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Pure TalkUSA Cuts $43.95 Plan to $40.95, Adds Unlimited MMS and Makes Overage Charges Optional

AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA has quietly cut the price of their top plan from $43.95 to $40.95. The plan includes unlimited voice minutes, unlimited SMS and 1 GB of data. As far as I can tell there hasn't been an announcement of the change by Pure TalkUSA. I first heard of it from a Pure TalkUSA customer who let me know that they had been charged the $40.95 price for his plan renewal. The Pure TalkUSA website has been updated with the new price confirming that the change is for real.

In addition to the lower price, $40.95 plan, which used to be limited to 600 MMS, now includes unlimited MMS.

Additional data is available at a price of $10 for 100 MB. Pure Talk used to automatically add 100 MB and charge the user $10 when they ran out of data. In another positive change, $40.95 plan customers can now choose whether they want their data to be cut off when they reach 1 GB or if they prefer to get and be charged for overage data as needed..

The table below lists all of Pure TalkUSA's plans
Plan Monthly Cost Voice SMS domestic / Int'l MMS Data
Simple 50 $5 50 "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 minute each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 150 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 150 MB 3
Flex $10 - $50 4 3.5¢ - 7.7¢ 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 150 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 150 MB 3
Simple 750 $17.95 750  "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 150 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 150 MB 3
Unlimited $34.95 5 unlimited unlimited / NA 400, Overage: $10 for 100 MMS 300 MB, Overage: $10 for 100 MB
Unlimited Plus $40.95 6 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 1 GB
Overage: $10 for 100 MB
1 PureTalk Simple Plan minutes do not roll over. Add on minutes are available at $10 for 130 minutes. Unused add on minutes do rollover but are used before plan minutes.
2 International calling and texting requires a $10 International Calling Card
3 $9.95/month data and MMS addon provides 200 MMS and 150 MB of data. Used data rolls over and doesn't expire
4 Monthly pay as you go plan, available price points (cost per month/minutes) are $10/130, $20/330, $30/630, $40/1030, $50/1430. Used minutes roll over. Can be used as a family plan for $5/month per extra line All lines share the available minutes and texts but data/MMS addons are per line and not shared.
5 Customers will automatically be billed an additional $10 if they use more than 300MB of data OR 400 MMS.
6 Customer's data will automatically be capped at 1GB GB of data once they reach their limit. Customer can choose to allow overages and automatically be billed an additional $10 when they use more than 1GB GB of data. This charge will apply for each block of 100 MB of data exceeded by the customer.

PureTalk USA plan prices include all taxes and fees. Auto pay is mandatory with plan and overage costs automatically charged to the customer's credit or debit card each month.

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  1. Do you rank MVNOs by size anywhere? I'm curious as to the number of users on all these various MVNOs, but I suspect the data would be hard to come by. Never hear much about PureTalk, but apparently they have enough business to keep on doing what they do.

    1. Most MVNOs are privately held and do not disclose their subscriber numbers. Here are the numbers I have including both MVNOs and MNO prepaid brands:
      TracFone: 23.7 million (includes NET10, StraightTalk, Simple Mobile, SafeLink, Telcel America, excludes PagePlus)
      T-Mobile Prepaid 16 million (includes MetroPCS (9 million) and GoSmart)
      Sprint 15 million (includes Boost, Virgin and Assurance)
      AT&T: 12 million (includes 4.5M Cricket)
      Verizon Prepaid 5.4 million
      PagePlus: 1.4 million
      Consumer Cellular: 1 million
      Simple Mobile 1 million (as of 2012)
      H2O: 300,000
      Airvoice: 150,000 (as of 2012)
      FreedomPop 100,000
      Ting: 8,000 (as of 2012)
      Selectel: 7,000+

    2. Last August Ting had 25000 subscribers, up from 10,000 at the end of 2012.

    3. Solavei claimed 100,000 customers last August.

  2. Is data from Pure Talk 4G LTE or 3G only? Does Pure Talk allow tethering?

    1. There's no LTE, but 4G HSPA+ is available.

      I don't think PureTalk supports tethering, check their TOS to verify.

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