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Republic Wireless Moto G Launching April 17

Republic Wireless has announced that its version of the Motorola Moto G will be available for purchase beginning this Thursday April 17. The 8 GB model will be priced at $149 and the 16GB variant will go for $189. 

The Moto G has rather high end specs for a modestly priced phone including a quad-core processor and 4.5 inch 1280 x 720 HD screen. It runs Android 4.4 KitKat. 

Republic is a low cost Sprint MVNO that uses a unique WiFi-First approach. Anytime a Republic phone is connected to WiFi, all calling and messaging uses the WiFi network. When not connected to WiFi the phone uses the Sprint network if its available. If there's no Sprint signal, Republic phones roam at no extra charge on Verizon and other CDMA networks.

Republic offers three plans for the Moto G:
  • $5 WiFi Only - Unlimited calling and texting on WiFi only, no cellular network access.
  • $10 Talk and Text only - unlimited calling and texting on WiFi and cellular but data is only availableon WiFi.
  • $25 Unlimited everything - unlimited data, calling and texting on WiFi and cellular
Republic adds telecom taxes and fees to all plans will cellular access. Taxes vary by state but average about 20%.

I don't see the point of the $5 plan. You can get pretty much the same thing with an unactivated Android phone and one or more of the many free Android calling and messaging apps. But the other two plans are unbeatable deals. Even after you include the 20% extra for taxes and fees, no other carrier beats Republic's unlimited talk and text for about $12/month or unlimited everything for about $30.

Source, Image: Republic Wireless Blog

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  1. Why is the phone so much more than Boost or Verizon Prepaid?

    1. Republic gouged customers even worse on the Motorola Defy XT @ 249 for a $75 - $100 low spec phone

    2. It's not really that much more, $50 or so.

    3. The $25 plan I can use all the cellular data I want?

    4. My wife had a dual band Defy XT on Republic. Although tech support said there was no problem with her phone, she never roamed on Verizon. Republic's forums are full of similar complaints. Forget Republic's false claims about Verizon roaming. If native Sprint coverage doesn't work for you then don't choose Republic.

    5. Did you wife's Defy XT ever roam on other (not Verizon) carriers?

      "Why is the phone so much more than Boost or Verizon Prepaid?" Why do the plans cost so much more at Boost and Verizon? Different marketing strategies.

    6. The Unlocked Moto G is a $179-$199 phone. Boost and Virgin subsidise some of that and make it up through having more expensive plans. It looks like Republic is also subsidising it, just not as much.

  2. The $25 plan interests me, but then thinking with auto pay the 500mb aio plan is $35 taxes included, and the taxes on $25 could be about $5..am I missing something besides about $5?

  3. So I could be completely devoid of cell service and my republic phone would still talk,text and web surf, basically like I had a full cell signal ?

  4. A friend of mine has the moto x on this service, I was all gung ho until he told me he traveled to a known 100% Verizon only city he had zero cell service, his phone would not roam to vzw at all.

  5. I am the anonymous whose post was approved at 12:04 PM. My wife was with Republic for about 19 months. She had the dual band Defy XT most of that time. To our knowledge she never roamed off native Sprint coverage on to any other network despite Republic's claims to offer free Verizon roaming. We know with certainty that she did not roam onto Verizon. Lots of dropped calls, super slow data and poor voice quality. If our budget was not so extremely tight she would have left Republic long before. I recommend everyone avoid Republic. They are not worth the hassle.

  6. I am currently with Republic Wireless and my Moto X and my Defy XT that I used previously, have roamed with Verizon. I am not sure why others have had problems.

  7. The Republic Wireless of today is not the Republic Wireless that I and many others started with. The new Moto X is one of the many reasons why. The voice quality, extra memory and the handover from Cellular to Wi-Fi while on a call makes the overall experience much better than it used to be. I think my service with Republic Wireless is as good as or better than any provider I have ever used. The customer service has been excellent.

