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PagePlus To Include International Calling Minutes With Monthly Plans Starting May 27

Verizon MVNO PagePlus Cellular has notified its dealers that effective May 27th, they will begin offering two new international calling features.

Monthly Plans priced at $39.95 and higher will come with a bundle of free international calling minutes:
  • The $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text plan will include 100 international minutes.
  • The $55 plan will include 200 international minutes.
  • The $69.95 plan will include 400 international minutes.

Free international minutes don't rollover, unused minutes are lost at the end of the plan month

The list of countries included in the free international calls offer is not available yet. It will be released on or before the May 27 launch date.

PagePlus will also offer a $9 Global Card starting May 27: It can be used to call more countries than are included with the free offer. Calls will be billed at individual country rates. Covered countries and rates aren't available yet.

The $9 Global Card is an add-on that can be used with any monthly or the "Standard" pay-as-you-go plan. The $9 Global card never expires and remaining balances roll-over as long as the account is active.

There's no mention of international texting in today's announcement so there's apparently no change to PagePlus current rate of 20¢ per international message sent and received on all plans. Many competing prepaid operators now offer free international texting on monthly plans.

Until now international calling with PagePlus has been quite expensive, with calls to most countries costing $1,50/minute. The new international calling options fill a whole in the PagePlus product portfolio and should make PagePlus more competitive.


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  1. It's long overdue for a CDMA MVNO to start doing this.

    1. International calling and sms on CDMA MVNO is not new:

  2. It seems inevitable that Carlos would get Page Plus involved internationally. Another positive step. :)

  3. Regardless the T-Mobile MVNO's have the best international plans off all. Sacrifice in coverage though.

  4. Is there any reason why operators keep adding features nobody wants to prop up their price points instead of just lowering rates and leaving international calling out?

  5. I wish they would just lower plan rates also. Usually overseas mobile phones are never included in these "free" international minutes.

    I just use LocalPhone for overseas calling. For my regularly called overseas contacts I just enter the USA # LP assigns to my overseas contact's # in my phone When I call overseas, just hit the contact and it's just like making a USA call, seamless and as easy as it can get.

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