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T-Mobile Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans Get More Data

T-Mobile USA has added half a gigabyte to the amount of data included with prepaid mobile broadband plans priced at $20 or higher. Here's the new plan lineup:

On Demand Passes (no auto renew)
  • $10 One Day 500 MB (no change) 
  • $15 One Week 1 GB (no change) 
  • $30 30 Days 3 GB (was 2.5 GB) 
Monthly Passes (30 Days with mandatory auto renew)
  • $20 1 GB (was 500 MB) 
  • $30 3 GB (was 2.5 GB) 
  • $40 5 GB (was 4.5 GB) 
  • $50 7 GB (was 6.5 GB)
  • $60 9 GB (was 8.5 GB)
  • $70 11 GB (was 10.5 GB)
  • $80 13 GB (was 12.5 GB)
The monthly passes renew automatically every 30 days but can be cancelled and reactivated as needed. T-Mobile allows mobile Broadband users to suspend service for 365 days before the SIM becomes invalid.

T-Mobile's 200 MB/month of free data for owners of selected tablets offer is still available. Other than the free 200 MB deal, T-Mobile doesn't have separate tablet plans, the mobile broadband plans can be used with tablets as well as PCs, USB modems, hotspots, etc.

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  1. Good to see the prices improving.

    About a year ago I bought a data SIM and tried to use it in an old phone. Just wanted to use it as a hotspot without paying again for a device when I don't intend to use it very often and already have a device that can be a hotspot. Turns out they don't allow that though.

  2. I wish they would drop all of this and focus first and foremost on becoming a real national network, instead of such a small one. I see all their ads for good deals, and realize it is all essentially just vapor, since they don't bother to provide much coverage to America at all.

    1. Everyone's experience is different. I travel with three phones. One on T-Mobile prepaid, one FreedomPop (Sprint) and one PagePlus (Verizon). The PagePlus phone works in the most places with the T-Mobile one a close second. In most places where the T-Mobile phone gets no service, the other two don't either.

      My main complaint about T-Mobile coverage is the slow Edge or GPRS data outside of cities. T-Mobile says they will add LTE in most rural ares by early next year, which should make things a lot better.

    2. wow. wonder how many people go around carrying several phones.

    3. One is actually my wife's. I don't always carry two phones but I do when I'm traveling, it's good to have a backup

    4. My backup, feature phone is on Page Plus Cellular and my everyday use iPhone 5S is on T-Mobile. I'm very happy.

  3. So...with Google Voice, a texting app and a 7or 8 inch tablet...you don't need a phone or a phone plan...??

    1. Sort of. Google Voice by itself doesn't make phone calls using data. Calls made with the Google Voice app use your cellular voice plan.

      There are apps that provide free calling over WiFi or cellular data using your Google Voice number, including Talkatone, GrooveIP and Phone+. However they won't work after May 15, 2014 when Google Voice stops supporting the XMPP protocol that they use.

      Google has hinted that a future version of the Android Hangouts app will be released in the first half of 2014 that will support calls over data using your Google Voice number

      There are other apps that like TextNow that support calling over data using their own numbers rather than Google Voice.

    2. But even if Google does add VOIP to Hangouts, then we still have to worry about data coverage vs voice coverage. Depending on where you hang out I'd imagine there could be vast regions where normal voice calls work OK but data service is spotty.

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