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Three More Sprint MVNOs Are Now Activating the iPhone 4, 4S and 5

It looks like Sprint has removed the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 from the blacklist of phones that Sprint MVNOs aren't allowed to activate. Yesterday two Sprint MVNOs, Expo Mobile and ChitChat Mobile posted on their respective Facebook pages that they can now to activate the three iPhone models. Today EcoMobile confirmed that they can activate them as well.

iPhones will be allowed on other Sprint MVNOs soon. RingPlus has said that the Apple devices will be allowed no latter than March 27. A Kajeetrep told me that they don't support the iPhone yet but will in a week or two. Red Pocket Mobile is telling its dealers that iPhone support will be available April 1.

Of course the pioneer in iPhone support is Ting, which apparently has a special relationship with Sprint and has been accepting the iPhone 4 and 4S since Oct. 31 and the iPhone 5 since Mar 11.

Update 3/19/2014: RingPlus and Good2Go are now activating the Sprint iPhone 4, 4S and 5.
Update 4/9/2014Kajeet has confirmed that they can now activate iPhones.

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  1. You will need a Sprint SIM card to activate the iPhone 5. Not sure whether the original one will work, or whether that is tied to the original account. Some people are getting new ones from Apple stores. Call first to make sure they have one, and make sure you do not get the SIM for the 5S/C. Different part number.

  2. looks like my "new" cheap $100 used (now refurbished) Sprint iPhone 4 will register and activate on RingPlus. now have to decide if willing to take that plunge.

    meanwhile, looks like Tracfone CDMA BYOP can also take my used Sprint iPhone 4 also. input the meid and looks like it'll work. had tracfone before on a flip phone and was happy with that paying like $20 or whatever every three months and getting double minutes with carryover.

    looks like those are my two choices where probably go with the Ring+ "kate" plan to have dirt cheap service, or could probably go with tracfone because of my familiarity with them from my old flipphone days although may pay certainly much more in comparison.

    1. Don't know about Tracfone, but the Straight Talk compatibility check consistently gives incorrect information. People are advised that their CDMA BYOP phones will work and, after buying the kit, find out that they don't and ST will not refund the purchase price of kit.

    2. well, it took on tracfone, bought the network access code (nac) and one month pay go. looks okay on tracfone website except don't know the phone number yet. oh, don't see anything about a kit on Tracfone like on ST as you mentioned, or maybe that's the nac. now have wait for activation. so far, my guess is this is going to take forever to activate or it's a fail. (would only be out $20 before turning to Ring+. if it fails, will probably ask to transfer the $$ to my parent's tracfone. so hopefully no loss if tracfone is a fail.) now waiting 24 hours before calling Tracfone CS. been reading about how activating non-tracfone phones on Tracfone can take forever (with reports saying people being told to wait 24 hours over and over) for those who are impatient. good thing this used sprint iphone is NOT my primary iphone.

      sorry Ring+ but have to try my old favorite tracfone service.

    3. I don't know about TracFone but with other Verizon MVNOs if the website's activation screen accepts your MEID it's activated on the network and you just need to dial *22890 on the phone to complete the activation.

      If it's a Sprint iPhone it probably won't work as TracFone has never claimed to be able to activate Sprint phones, but try dialing ##873283# to reset the network profile and launch handsfree activation.

    4. got my "new" used Sprint iPhone 4 on Ring+ with the kate $1.99 plan but also added a $5 top up to at least cover the data. oh, with tax, the $5 top up had a $5.77 total cost. the iphone status bar says SPRINT at the top. also says 3G at the top. the older iphone 4 doesn't do 4G HSPA+ or LTE. my guess is that a sprint iPhone 5 will say 4G or LTE at the top.

      oh, needless to say, the tracfone activation failed. was able to transfer the airtime to my parent's tracfone. so not a total loss there. they were going to actually give me a refund but personally myself didn't want to wait 2-3 days (or it could have taken even 30 days) for that to go through, and instead asked to transfer the units to my parent's tracfone. had to go through four CS reps over two calls. two reps thought the sprint iPhone would work. one rep told me that they got training materials for iphone about a month ago. one rep saw how the sprint iphone was activated for verizon and said it was a simple matter of correcting the activation to be for sprint. it was only when got to an executive level CS rep when was told a definitive NO regarding activating sprint iphones at this time on tracfone.

      oh, testing a call, a text, and a mms picture via Ring+ on the sprint iphone 4 went through okay. all's well that ends well.

  3. restored as new and activated a sprint iphone 4 on ringplus on kate $1.99 plan. and with taxes, the real total cost was $2.40 but still a bargain if have an old sprint iphone that you want to get working again.

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