation of 35orless. NetOnTheRun is the business solutions brand, while 35orless was setup for consumer services. T-Mobile is looking to expand its business presence and has offered NetOnTheRun some unique services to meet this goal. Unfortunately, this will preclude us from growing or marketing the 35orless consumer business any longer.

What does this mean for YOU - a current 35orless customer?
You are still a 35orless/NetOnTheRun customer. Our support of the T-Mobile branded service that we have been providing you will not change. Actually, by consolidating support under our business services, we believe that we will be able to service your account even better. Beginning 4/4/2014, 35orless.com will redirect to the NetOnTheRun website. Support and services will be accessed through the 35orless navigation button on the NetOnTheRun website www.netontherun.com

NOTE: Any customers that terminate service voluntarily or involuntarily (invoice nonpayment) would no longer be a current customer and could not re-join 35orless/NetOntheRun.

New Service Enhancements to be added:
  • For all customers the 500 MB base plan has increased to 1GB.
  • Auto payment registration will be available starting in April. (You asked…we listened.)
  • SMS/MMS short code support will be enabled for all auto payment customers who request this feature.
Moving Forward
LIVE Plan will end. We will still bill service at the LIVE Rate plan for the month of April. Since the discount was tied to new customer activations, it is no longer valid. The new pricing structure is simple and still provides our customers the best value in wireless.

As of May 1, 2014 billing:
  • All pricing will now include all fees (tax, surcharges, etc.)
  • Unlimited Voice, Text, Data w/ 1GB high speed - $35
  • Auto payment discount: $2
  • All optional 4G LTE uplift plans are no longer being offered. If you already have an optional uplift plan, we will honor the current price
We appreciate your business and welcome the opportunity to continue servicing your account. During this transition, we will continue to make this as convenient as possible and welcome any questions or concerns that you may have.

Team 35orless/NetOnTheRun


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  1. How many of these MVNOs accross all the carriers closed in the recent month? Seems like a lot. Well, my idea is to just sign uo for MetroPCS (if you want to use T-Mobile, or are OK with). At least, MetroPCS isn't going anywhere anytime soon & they have voice & text roaming on AT&T (which is great; even urbanites roam around in the boonies now and then). Price is pretty competetive too. Oh, you also get subsidized device (if you need/ want).

  2. Not accepting new customers???.....I have a weird feeling that they will be soon be gone forever.

  3. yet another mvno with a Weird Name drastically scales down and will most likely close for good in due time.

  4. Some one forget to tell them increased sales not decreased sales leads to profitability.

  5. I thought the plan was to good to be true. Let's see how long those current subscribers last. If you are a customer and have any worries of losing your number best advice is port out ASAP.

  6. Not a good sign here. If I had an account, I would port out ASAP.

  7. 35orless customer. I'm not too worried. It sounds like they have a better opportunity with some co-marketing on the business side. The 35orless brand is pribably a conflict of interest since it under cuts T-Mobile direct. Customer servics has been great so far. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They've beenn real open on Howard forums - when opportunity comes a knocking

  8. it's like "Never Mind" and they don't want to do this anymore. they may have very reasonable business reasons for the change. however, they are now standing there with egg on their face looking like fools.

    yeah, a stupid name like "35orLess" and they deserve to fold.

  9. I might agree with everything you said but the name comment. 35orless is a great name. It's fun and explicit. How much is your mobile service going to be $35 or less? Let's look at some of the other names in the prepaid space
    H2O wireless- water wireless?
    Black Wireless- big bad Black?
    Net10- so you have 10 days to pay?
    Ting - Chinese food?

  10. I have to agree, the name is fun and explicit. But it kinda foretells a limited duration (sure, in hindsight, that's easy to see.)

    What if I started a similar company providing unlimited voice, texts, and data 10-15 years ago (or don't we expect companies to last that long any more?) I guess I would have called it something along the lines of, "225orless.com" Anybody think that would still be relevant in 2014?

    So, it's a fantastic name for the several months they remained viable, but it seems the birth announcement had the obit baked into it.

    Just my thoughts.

  11. 35orLess is a stupid name.

    now it probably means 35 days or less before there is more bad news about this stupidly named service.

  12. I find it funny that all trolls come out with negative statements about this company. All they said is that they want to concentrate on another business vertical and not ADD additional retail customer. The horror!!! It seems like wireless is one of the few business that retail margins are much worse than B2B. Everything on the consumer side is differentiated by price. If they truly have a unique opportunity why not take it?

    1. it's funny how an apologist comes out defending the bashed business after all of the trolls have gleefully stomped all over it. lol

  13. NetonTheRun (35orLess) is accepting non-business customers again. First visit their website (http://bit.ly/netontherun) and add their mobile office phone system. Using promo code "nobizsys" gets you traditional pricing at $35/month, and if you subscribe to auto-pay, they bump it down to $33/month, for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING T-MOBILE, ALL FEES AND TAXES *INCLUDED!!!*. http://bit.ly/netontherun

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