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Lycamobile Launching new "Lycamobile Plus" Service With LTE, MMS and Nationwide Area Codes

T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile sent a flyer to its dealers promoting a new service called Lycamobile Plus which will feature:

  • LTE Data
  • The ability to use locked T-Mobile phones as well as unlocked GSM phones
  • MMS Picture Messaging
  • Nationwide Area Codes
These changes should eliminate most of the complaints users have with Lycamobile which currently only works with unlocked phones, doesn't support MMS, can't issue or port numbers in many markets and has slow data.

Most of Lycamobile's current limitations are a result of its operating like a mobile network with towers that roams on T-Mobile rather than being a true MVNO. The unlocked phone requirement is because Lyca uses its own mobile county code/mobile network code (MCC/MNC) of 311/960 instead of T-Mobile's MNC 310/260 which is what other MVNOs use. The MCC/MNC pair is hardcoded to SIM cards and T-Mobile locked phones will only accept 310/260 and a few other codes that belonged to companies T-Mobile acquired. 

For Lycamobile Plus to work with locked T-Mobile phones Lyca will probably have to issue new SIMs coded with 310/260. That likely means that Lycamobile Plus will work like any other T-Mobile MVNO and will have access to MMS which requires carrier infrastructure and to T-Mobile's nationwide pool of phone numbers and area codes.

Lyca has used the Lycamobile Plus Moniker before. In the UK, when Lyca switched from the Orange network to the O2 network in 2010 they called the new O2 based service "Lycamobile Plus". Existing Lycamobile customers were encouraged to switch to Lycamobile Plus by an offer of free international calling minutes. A similar switch is happening in Belgium currently with customers who "upgrade" to Lycamobile Plus getting an account credit of up to €20. I don't know if Lyca plans a similar promotion in the US,

It's also not known what effect the switch to Lycamobile Plus will have on pricing or Lyca's unique features like free incoming texts, free calling to toll-free numbers and airtime that doesn't expire as long as you make a call, send a text or use data at least every 90 days. As to when Lycamobile Plus will launch, that's anybody's guess. However Lyca has announced that all its plans are changing July soon, whatever that means.

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  1. any changes to its montly plan and pay as you go?

  2. Whatever plan you have, or intend to sign with Lyca, keep in mind that their plans are NEVER grandfathered, so if you get a fantastic deal today, you can ONLY keep it until they change it (usually 6-8 month), and then you have to switch to a new plan, (sometimes better, sometime worse) or port your number to a different carrier.

  3. Now with Lycamobile plus it is almost exactly like having tmobile pre paid at half the cost. Tmobile charges you $50 for unlimited everything and Lycamobile charges you $29 for the first month and $26 each month after if you use auto pay. It's the best deal out there at the moment . If you use it for international calls the first 5 dialed numbers are unlimited as well.

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