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Moto X $299.99 24 Hour Sale Ends at Midnight Pacific Time

Motorola is having a 24 hour May Day sale on its Moto X flagship phone. For 24 hours beginning May 1 at 12:01 AM Pacific Time and ending at 11:59PM tonight May 1 PT, the Moto X will be available at the following special prices:

  • 16GB Moto X $299.99 (reg $349.99)
  • 32GB Moto X $324.99 (reg $399.99)
  • 32GB Moto X Developer Edition $324.99 (reg $399.99)
Shipping is free. The wood back in the image is $25 extra.

Visit Motorola's Moto Maker site during the sale hours to get the special price and to design your custom Moto X. Moto Maker gives you a choice of 18 main colors plus custom colors for the trim around the camera lens and volume buttons. You can also specify a custom boot screen message and have you name or a short message inscribed on the back of the phone.

The unlocked GSM version of the Moto X supports the voice, 3G and 4G (LTE and HSPA+) bands used by both AT&T and T-Mobile.

The Republic Wireless Moto X will also be on sale from Moto Maker for $299.99 for the !6GB model and $324.99 for the 32GB. Republic sells the 16GB Moto X is for $299.00 every day but only in black and white and without Moto Maker's customization options.

The Sprint and Verizon specific CDMA models are also included in the sale, however they can't currently be used on any prepaid carrier or MVNO.

In spite of what appear to be fairly modest specs for a flagship phone (dual core 1.7 Ghz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 4.7" 720x1280px screen and a 10 MP camera) the Moto X has been widely praised by the tech press for its performance and user friendliness. It runs Android KitKat and has a a number of unique software features like Active Display, which lights up the phone's display to show notifications of missed calls, texts and upcoming calendar events when you pick the phone up or take it out of your pocket.


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  1. I have a GSM unlocked Moto X. Even with its "midrange" specs, it runs smoother than my S4 or iPhone 5 (both I've gotten rid of since I got my X). Only people who have never tried a Moto X (or are mindless drones in the spec wars) would think that a Moto X isn't a real flagship phone just BC of its specs.

    1. I bought a new MotoX with teak back and used it for 6 weeks before selling. I liked it, especially Active Notifications and Google Now from lock screen, but not as much as my iPhone 5C. I did not like the wide and thin housing, and a few of the black and white screens with outdated fonts looked old and clunky vs modern KitKat. Moto performance was good, the same data speed as the 5C on HSPA+. No love, but it is still the Android I would use if I had to.

    2. 5c, the chick phone!

    3. Yes, chicks love my 5C - I get compliments. It's the Fun iPhone, vs. the Geek iPhone 5S with the 64-bit King of processors. I don't have to say anything dorky like "Wanna see my fake-Teak back?"

  2. Dennis,

    I'm not sure you are aware, but the May 1, 2014 Moto Maker sale also applies to Republic Wireless, a CDMA Sprint MVNO.

    If you purchase a Moto X through the Moto Maker website, the recently re-introduced Republic Wireless "Refer-A-Friend" program does not apply.

    The price on May 1, 2014 for Republic Wireless customers is the same as noted in your post.

    See this link:


    1. Thanks for reminding me. I've updated the post to include the fact that the Moto Maker sale includes the Republic Wireless version of the phone.

  3. This is the PERFECT �� example of why NOT to buy the CDMA version: You can ONLY use it on Verizon or Sprint; and subject to their whims, whether or not on one of their related MVNOs.
    Buy the Unlocked GSM version, and you have a plethora of PREPAID/MVNOs from where to choose...

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