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35orLess Increases Live Plan Data From 500 MB to 1 GB

T-Mobile MVNO 35orLess has increased the amount of data included with its Live plan from 500 MB to 1 GB per month.

The Live plan has a nominal price of $35/month plus a Universal Service Fee of about $2/month. The first month costs the full $37, which includes a SIM and shipping. But as the name 35orLess suggests, the plan price is reduced by a secret formula that's based on how many new users signed up in the previous month. For March the price was $28.50 plus the $2 fee.

The plan includes unlimited voice minutes, messaging and data. Data is throttled to about 128 Kbps after 1 GB in a month. Unlike most other T-Mobile MVNOs, both LTE and off-network voice and data roaming are available and tethering and hotspot are allowed.

If 1 GB isn't enough, you can get an extra 2.5 GB for $15/month extra or unlimited data for an extra $25/month. Tethering is limited to 2.5 GB with either add-on.

The 35orLess Website hasn't been updated yet, but the increase to 1 GB has been confirmed by users and by 35or Less on HowardForums.

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  1. Got a little info regarding the data plans from the 35 or Less Help Desk. If you run out of the 500 mb you can add one of the data plans mid-month and they will prorate the data plan charges. You have to keep the data plan for at least 1 full bill cycle (calendar month). Also, both plans allow for tethering up to 2.5 gb.

  2. are you sure they offer off-network roaming because not even tmobile's own prepaid service offers roaming.

    1. You are mistaken. For at least five years, all T-Mobile plans have included off-network voice and text roaming. Limited data roaming was added to plans $50 and higher a few months ago.

      35orLess has t-Mobile postpaid coverage which includes roaming in a few more areas than T-Mobile prepaid.

  3. Super news. Looks like best prepaid (Tmo towers) opption

  4. I wonder how they can include roaming at this cost. One of the best values out there!!!

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