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Millenicom Increases Mobile Broadband Pricing by 30%

Verizon-based Mobile Broadband provider Millenicom has notified users by email that the price of its 20 GB per month service will be increasing to $89.99 effective May 1, 2014. The new pricing will apply to both the 4G LTE plan which is currently $69.99 and to grandfathered $59.99 3G only plans.

According to RV blog Technomadia, which has an extensive post on the changes, Verizon unilaterally started throttling Millenicom users at 2 GB forcing Millenicom to renegotiate their Verizon contract.

The Millenicom service is popular with truckers, RV'ers and others without a reliable source of wired broadband. While a price increase of nearly 30% has got to be hard for users to accept, there are no real alternatives for 20 GB of Verizon LTE with 3G fallback. Verizon itself charges $60 for 10 GB or $120 for 30 GB under its LTE-only Verizon Home Fusion plan which requires installation and AC power and isn't really portable. Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband is portable and provides the same 3G/4G services as Millenicom but it's $90 for 10 GB, half as much data for the same price. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile based mobile broadband plans are even more expensive for 20 GB/month. See US Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans Compared for details of other operator's plans.

Here's the email that Millenicom sent its users;
Due to increased data costs from the upstream carrier all Millenicom broadband accounts (Hotspot, Advanced and Standard Plans) will allow for 20GB of data transfer for $89.99 monthly beginning May 1, 2014.

In the event you require higher usage, Millenicom can add data in 20GB increments for $89.99. This means you no longer need to purchase an additional device, activation and shipping, to acquire more than 20GB of data.
Please note you can track usage online by checking the usage field at the bottom of your plan link from the products tab in the Members Center.


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  1. And I just bought into their service. F#$%!! I'm sick of all these Greedy [email protected][email protected]$!!

  2. Verizon sucks, as bandwidth and technology prices fall they continue to raise their prices to make huge profits.

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