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FreedomPop Hints At Future iPhone Support

FreedomPop, the Sprint MVNO that gives users 500MB of free data, 200 minutes and 500 texts for free each month posted an image on Instragram yesterday of what looks like a bunch of iPhone mockups with the caption "We've been busy. #sneakpeek". Then they Tweeted and posted on Facebook, "Want a sneak-peak on a little something we've been working on? Follow us on Instagram @freedompop4g to see what we're up to.

All of which suggests that FreedomPop is working on something involving iPhones.

A FreedomPop iPhone is certainly doable. The iPhone 5, which Sprint recently started allowing MVNOs to activate supports LTE and FreedomPop's VOIP based calling needs a fast, low latency data transport like LTE to be usable. There are a number of iOS VOIP apps that FreedomPop could hook up with their VOIP platform.

FreedomPop's phone service is currently limited to seven older Sprint Android WiMAX phones. Sprint will shut down the WiMAX network by the end of 2015 and FreedomPop is promising to support LTE handsets before that happens. Making the iPhone 5 the first LTE FreedomPhone would be popular and would generate a lot of buzz for the service.

It might take awhile before you can actually bring a Sprint iPhone to FreedomPop which tends to announce things way before they are available. The first FreedomPop phone was announced nearly four months prior to release and the ability to bring your own phone to FreedomPop was hinted at five months before it launched.


Image: Instagram


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  1. what is also interesting is that the two freedompop apps on iOS have screenshots of the apps on an iphone on at&t and not sprint.

  2. Are they really still in business????? They are a joke

    1. to at least be somewhat more respectable, they really have to change the name. freedompop is such an amateur sounding name and makes me think it's relic from the popped and busted 2000s dotcom bubble days. they really need a more professional respectable branding in order to be taken more seriously.

  3. iPhone 5 from FreePop, $349:

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