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Good News, Bad News With Latest T-Mobile Prepaid Monthly Plan Changes

T-Mobile USA has made some changes to its monthly prepaid plans priced at $50 and higher and it's a good news, bad news situation. 

The good news is that the $50 and $60 plans now include more high speed data: 
  • The $50 plan now comes with 1 GB of 4G high speed data instead of 500 MB 
  • The $60 plan gets a more modest data increase, from 2.5 GB to 3 GB 
The bad news is that the $70 plan, which used to include unlimited, unthrottled data is now throttled after 5 GB in a month. Unlimited high-speed data is still available but it will cost you more, $80/month. Current $70 unlimited data plan users are grandfathered and can keep their unlimited data as long as they don't switch plans or let their service lapse due to non-payment.

All four plans include unlimited voice minutes and messaging. They also include unlimited off-network voice and text roaming and limited data roaming. The $50 plan comes with 10 MB of roaming, the $60 and $80 plans include 50 MB roaming and $70 plan gets 100 MB roaming. Using your phone as a WiFi hotspot is allowed on all four plans. Hotspot use on the $80 plan is capped at 5GB.

The old $30/month 1500 (combined minutes and texts) and 30 MB plan, which was only available through T-Mobile stores, is no longer listed on the T-Mobile site and appears to have been discontinued.

There are no changes to T-Mobile's $30 5GB and $35 monthly plans or to the pay per day and pay as you go plans.

The table below summarizes T-Mobile's current monthly plans
PriceTalk MinutesTextsIncluded Data
$30/mo 3 100  (overage 10¢/min)unlimited Unlimited (throttled after 5 GB/month)
$35/mo unlimited unlimited Data not available
$50/mo 4 unlimited  unlimited Unlimited (throttled  after 1 GB/month)
$60/mo 4 unlimited unlimited Unlimited (throttled  after 3 GB/month)
$70/mo 4 unlimited unlimited Unlimited, (throttled  after 5 GB/month) 
$80/mo 4 unlimited unlimited Unlimited, Un-throttled 
2 maximum throttled data speed is approximately 120 Kbps
3 this plan is available only when activating a phone or SIM purchased at Walmart or when activating a new SIM at prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-activate. If you switch to another plan you can't switch back to the $30/month unlimited data plan except by activating a new SIM and account.
4 For BlackBerry users, BIS is included at no cost on $50 and higher plans.

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  1. Bad T-Mobile. I hope you and Sprint joint forces so you can be more aggressive and competitive.

  2. Great news! Make the data Hogs pay for their habit, or push them off the network. Speeds and data allowances will improve for 90% of the users.

  3. Can you use the hotspot on the $30 plan, and why is the highest priced plan the only one that lists a hotspot limit?

    1. The $30 plan reportedly has an unadvertised 100 MB hotspot allowance. The full high speed data allowance can be used for hotspot on the $50, $60 and $70 plans.

    2. If you have the right phone, you can use all 5gb with hotspot. I know a LG Optimus T works.

    3. Obviously T-Mobile does not want you to use unlimited hotspot, like watching movies with your Apple TV.

  4. I am glad I switched over T-Mobile from Boost. Data is a s**tload faster. A little more pricier. But well worth it compared to the BS change that Boost made.

  5. Just how popular are the unlimited minute plans? I would like to see something between 5Gibi plus 100 minutes for 30$ and plus unlimited for 70$. Ting has a nice model, but terrible pricing $19 for gig one, $10 for gig two, then $15 per gig after that. Yeesh.

  6. Very good of T-Mobile they needed to control the data hogs on the network.

  7. So glad I was able to take advantage of T-Mobile $30, 1500 minutes/text plan when it was available. It has saved me a boat load of $$. I don't need any type of data plans as I am in a wifi situation 99.9% of the time, and if I'm not, I just wait until I'm in a wifi zone.

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