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RingPlus Free BYOSD Plan Opens Tomorrow, Noon to 12:30 PM Pacific Time

If you are looking for free mobile phone service tomorrow is your lucky day. Sprint MVNO RingPlus will be opening their 2014 Free BYOSD plan to new activations tomorrow Friday Mar 28, 2014 from noon to 12:30 PM PT.

The plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 domestic or international texts and 50 MB of 3G or LTE data per month at no cost. Additional minutes, texts and MBs of data are 2¢ each and MMS picture messages are 7¢ each. The free plan is ad supported and there are some some rules regarding minimum usage that must followed to avoid account termination.

RingPlus had been charging a 99¢/month tax on the free plan. But according to a post on the RingPlus Forum by RingPlus CTO "startledmarmot" taxes are no longer charged on the free plan.

Customers who are currently on the 2013 Free BYOSD Plan who want to switch the 2014 Free BYOSD Plan, can do so by emailing a request with their phone number and ESN to [email protected] by 10PM PST today, March 27th, 2014. The 2013 Free plan came with 325 minutes, 70 texts and 10 MB of data so switching means gaining 430 texts and 40 MB but losing 125 minutes per month and being subject to the stricter 2014 rules of the road instead of the 2013 ones.

The free plan is BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Phone), you need a clean ESN, inactive Sprint phone. In common with other Sprint MVNOs, Ring Plus can not activate BlackBerrys, Palm phones, PTT devices or Boost or Virgin Mobile phones or phones launched by Sprint in the last 12 months. Thanks to a recent change by Sprint, the iPhone 4 , 4S and 5 can now be activated on RingPlus. There's a list of allowed and not allowed phones on the Ring Plus Forum.



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  1. I just activated samsung prevail phone (former boost mobile-platinumtel).

  2. Sat for 30 mins trying to sign up yesterday. Various different, and sometimes contradicting error messages. Iphone showed it was in queue but then if I poked around in dashboard, would show registration failed. I give up. Not worth my time. The error messages made little sense. Then no sign of my account. Luckily (for RingPlus, I guess) it remembered my credit card info quite perfectly. But no confirmation email arrived, and it does show my email address as registered. Registered that same email address again this morning. Obviously, I need to get a new credit card number.... Not one of my brightest phone experiments.

  3. Sign up went very smooth and quick. Website is great. Pre-call ads are a little weird, but that's ok. However, I cannot make any calls at home because someone living around me has a Sprint Airave. I dialed *99 to confirm. How can Sprint (or the FCC) allow this? They allow a stranger to buy a device to boost their own signal which kills Sprint MVNO ability to make outgoing calls. I wish I could just disconnect from the Airave and deal with the weak signal, but there is no escaping it.

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