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RingPlus Terminating Some Free Plan Users' Service

Freemium Sprint MVNO RingPlus dropped a small bombshell on at least some of their free plan users two. Two different HowardForums as well as eight RingPlus Forum members users reported getting an email from the operator informing them that their free service was ending this Friday. The email says service ends Thursday, May 23 but the 23rd is Friday. RingPlus has confirmed on their forum that the terminations are effective Friday, May 23. The email reads:

"Dear Free Plan Member,
The team at RingPlus is very sorry to inform you that, despite our attempts, we have been unable to match you successfully to any advertisers in your zip code.

As you know, RingPlus Free Plans are sponsored by advertisers and their participation is necessary to pay for your service. Unfortunately, this means that we can no longer afford to absorb the cost of your Free Plan and must deactivate your Free Plan membership.

Your plan will continue to be active until Thursday, May 23rd, 2014, at 4:00PM PDT in order to give you the opportunity to switch to a paid plan with RingPlus or to another provider of your choosing.

Upgrading to a Paid Plan

However, for this week only, if you choose to stay with RingPlus we have a unique opportunity: upon switching plans, RingPlus will provide an additional top-up credit equal to the cost of the plan you choose. For example, if you choose the $1.99 Kate plan, we’ll kick in another $1.99.

Our plans are still the most affordable nationwide and have some of the most advanced in the phone industry, so please learn more at http://ringplus.net and pick which plan is right for you.

In the event you don’t undertake any action, the top up balance currently on your account will be automatically refunded to your credit card on file, and your Free Plan will be closed Thursday, May 23rd, 2014, at 4:00PM PDT

Again, we very much regret this deactivation of your Free Plan account and hope that you enjoyed your free membership sponsored by RingPlus. We wish you all the best, regardless if you continue as a paid RingPlus member or subscribe to another service.

Best wishes,

The RingPlus Team"

The free plan has been offered several times over the last nine as a limited promotion. In it's latest iteration it gave users 200 minutes, 500 domestic or international texts and 50 MBs of data per month for free. Users hear audio ads during the time between when they place a call and when the called party or their voice mail answers. Free plan users are alssubject to minimum usage requirements such as making at least one outgoing call per week and 10 per month.

The sudden termination of free plans users who are meeting all the plan requirements is disappointing. However I still consider RingPlus' paid plans, particularly the "Lina" which induces unlimited minutes, unlimited domestic and international texts and 50 MB for $14.99 plus between $1.50 and $5/month in taxes, a great value.


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  1. Mine got shut but I never got an email.

  2. Has any RingPlus user ever heard an ad?

    I have never heard any ad, and none of the RingPlus posts on Howard Forums I read (and I have read them all) have said they have.

    Maybe RingPlus should look into changing or supplementing their ad based business model. The ad during ring ain't going to work, I heard Whistle tried it and gave up.

    1. have you selected stations on Ringplus Radio? i selected every radio station.

  3. RingPlus is losing paying customers because their service doesn't work most of the time something to do with their servers causes a delay in the call audio and the voices of the people on the line to cut out making the phone unusable
    You can't rely on the service to make calls and their tax is over 20% including on top ups
    And when I reported the problem with my call audio to support they don't tell me they knew it was their servers and wasted my time asking where I was calling from when the problem happened I only found out that many people had the same issue on the forums
    Instead of fixing their service they're canceling their customers plans
    Free or paid plan the call audio problem is the same

    1. I have RingPlus, my cousin and 2 other friends have RingPlus, I would say their service works most of the time.

  4. I got the email today. It's sad. I think I will just port my # to Ting, get the Ting $25 credit and chill out there for a month or two, then go elsewhere.

    I was thinking of traveling to Canada next month, and Ting has excellent roaming rates for Canada.

  5. I got it this morning. Guess I didn't need the second line anyway.

  6. As I posted this earlier on prepaidnews.com, I must be one of the lucky free plan users in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. The e-mail communication sent to me states that no changes will be made to free plan account users, such as myself in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

    Has anyone posted on prepaidphonenews.com the termination notice sent by Ring Plus?

    One other thought. At least for California Ring Plus customers, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has rules on the books as to how/when/why a company can discontinue service, whether that's a complete cessation of service, a partial cessation of service, transfer or sale of certain customers, and/or discontinuing service to certain customers, and the necessary reporting requirements, record of service filings, along with public hearings.

    I would like to know if ANY California Ring Plus customers have received from Ring Plus a notice of termination of their free plan, whether the free plan customer is located within either the Los Angeles and/or San Francisco areas, and/or another part of the state of California.

    As of today, Monday, May 19, 2014, I do not see that Ring Plus (or any firm hired on behalf of Ring Plus) has made any requests or filed any information with the CPUC regarding termination of a class of customers within California.


