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Get $100 For Porting Your Number to GoSmart Mobile

T-Mobile owned GoSmart Mobile is running a promotion that gives users who port their number from a non T-Mobile based operator a credit of up to $100. To qualify you must:
  • Port a number from a qualifying carrier to GoSmart at a GoSmart dealer or by calling GoSmart at 1-877-582-7788 by July 31, 2014. Online ports are not eligible.
  • Activate the number on a new $35 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web or $45 Unlimited Talk Text and High-Speed Web plan.

The credit is in the form of a $20 reduction in the price of the first five plan renewals. That means that for five months the $35 plan will renew for $15 and the $45 plan will renew for $25.

Ports from the following operators are eligible for the promotion:
  • AT&T and all AT&T owned brands like GoPhone and all AT&T MVNOs
  • Sprint and all Sprint owned brands like Boost and Virgin and all Sprint MVNOs
  • Verizon and all Virgin MVNOs
  • Cricket
Ports from T-Mobile, MetroPCS and T-Mobile MVNOs are not eligible.

This promotion is a good deal for customers in T-Mobile markets who want to commit to GoSmart for six months or more. The plans that are eligible for the promotion are:
  • $35/month Unlimited Talk Text and Web at "2G" speeds (about 128 Kbs)
  • $45/month Unlimited Talk Text and "high speed data" with the first 5 GB  at "3G" speeds 
Until recently, GoSmart had been limiting data speed on the $45 plan to 910Kbs. That restriction has been quietly lifted in the last month or so with users now reporting speeds as high as 8Mbps which certainly makes GoSmart a lot more attractive to heavy data users.

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  1. With speeds as fast as 8Mbps does the $45 plan offer 4G data

    1. There's no LTE on GoSmart, only HSPA+, but 8Mbps is considered a 4G speed.

  2. T-Mobile's HSPA+ network is also nothing to sneeze at. I've seen it haul!

  3. If the $45 plan's data is so fast why does it say 5GB at 3G speeds

    1. On T-Mobile, all these terms mean the same thing: 3G = 4G = High speed internet = HSPA+ = 8+Mbps

      None of these T-mobile based providers offer LTE yet. (Now you see why they say HSI, but never LTE)

    2. All we need are these three terms that all carriers should use
      4G, HSI, HSPA & LTE = Fast, 3G, EDGE & EV-DO = Slow and 2G, Throttled or 128Kbps = you need to find Wi-Fi

    3. Good start. There are also the in-between speeds: 7.2mbps HSPA/WCDMA 3G is fairly fast (twice as fast as EVDO max of 3.6), and 256kbps EDGE 2.5G is slow but still usable (e.g., Simple Mobile throttles to this, and Virgin used to).

  4. 5GB high speed for $45/month is a good deal but $35/month for slow data only is overpriced
    AT&T MVNOs give you 500MB high speed for $30/month

    1. You're right, and T-Mobile MVNOs offer better value as well. The average shopper will find GoSmart before all those small outfits because of T-Mobile's marketing and promotion. Plus some people prefer a brand name to what they see as a no-name.

  5. The offer is extended till July 31. See https://support.gosmartmobile.com/docs/DOC-2612

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