  8. A lot of problems that people have with Republic Wireless, as far as call quality is concerned while using Wi-Fi, is caused by their router. People usually need to tweak their settings, update the firmware or buy a router with newer technology. The few problems that I had in the beginning making or receiving calls while using Wi-Fi, went away when I upgraded to a newer router. Issues that I had with voice quality while using Cellular have been eliminated after upgrading to the new Moto X.

  9. Is the transition from WiFi to cellular seamless while on voice calls?

    1. It didn't used to be but according to Republic it now is.

    2. The transition is seamless. You do not lose your call and I usually can't tell when it is happening. I have never had anyone else that I was on a call with say that they noticed the transition.

    3. Here is a link to a video that tells a little about the transition. It was created by Aaron Baker who used to be with PhoneDog and is now working with Republic Wireless.


  10. when I am driving down a street with many WiFi locations will the phone try to lock.onto them even if only for a few seconds, and what about free WiFi that needs you to accept the terms before you use it, like at McDonalds , target? that would seem cumbersome.

    1. I haven't heard any complaints about Republic phones auto connecting to passing hotspots while driving. If this is a problem, Republic phones allow you turn off WiFi.

      Republic's Defy XT phone had a built-in app that would attempt to logon to public WiFi hotspots with screens that required you to accept terms. The app didn't work very well. It can be disabled and isn't installed on the Moto X. There are other similar apps in the Play Store. I tried most of them on my (non-Republic) phones but haven't found one that worked consistently and didn't have high battery drain.

      Without an app Android phones will only auto connect to hotspots that you have previously manually connected to. If you don't want the phone to auto-connect to a previously used hotspot, there's an option to "Forget" a hotspot in the Android WiFi Settings menu.

  11. It just can get excited about RW. - 1, Proprietary phones 2. Sprint network leaves a lot to be desired (coverage and data speed ). 3- I wonder about the Verizon roaming, 4. Taxes and fees 17% (avg - depends on location).

    1. 1. I love my Moto X. I would rather it be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but the Moto X is a great second choice. It has some features that even the Note 3 does not have.

      2. The Moto X has 4G. When I used it in the past, while on the $40.00 plan that includes 4G, it was very fast.

      3. My current bill with taxes was $10.24. I am currently on the $10.00 plan. That gets me excited.

  12. It is not true , republic doesnt have unlimited data anymore, period.
    Its not a good deal as it used to be, especialy considering the very high taxes

    1. Republic still advertises unlimited data. Has your Republic data been shut off for using too much? How much did you use?

  13. i m not a customer, but have been considering it.
    Look at their site, both data plans top out at 5 gb i think.
    its in plain view.

    1. Actually it says data is throttled, not cut off, after 5GB. Also they allow users to exceed 5 GB without being throttled once every six months. So it's unlimited but throttled. Still very generous for th price.

    2. I rememebr seeing customers complaining that throttled speed is useless.

      I dont hink you can call that unlimited, at least make people aware about it.

      I am currently on metropcs, they are truly unlimited at 60/month, (actually i have been grandfathered in for 55 plus 5 discount for family, no tax or fees, so i am paying just 50/month for unlimited everything) no cap whatsoever, I have been using around 30 gb on every month for 1 and a half years, I dont see it highlighted enough in your post on mobile data.

    3. plus i find their unusually high taxes, especially being a prepaid service, dishonest, because other advertised prepaid plans don't charge it, and people naively think 25 is what they will pay.
      Also their Verizon roaming is according to a lot of people just false advertising.

      I have been watching them for several years, I would really like to use them, but they seem to be too dishonest, not that good of a deal as they try to make it sound, at the end of the day, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

  14. To Anonymous:


    I have a family member who uses Republic's $10.00 plan with the Moto X.

    We have had no surprises in taxes or fees. It really just depends on the city, town, community, village, township, county, and/or state you live in as to what taxes you will be charged. In my particular locality in California, my city does not impose a ridiculous utility tax, and on the $10.00 plan, the total monthly charge is $10.85, or roughly a combined tax rate of 8.5%.

