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Virgin Mobile Awe $39.99 Today Only

Virgin Mobile is having a one day sale on the ZTE Awe Android phone, Today only, the Awe is $39.99. That's half off the regular $79.99 price.

The Awe is a bit basic but gets generally good reviews for performance thanks to a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. The four inch screen has a a respectable 480x800px resolution and the Awe runs the relatively recent Jellybean version of Android. The phone's camera is it's weakest point. It does have an LED flash and auto focus, both rare on entry level phones, but the camera is slow to launch and slow to focus and picture quality is mediocre. As long as photography isn't your primary "focus" the Awe is hard to beat for forty bucks.

The Awe is notable for being the best of Virgin's current phones that can be swapped on to a grandfathered $25/month account without causing a forced upgrade to Virgin's current $35/month plan. For this to work you must already have a grandfathered plan and you have to switch phones online, not by calling customer support.

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  1. Actually the reviews for the Awe are horrible. ZTE has dominated CNET's annual list of worst phones for the last 4 years. Along with Huawei, ZTE was caught installing hidden backdoors in networking equipment sold to large companies and government agencies. This should be no surprise as the Chinese military is the largest shareholder in ZTE. To make matters worse, ZTE lied about their spying activities to Congress.

    Why would any one want to buy a second rate phone from a dishonest company? You can buy the far superior Nokia 520 / 521 for $60-$70 or the LG F6 for $79 from Metro.

    1. The Awe is one of ZTE's better phones. They aren't all horrible, although I agree many are.

      ZTE was never caught installing backdoors in networking equipment. A congressman and a former CIA director, who now works for Motorola, a ZTE competitor, have questioned the Chinese government's 30% ownership of ZTE's and said that ZTE could be assisting Chinese government spying operations, but no proof of that has ever been offered. On the other hand, the NSA and CIA, with assistance from US companies like AT&T and Yahoo, have admitted to ongoing spying on US citizens as well as foreign nationals and companies.

      The phones you mention will not work on the grandfathered $25 Virgin Mobile plan. If you aren't on that plan there are better phones, if you are the Awe is the best phone that you can use and keep the plan.

    2. honestly, you really think the Chinese government gives a shit about you enough to spy on you?

    3. I owned the galaxy s4 and galaxy s3 and optimus elite, this phone is a solid purchase.
      Cnet reviews are not doing this phone justice. I've had this phone for over 2months. The construction is very solid. I would dare to say zte os is faster and easier to use than galaxy s4's Touchwiz. the processor is as good as the galaxy s3 and runs most games with no problem. The IPS screen is ok, but definitely an upgrade from the optimus elite. Despite its lower pixel count, the difference is not as big when compared to 1080p screen on the galaxy s4. The speaker is loud though not very crisp, it has the loudest speaker of any phone I've ever had. The battery life is average but enough to last the whole day. but definitely better than the optimus elite. This phone even comes with frontface camera.

      There are few setbacks on this phone. The camera is mediocre, i'd say worse than the one on optimus elite. but I don't take pictures often so that's ok.
      The screen feels a lot smaller coming from someone who previously owned the galaxy s4.
      This phone has the best 3g reception of any virgin mobile phone I've ever had. Its 3g speed is even faster than my gf's virgin mobile iphone 5s when we were both on 3g. I saw >1mbps down for the first time on my zte awe.

      Windows phones are still premature. Apps are lacking. Nokia 520 is the lowest end of windows lineup. there's sd card support. no replaceable battery, no frontface camera.

      This is the only phone that works on $25 plan.

      before you buy the phone. Go through Topcashback.com you get $35 cashback making this phone effectively 9 dollars tax included.

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