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Simple Mobile Cuts Mobile Broadband Prices

Tracfone's Simple Mobile has revamped its mobile broadband plans. The T-Mobile MVNO's old broadband plans were laughably bad; $25/month for 750MB and $40/month for 2GB. The new plans are quite competitive:
  • $20/month for 1.5GB
  • $40/month for 4GB
  • $60/month for 6GB
These plans are data only and are intended for use with tablets, hotspots, USB wireless modems and laptops with built in GSM connectivity. An unlocked GSM or locked or unlocked T-Mobile device is required. LTE is available but calling and texting aren't supported. Simple charges a steep $12.99 for a SIM, but Simple Mobile SIMs are available on eBay and Amazon for a dollar or less.

While the new Simple Mobile plans are a vast improvement over the old ones, there are even better deals available. T-Mobile itself is running a promotion through the end of the year that offers with $10 - 1GB, $20 - 3 GB and $30 - 5GB. Red Pocket Mobile has T-Mobile based broadband plans priced at $10 - 1 GB, $30 - 3GB and $50 - 5GB. Red Pocket's $30 and $50 plans also include unlimited throttled data after the 3GB or 5GB high-speed allotment is used. However the Red Pocket plans don't support LTE and T-Mobile's require the user to setup autopay with a credit or debit card, although the plans and autopay can be cancelled at anytime without penalty. That makes the Simple plans the best deal for cardless users with LTE-capable devices.

For more mobile broadband plan choices see: US Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans Compared.


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  1. I was considering switching to Simple Mobile a couple months ago and emailed their Support desk regarding LTE connections (and using a compatible LTE T-Mobile network phone). The customer service rep replied back, "we do not offer 4G LTE". So I think Simple Mobile is marketing "LTE Speeds" with HSPA+, not actual LTE connections. This FAQ is still on their web page:
    Do you offer 4G LTE service?
    We do not offer 4G LTE service. We offer HSPA+ 4G service which compares favorably to LTE speeds in user experience, with speeds up to 42.2Mbps.

    1. Sadly their customer service is terrible, and their web page is almost always laughably out of date. As a customer, they do in fact offer LTE service provided you have a newer SIM card.

  2. It's not on the plan page, but if you're a light data user Red Pocket lets you pay $5 for 512MB/30 days of data as well.

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