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Save 6% on PagePlus Airtime, 50% on Services at Kitty Wireless

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless is running a couple of money saving "double discount"  promotions today through 11:59pm ET this Saturday 6/30,

  • The SAVE3 discount coupon code gives you a 6% discount on a one time PIN purchase, or 6% off your first payment on a new autopay! (Not a recurring monthly discount.) Click here to order a PIN or autopay.
  • The SERV25 discount coupon code gives you a 50% discount on any online service such as an ESN Change, or Swap. Click here to order services.
Activations and number ports are free at Kitty Wireless through June. Click: free activation or: free port to get started.

Page Plus Cellular is a major Verizon MVNO, for more about Page Plus see our Page Plus Prepaid Operator Profile.



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  1. There's a 75 cent fee added to each PIN order so don't bother with this "sale". pincheap.com has lower prices when you factor in this fee.

  2. Why was Kitty kicked off Howard Forums?

    1. I wonder about this too. The funny thing is that if you try to ask about it on HowardForums, you get censored, so there's no way to find out on the Forums themselves.

  3. Plenty of other PIN vendor options at lower prices with no "convenience fee" .

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