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Coupon Deal: T-Mobile SIMs on Sale for a Penny With Free Shipping

T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Activation Kits are on sale for one cent with free shipping when you enter the promo code SIMDEAL at checkout. The sale ends now through 6/24, while supplies last. The regular price is $10. The kits are available in mini (aka regular), mini/micro combo and nano sizes.

The kits consist of a SIM and an activation code. The activation code is required when activating a new line of service on any T-Mobile prepaid plan including the $30/month 5 GB of data, unlimited messaging and 100 minutes plan, which is only available with new online activations.

By themselves, without the activation code, these SIMs can also be used as replacement SIMs for prepaid or postpaid accounts or to activate a supported tablet on any T-Mobile mobile broadband plan including the 200 MB/month free plan.

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  1. Any word on whether the new free music data streaming from Tmo will be included on SimpleMobile and other MVNOs ?


    1. Tmo music streaming will only be included on postpaid Simple Choice plans, $50-$80 plus taxes. Ref. the Tmo website, which has been updated.

    2. If free streaming doesn't apply to T-Mobile Prepaid, It's certainly not going to apply to MVNOs,

  2. Dennis, do you know what cricket gsm is doing with prior cricket cdma iPhone 5c? I have an opportunity to buy one,do you know if the new cricket gsm will unlock it to accept a SIM card? Thanks for any info.

  3. In March Cricket told dealers that they would be unlocking the iPhones but I don't think they have started doing it yet. Good News For Cricket iPhone Users, Your Phones Will Work On The New Cricket GSM Network

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