    Dear Free Plan Members:

    Important Account Information concerning only Free BYOSD accounts, not Paid Plan accounts.

    It’s that time of year when RingPlus must analyze our Free Plan accounts in relation to our advertisers who support them. This process will take a few days. We will inform you of the results on an ongoing basis as well as any changes to existing plans, rules or regulations that may occur.

    This analysis concerns only Free Plan accounts, not Paid Plan accounts.

    Beginning today, May 15, 2014, one major change will be that parties calling to Free Plan accounts may hear a RingPlus greeting. If you would like your callers to be exempt from this change, please upgrade to a paid plan now.

    In addition, we have already successfully completed our analysis of Free Plan accounts in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Free Plan members in these areas will see no changes in their plans, rules or regulations.

    On behalf of our members, we thank our advertisers for their trust and funding of members in those areas.


    RingPlus Member Services

  7. Both my free lines will be cancelled. I will probably sign up for Kate; $1.99 for 99.5mb mobile data is not bad. Good thing I did not give out my numbers to anyone.

    1. I thought Kate plan has no data.

    2. that's right. the kate $1.99 plan unfortunately has no data. but yeah, add a couple more bucks to get 99.5mb at two cents per megabyte is a bargain for pay as you go! for me, ring+ (with the $1.99 kate plan plus a couple extra dollars on the account to cover the data) is great if you want cheap data and don't really call or text a lot.

    3. They are giving the free plan members $1.99 cash for their first month on Kate, $14.99 on Lina, etc.

    4. Don't prolong the inevitable--move on! RP is dead...

    5. The minimum top-up is $5 with tax its more then $6. You can't add only $2 but for just over $6 with tax you'll get 250MB

    6. If you get Kate, they only charge you $1.99. With 75c tax in my state, $2.74.


    I know you have good intentions, but this was a free service. I'm sure all the legal stuff your refer to applies to people that are actually paying customers. Not sure anyone with a free line is going to waste time trying to litigate this considering they are enjoying a free service. They aren't terminating service for paying customers, so there's a big difference. Settle down.

  9. I spent two weeks going round and round with ring plus "support" trying to get a handset activated and number ported in. Neither were successful. I tried again with Ting and both were accomplished in an hour and a half with no support requests.

    I think they are woefully understaffed and don't really know the market or industry and are just winging it/making up crap as they go. I don't think they will make it.

    I'm dad to post this because I really wanted the noelani plan to pan out.

  10. I had RingPlus for a while. The call quality was awful. Also, there were many times where my phone simply would not ring, or I would call out and nothing would happen. Then there were times where I would be talking to someone and I'd hear random loud tones (but the other person wouldn't).

    They are now even introducing ads to people that call you! People will call you and probably freak out and hang up once an advertisement starts playing.

    I'd say watch out. These moves make it seem like RingPlus is starting to hurt for money. In this day an age, data is becoming more and more important and voice less and less. Having a model that relies on voice advertising does not seem very forward-thinking.

    When I was using RingPlus, I put up with all this since it was free, but eventually it became so gnawing I just had to port out. You get what you pay for.

  11. R+ has also stated that anyone who ported a number in on a Free Plan is not getting disconnected, at least anytime soon.

  12. Also, if you switch to a Paid Plan you will receive a credit in the amount of that particular Paid Plan, basically a 2 for one. At minimum it gives you time to consider your options.

  13. I got one of these as well, for a phone I activated less than 2 months ago for my daughter. I never heard any ads, just babbling about RingPlus in general. The last few days when calling her phone, I did get the same as when making an outgoing call from her phone.

  14. If you use R+ as your primary line, you are asking for trouble.
    Poor quality. Poor service.
    If an article has said that R+ was a Chinese carrier making their way into the US, I would totally believe it.
    Its that bad.
    "Cheap Chinese junk"
    No offense to the Chinese.

  15. RingPlus will begin to offer the optional capability of roaming effective September 1, 2014.

    No further information is available as to:

    1) which carrier(s) roaming will be available for
    2) whether or not this includes the capability to roam for voice only, voice and text, or voice, text and data
    3) how/if roaming will be available for the "free" plans
    4) what will the cost be to roam

    If RingPlus is providing the ability to roam, my guess is that they solved the billing problem of the lag time it takes to receive the charge from the roaming carrier, and then applying those charges and taking funds from the RingPlus members account.

    Previously, RingPlus has stated that they did not offer roaming simply because they could not shoulder the financial burden for incurred roaming charges if the RingPlus member did not have any funds in their account to pay for the roaming charges, and the administration required to contact those those members to fund their accounts to pay for roaming.

    It will be inetresting how RingPlus handles/manages the billing aspect of roaming.

    More details are sure to follow.


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