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Update: Sprint Will Soon Allow The iPhone 4, 4S and 5 On RingPlus, Possibly Other MVNOs

Sprint MVNO RingPlus announced on their forum that Sprint has removed the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 from the "blacklist" of devices that its MVNOs are not allowed to activate. Once a technical glitch is fixed in about two weeks, it will be possible for users to activate their clean-ESN Sprint iPhone 4, 4S or 5 on RingPlus. Presumably this also means that other Sprint MVNOs like Ecomobile and RedPocket will also be able to activate the 4 and 4S.

To better serve iPhone and other smartphone users RingPlus also launched a new smartphone friendly "Jump" plan today. Priced at $33 plus tax, it includes 2 GB of data, unlimited domestic calls and unlimited international and domestic texts. RingPlus calls it the "Jump" plan because users will soon have the ability to restart or "jump" their plan early if they run out of data by paying the $33 charge early.

Like RingPlus' free plans, the Jump Plan is partially ad-supported, users will occasionally hear ads during the time between when a call is placed and the called party or voice mail answers. The other RingPlus paid plans are ad-free, users hear news, music and entertainment content in place of ads.

The table below lists all of  RingPlus semi-permanent current plans.
Name Price per Month 1 Domestic Minutes Additional Minutes Included Texts Additional Texts Included Data Additional Data
Kate $1.99 50 2¢/minute 10 2¢/each none 2¢/MB
Harrison $5.99 100 2¢/minute 50 2¢/each none 2¢/MB
Hazel $7.99 300 2¢/minute 300 2¢/each none 2¢/MB
Bella $9.99 400 2¢/minute 400 texts 2¢/each 300 MB 2¢/MB
Richard 2 $12.99 Unlimited + 50 Int'l N/A 50 2¢/each 10 MB 2¢/MB
Lina 2 $14.99 Unlimited + 150 Int'l N/A Unlimited N/A 50 MB 2¢/MB
Noelani 2 $17.99 Unlimited + 150 Int'l N/A Unlimited N/A 250 MB 2¢/MB
Jump $33.00 Unlimited N/A Unlimited N/A 2 GB 2¢/MB
The Rex $35.00 Unlimited N/A Unlimited N/A 1.2 GB 2¢/MB
1 Plus taxes averaging 20%.
2 Richard, Lina and Noelani are promotional plans that have been available since October but are advertised as available to new users for a limited time only.

Update 3/12/2014: RingPlus updated their forum post today to say "RingPlus will indeed be able to activate the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 in 2 weeks time". Originally RingPlus had said that the 4 and 4S (but not the 5) could be activated immediately. That turned out not to be true. Today's announcement unfortunately postpones iPhone activation  two more weeks but it also adds the iPhone 5 to the list of RingPlus eligible devices.

Update 3/14/14: The Rex plan has been disontinued

Source: RingPlus Forum


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    1. For some it is and for others it isn't. Depends on one's location, needs and budget.

    2. Honestly, all cell phone carriers have their warts. Dennis is right, it is very location dependent. In my area, Sprint happens to be half way decent. It is actually a little bit better than T-Mobile/MetroPCS but I'm loathe to give up Metro's unlimited data for 60.00 per month.

  2. very tempted to get a used sprint iphone 4s (or 4 if want to go cheaper) to try this on a sprint mvno because used sprint iphones seem to be cheaper than used at&t iphones and certainly cheaper than used unlocked iphones. but want to find out if there is a sprint mvno that has something like a ptel or h2o pay go where you can pay as little as $10 every two/three months.

    1. The RingPlus Kate plan should cost no more per month than PTel or H2O PAYGO. Next closest is Ecomobile at $10/month.

  3. I typed in a MEID for a iPhone 4S, and it still showed "blacklisted" so it may take a couple more days. and FWIW the other anon should read the offers because you can get minimal service for under $3 per month

    1. RingPlus just updated their forum post to say that iPhone activation has been delayed for two weeks. The good news is that the iPhone 5, in addition to the 4 and 4S, will be allowed then.

    2. dennis already pointed out the "kate" plan at $1.99 -- thanks.

      just bought a cheap $100 used Sprint iPhone 4. the back is shattered but that is a super easy fix to replace a back. should be interesting to get it set up on the "kate" plan to play with as a backup iphone for a while until probably giving it away to a relative.

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