    If it were the $25.00 plan, the total montly charge would be $27.13, and on the $40.00 4G plan, the total monthly charge would be $43.40.

    Again, YMMV depending as to how the various taxes are applied.

    The breakout for my area in California is as follows:

    Universal Lifeline Telephone Sevice Charge (Wireless)-State (1.15%) .08
    PUC Fee (Wireless)-State (0.18%) .02
    CASF (Wireless)-State (0.16%) .01
    CA Teleconnect Fund (Wireless)-State (0.59%) .04
    CA High Cost Fund A (Wireless)-State (0.18%) .01
    Telecommunications Relay Surcharge (Cellular)-State (0.20%) .01
    E911 (Wireless)-State (0.75%) .05
    Fed USF Cellular-Federal (16.40%) .61
    FCC Regulatory Fee (Wireless)-Federal (1.50%) .02
    Total Tax: .85

    As far as roaming, whether you believe it or not, the Moto X does indeed roam on Verrizon's towers. I have personally used the Moto X device in areas where Verizon Wireless is the only CDMA carrier, and the Republic Moto X is able to make and receive voice calls, and send and receive text.

    I have been a Sprint customer since 1997, going back to their Pioneer Plan. At that time it was Cox Communications who actually operated the Sprint PCS service in southern California (Los Angeles/San Diego) and the Las Vegas markets. However, where I live, Verizon Wireless has been the only wireless carrier available. For reasons related to work, I needed to use Sprint's service.

    Many years ago, I was provided an Airave device for use in my home to receive a Sprint signal, as well as an Airave device for a previous office location. I am currently using the third generation of the Airave device in my home. I have my Airave set to cover approximately 8,000 square feet (I have a large home).

    Most Sprint MVNO's do not support the use of Airvave. Republic Wireless is one of the few MVNO'S that has negotiated the use of Airave for it's customers. (This does not mean that Republic sells, markets and/or supports Airave) The Sprint PRL's for Republic devices are coded to allow use of voice, text and data over an Airave device.

    This comes in real handy at a home and/or office location, and Republic Wireless works great over the Sprint Airave device.

    I mentioned earlier that I live in area where Verizon Wireless is the only wireless carrier. When I unplug the Sprint Airave device and do not connect to my home Wi-Fi, the Republic Wireless device works fine for voice and text over Verizon Wireless.


  15. To Anonymous:


    This has been mentioned in depth on the Republic Wireless forums, but the real key to remember for any of the supported Republic Wireless devices (Defy XT, Moto X and Moto G) is to go into the phone's settings and make sure the PRL (Priority Roaming List) is updated to insure you can roam over Verizon Wireless.

    My experience with the PRL's comes as a long time Sprint customer who has learned over the years to update the PRL on the phone's settings.

    Another aspect worth mentioning is that Sprint has different PRL's for different classes of customers. I have a corporate PRL for my regular Sprint service, yet when using the Republic Wireless phone in a Verizon Wireless roaming area, I have not expereinced any difference in call quality between the two phones.

    Also, I took advantage of the Motorola $100.00 rebated on the Moto X. I picked up a used working (barely...lol) Droid for $20.00 from Craigslist and turned that in and received a $100.00 rebate card. So the net cost of the Moto X (including tax, shipping and the purchase of the Droid) was $255.91.

    All in all, paying $255.91 for the phone and $10.85 per month for service, based on 24 months (average life of a post-paid phone) works out to $21.51 each month for service and a pretty damn good new phone, and my family member is very happy with their device.

    To me, that's a deal that would be really hard to beat from another MVNO.

    For those who complain about Sprint's service (or lack thereof), again, YMMV. I have Airave at home, so that solves the no service dilemma. In my immediate area and other nearby communities, it appears that Sprint has implemented the Network Vision upgrade program because on my older Sprint 3G device, I'm getting download speeds almost near the 2 GB range.


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