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Sprint As You Go Becomes Sprint Prepaid, Loses Roaming and Unlimited Hi-Speed Data

Sprint announced today that its rebranding and relaunching its obscure Sprint As You Go brand as Sprint Prepaid with new plans and new handset choices. Contrary to earlier rumors, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are not being folded into Sprint Prepaid and continue unchanged. The new plans are:

Smartphone Plans
  • Smart $45/month - Unlimited talk and text, no data or MMS
  • Smart Plus $60/month Unlimited talk, text and data, throttled after 2.5 GB/month. Video streaming is limited to 3G speeds.
Basic (Feature Phone) Plans
  • Basic Plus $50/month Unlimited talk, text and data
  • Basic $35/month 500 minutes unlimited text and data. Additional minutes are 10¢/each
The following smartphones phones are available:
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini $349.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 $299.99
  • Certified pre-owned Apple 4S $199.99
  • Motorola Moto G $99.99
The iPhone reportedly requires the $60 plan. Feature phones for the Basic Plans are "coming soon..."

Sprint Prepaid customers will be eligible for Sprint Buyback which lets them trade in their old phone and receive an account credit and for Sprint Money Express, which includes an app that lets them  "...send money, load checks and pay bills, and it also includes a personalized, reloadable, Sprint-branded Visa prepaid card to make purchases anywhere in the world that Visa debit is accepted."

Sprint Prepaid is available now at Sprint branded retail locations or through telesales at 866-866-7509. Monthly plan payments can be made with a credit or debit card at www.sprint.com/prepaidmysprint with auto-pay available, or by dialing *3 on a Sprint Prepaid phone. Payments can also be made with cash or credit or debit cards at Sprint stores and auto pay

Based on the Sprint Prepaid coverage map, coverage is on the Sprint native network only, there's no off-network roaming. The listed plan prices are identical to the old Sprint As You Go plans. However all the As You Go plans included no-extra cost off-network roaming and the $60 As You Go Plan plan included unlimited hi-speed data.  The good news is that, unlike Sprint As You Go, Sprint Prepaid plan prices include all taxes except state and local sales taxes and fees. The Sprint  As You Go plans had an added tax burden for telecom taxes and fees that added $10 to $16 to the $35 plan and $16 - $25 to the $60 plan's cost.

The old Sprint As You Go Plans are no longer available to new customers. Current Sprint As You Go customers can keep their plans and service as long as their plan remains in good standing and they don't change phones.

I'm underwhelmed by these changes. The two things that made Sprint As You Go unique, no-extra cost roaming and unlimited high speed data, are missing and users are still restricted to a limited choice of phones. Similar plans at lower prices and with a wider selection of phones are available from Sprint's Boost and Virgin Mobile brands. I think there's a place for a premium Sprint prepaid brand but it needs to offer features that customers are willing pay extra for like roaming, unlimited data and the ability to use any Sprint phone including phones they already own and current flagship devices.

Sources: Sprint, Fierce Wireless

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  1. I read this story somewhere else but it didn't have nearly as much detail and didn't mention the roaming thing. Which in Western Kansas, is a huge deal for Sprint. So I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks for posting!

    1. Yep.

      Dennis' opinions at the end of each writeup is as useful as the article itself!

  2. Yeswap is there a way to go to a story say for example you had a Ringplus story from 2 weeks ago I missed I know I could click on Ringplus but I want to stay in order of the articles. I was wondering is there just a way to click on all articles then scroll down to the older ones I missed. I saw a lil thing on the page but couldn't finder really the older stories?

    1. If you click a carrier like RingPlus in the sidebar you can go back through every article tagged RingPlus.

      Most articles are also tagged "News" so if you click News in the top menu you can go back through all the news articles.

      You can also use the search box or use Google site search:
      Type "your_search_string site:prepaidphonenews.com" in Google. Also works with Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

  3. With no roaming, no unlimited data, no prices lower then the competition, no byosd. What's the point? Honestly, who really cares? There's an army of Sprint byosd lte mvnos that beat this.

    1. A lot of people don't trust mvnos.

    2. A lot of people don't trust mobile operators either.

  4. This site has much better reviews than i am used to. I actually learned something, not about pointless ranting. Thank for that. Ok why is sprint prepaid needed? Boost and Virgin offer more for less.

  5. Most people don't read phone blogs. They don't know what MVNO or BYOD means, and are not going to experiment with companies that have strange names or cater to GenY. Some of these people walk into their familiar Sprint store, need a new, moderately priced phone and want less expensive service with no contract. Sprint Prepaid is one answer. If they don't like the coverage, they can probably just take the phone and move it to the Framily Plan, also with no contract. That does not work with Virgin or Boost phones; most of their customers would be stuck with any poor service, or with a phone they can't use and will have to start over.

  6. These plans will work fine for some people:
    1. Sprint Spark: You can buy a Sprint Spark-enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, at least for now. Try that on Boost, Virgin, etc. Ting is going to cover Spark.
    2. Sprint Money Express: Use that on Sprint Prepaid.
    3. Compare phones and buy in a Sprint store with no credit check or contract.
    4. You can buy additional services such as directory assistance and premium services or content.
    5. You can use the Sprint Buyback program to easily upgrade your phone with a service credit for your old one.
    6. You want the Sprint brand, but you do not want to go through a credit check, or you have hit other spending limits or line limits with Sprint.

    1. Boost and Virgin are getting the S5 wich is Spark ready, that's when Boost and Virgin will lauch Spark. Also they will have Spark hotspot.

    2. You have to wait. S5 on Boost and Virgin is not going to be available at launch. It could be as late as June 30, and it will probably be the standard model, not the premium one. Sprint prepaid offers Spark now, and Ting also sells two phones now that work with Spark.

  7. A Sprint Framily plan starts at $55 a month (and can become much cheaper, especially if you check out sites like http://framilylist.com/framily-plan-codes-list/ and hop on one that is nearly full). There is no contract with Framily. It has roaming, etc. I don't know who would do Sprint Prepaid if they could get on a nearly full Framily.

    1. Good info on the Framily signup list. Current Sprint customers face some restrictions in signing up to other people's lists, since Framily is designed to bring in new Sprint customers. Framily is postpaid, so doesn't Sprint do a credit check? Some people can't pass or don't want another check, which could affect their credit score. Also, prepaid is probably more popular with people who are in the US illegally.

    2. Our kids are on Framily. They used framilylist.com to promote their code, and within 6 days 7 people signed up. They will now save $50/month plus tax compared to their original bill, and could not be happier. $25/month each, plus options, and taxes of about 14% in VA. Sprint also gave one of them a free iPhone 5C (24 month service commitment, before switching to Framily). They do not even pay the extra $15/month phone charge, even though this line is 3GB, not upgraded to unlimited.

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