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PagePlus Cellular Adds Free International Calling To $39.95 and Higher Plans

The new international calling features that Verizon MVNO PagePlus Cellular announced last week are now live: 

Monthly Plans priced at $39.95 and higher now include a bundle of free international calling minutes: 

  • The $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text plan includes 100 international minutes. 
  • The $55 plan includes 200 international minutes. 
  • The $69.95 plan includes 400 international minutes. 
Free calling is supported to landlines (only) in 35 counties (list), including popular destinations like Canada, Mexico, China, India, the UK and most of Western Europe.  Free international minutes don't rollover, unused minutes are lost at the end of the plan month

PagePlus is also offering a new $9 Global Card, that can be used to call mobile phones and more countries than are included with the free offer. The Global Card is an add-on that can be used with any monthly or the "Standard" pay-as-you-go plan. The $9 Global Card never expires and remaining balances roll-over as long as the account is active.

Rates using the Global Card are quite good.  I use a prepaid market basket of five frequently called countries to compare international rates across carriers.. It includes the three nations (Canada, Mexico and the UK) that send the most visitors to the US, plus the three countries (Mexico, China and the Philippines) with the most foreign born US residents. PagePlus' prices per minute for calls to mobile numbers in the market basket countries are:

Canada 1.6¢; Mexico 5.4¢; China 1.5¢; UK 7¢; Philippines 15.2¢, for an average price of 6.14¢/minute.

On plans without unlimited domestic calls, international calls count against your bundle of included minutes. On the pay as you plan these prices are in addition to the 4¢ to 10¢/minute rate for domestic calls.

The average price of 6.14¢/minute is a little higher than Lycamobile (3,8¢) and Ultra Mobile (3.6¢ - 4.5¢) but better than Red Pocket (7.4), Virgin Mobile (16.4) and Boost Mobile (17¢). See The Best Prepaid Mobile International Voice & Text Deals for a detailed comparison of prepaid international pricing.

These changes are a big improvement pricewise over PagePlus's old international rate of $1,50/minute to most counties. But there are a couple of downsides to PagePlus' new international offers. For one, international texting is still a relatively pricey at 20¢ per message sent or received. Many competing prepaid operators now offer unlimited free international texting on monthly plans. The other issue is one of convenience. International direct dialing is not supported, to make an international call you must dial a 10 digit access code (212-202-6521), wait for a voice prompt and then dial the international access code and international number you're calling followed by a pound sign.  That's 11 extra characters for every call.

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  1. Are cricket cdma phones no longer allowed to activated ?? Their mycricket.com website looks different.

    1. As far as I know they can. BestBuy and Amazon are still selling Cricket CDMA phones. You may need to call Cricket or go the a store to activate a CDMa phone.

  2. Thanks Dennis, so it looks like if I order cricket service online it will be gsm service? Am I understanding this correctly?!

    1. Yes. Cricket has switched over to GSM (AT&T).

    2. If you activate a GSM phone online you will, of course, get GSM service
      As far as I know, Cricket has never offered online activation of CDMA phones. You need to call them or go to a store.

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