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Sprint MVNO Real Mobile Offers BYOSD, Promises Quality Support

Real Mobile (877-316-0493), which has been in business since at least 2011 as an AT&T MVNO "powered by good2GO Mobile", recently began operating as a Sprint MVNO.

Real supports "Bring Your Own Sprint Device" (BYOSD) and is able to activate all clean-ESN Sprint phones except for those on the Sprint MVNO "Blacklist" which includes Palm OS, and Web OS phones and phones launched on Sprint in the last 12 months.  The latest high end phone that can be activated is the HTC One. Real will be able to activate Samsung Galaxy S4 in May when it reaches its 12 month anniversary on Sprint. There's no activation fee for the Sprint based service.

Real Mobile's plans (listed in the table below) are competitively priced for the most part but do not include "unlimited" data. In reality, data is never truly unlimited on any MVNO, there's always a hidden cap or throttle. I applaud Real Mobile their honestly in stating the data limits on each plan.

Real Mobile Plans
Monthly Cost Voice SMS Int'L SMS MMS Data
$20 1 5¢/min 5¢/each 10¢/each N/A 50¢/MB
$30 unlimited  unlimited  unlimited 100 25 MB, including LTE, WiMAX 2
$40 unlimited unlimited  unlimited 100 1 GB, including LTE, WiMAX 2
$55 unlimited unlimited  unlimited 100 2 GB, including LTE, WiMAX 2
1 "Pay As You Go" plan with no rollover
2 Additional data available: 500 MB for $10

The $40 plan looks like Real Mobile's best offering and is a good choice for smartphone users who need unlimited talk and text, including international texting, and a healthy amount of data. According to Real Mobile CEO, Robert Barrera, "Our research shows that the national average internet usage on smart phones is 700mb +-. Our plans will accommodate 90+% of a Dealer’s customer base at the highest quality and speed level. Although the word “unlimited” is not advertised for data the normal usage customer is unlikely run out of service. Additional data can be purchased for a modest sum at any time and added to any plan (including the $30.00 plan). Flexibility, quality and choice is, in itself, a competitive advantage."

Real Mobile doesn't have an online customer portal for checking balances and expiration but customers can dial 611 to reach an interactive voice response system which provides that information 24/7 and also allows users to top up their accounts. Customers also receive a text message refill reminder 2 days before their account expires. Auto pay is available.  REAL Mobile doesn't charge any additional taxes or fees.

Real Mobile is available online and from a network of independent local dealers. Real considers dealers an important key to its success. CEO Barrera told me that Real's business plan, "creates a strong partnership with independent dealers supporting them through pricing, compensation and dealer/customer support. This long term strategy may take longer, but will cement a basis where dealer partners know they have a reliable Carrier partner in REAL Mobile and create a profitable growth on a solid foundation. This type of approach has proven successful in all industries."

Real Mobile's customer support is US based and is available from 7 AM to 1 AM ET 7 days a week. Barrera says that the company wants be known for excellent customer and dealer support.

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  1. Their plans seem reasonable, albeit nothing special or unique--many other Sprint MVNOs, and even Boost and Virgin offer similar plans, but with a soft cap instead of a hard cap. Still, if Real Mobile truly does have good support, they could be a good option for some. I remain skeptical though, especially given that Ting, among others, has good support and things like an online portal for checking balance and call records.

  2. Roaming included?

  3. Yeswap I'm porting from Boost to H20 this week what's the two main things they going ask for Account Number and Password right? Do you know what those two things typically are for Boost again? Or is it number for account and password is what I have my 4 digit pin set too? Or should I just ask Boost for account number and password?

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