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FreedomPop to Launch a Tri-Band LTE Phone and Possibly GSM Based Service

In a wide ranging interview published by FierceWireless today, FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols revealed that the company is in talks with both AT&T and T-Mobile about offering service using one of their networks. I'm all for that happening. BYOP support is so much easier with a GSM network like AT&T or T-Mobile than it is with CDMA based Sprint, which FreedomPop uses currently.

Stokols also said that FreedomPop is interested in partnering with international carriers to launch service in multiple European markets.

While the US GSM and international deals may or may not happen, Stokols was more definite about future plans for FreedomPop's current Sprint based FreedomPhone service. He said that In four to six weeks, FreedomPop will launch an Android phone, possibly the Samsung Galaxy S4, that supports Sprint's "Spark" triband LTE. FreedomPop also wants to offer LTE phones at the $99 and $200 price points. FreedomPhone currently gives customers 500MB of data, 200 minutes and 500 texts per month at no charge. FreedomPop, which claims to be profitable, makes its money with overage charges and paid add-ons like voicemail.

Although FreedomPop had lots of delays in getting it's WiMAX powered iPod sleeve to market, Sokols isn't giving up on sleeves saying the company is working on an LTE-only sleeve for unspecified phones.

Read the full article at FierceWireless.

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  1. Good to see them pusing the envelope. Lycamobile is doing this strategy of using GSM worldwide.

  2. I'd try them again if they use GSM.

  3. freedompop is like a stinking hot air balloon that flew away into wherever except not in my zip code. really no availability in my zip code. can get other sprint mvnos but no freedompop. it's like they pop into nothing. cannot really believe they exist at all. yeah freedompop you are literally nothing to me.

  4. been trying the freedompop app on my iphone. seems to call out. but cannot get calls to call in. that does not inspire any confidence in using it for actual phone calls. reading the discussions over at howardforums, calls don't even come in if the app is not on and that the service is still unreliable and half baked. really don't understand any excitement over freedompop. suppose to be a data only service but with a flakey voip/text app. well that's okay if you don't really care about voice calls. really tempted to just have it as a free data service and probably just use another more reliable app for text and voice on top of that. otherwise seems that freedompop is still not ready for primetime and would be a nightmare to use as your go-to only phone.

    1. The exciting thing about FreedomPop is the 500MB (1000MB with Freedom Friends) of completely free data every month.

      The FreedomPop app is flaky, there are better VOIP and messaging apps on both Android and iOS. But VOIP over mobile data is unreliable in many places no matter what app you use.

      Voice is relatively unimportant for me. I often carry my FreedomPop Android phone as my only phone and use the Google Voice app for texts and Google Voice together with Talkatone for calling.

      I let calls go to voicemail if I don't have a good WiFi or 4G connection and return the call when I have good connectivity. That works for me but won't for everyone. Plus it will stop working May 15 when Google begins blocking Talkatone and other 3rd party apps from using Google Voice.

      Have you tried the Google Hangouts app for iOS? It lets you make and receive calls with VOIP using your Google Voice number.

  5. Very interested in FreedomPop GSM even if they could only get hspa. Also would be nice to use Virgin Mobile phones on thier CDMA plans...

  6. Hangout for IOS is by far the most reliable VOIP app. I wonder when they'd release a version for android

  7. HOFO ID Grateful4AdviceMay 8, 2014 at 6:17 PM

    Freedom Pop has terrible customer service and poor tech support. They should improve their service before expanding it. Freedompop should have gone GSM first. U.M.A. is far better than any CDMA technology at routing voice calls over cellular data or a WIFI connection. Republic Wireless has spent a ton of money and still can't get reliable handoffs or great voice quality on a slow connection like a 7 year old GSM U.M.A. equipped phone.

    1. I'm happy with FreedomPop support. I have two accounts, a BYOP phone and a USB stick. I experienced two billing errors on the broadband account that were corrected within 48 hours after emailing support. I haven't had any technical issues with either account.

      FreedomPop never answers their phones but my experience with their email support has been good especially for a free service.

  8. HOFO ID Grateful4AdviceMay 8, 2014 at 6:20 PM

    Talkatone claims they will soon have another provider in place to replace Google Voice and they expect it will be free. I hope this is correct.

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