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New Promo - Get $50 for Porting a Number to Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile unveiled a new promotion today that gives customers who switch to Boost $50 off the price of a new phone.

From 3/7/14 through 3/31/14, customers who port a phone number from any non-Sprint carrier (not Sprint, Virgin Mobile or a  Sprint MVNO) get $50 off the price of any new Boost phone when they purchase and activate the phone at a participating Boost Mobile dealer (store locator).

A similar deal is available with phones purchased from boostmobile.com. Customers purchasing a new phone (certified pre-owned phones aren't eligible) online between 3/7 and 3/31 and activating  it on a number ported from a non-Sprint carrier by April 20, 2014 will receive a $50 account credit within two weeks of activation.

In addition to the $50 credit, new customers who purchase a Boost LTE phone by March 31 get six months of service on the Unlimited Android Plan at a reduced price of  35 per month. The regular price is $55. After six months the plan price goes up to $50 rather than $55. That's because the six months of service counts toward Boost's Shrinakge discount that cuts plan prices by $5/month for every six timely plan payments. The maximum Shrinkage is $15 which makes the plan price $40 after 18 on-time monthly payments.

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