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Straight Talk To Launch Tablet Plans and Home Monitoring and Connected Car Services

It looks like TracFone's Straight Talk brand is about to launch some new service options. The Straight Talk site's Shop > Service Plans menu now lists Tablet Plans, Remote Alert Plans and Car Connection Plans. It doesn't seem to be possible to order any of these currently, when I try the page either reloads without doing anything or I get the error "We are currently experiencing systematic issues our apologies. Please try again later."

About all you can do right now is view the pricing for the various plans.

For tablets there are five plan choices.
$15 for 1GB good for 30 days
$25 for 2GB good for 30 days
$40 for 4GB good for 60 days
$50 for 5GB good for 60 days
$75 for 7GB good for 60 days
The Straight Talk site says that the plans include access to LTE data. There are non-Functional links to order AT&T based or T-Mobile based SIMs.

The Remote Alert page shows a picture of what looks like a home alarm system console and an infrared motion detector. There's no description of what the service is or how it works other than the verbiage "Control your Straight Talk Remote Alert device right from the palm of your hand" with accompaning links to non-existent iPhone and Android apps. Plan prices are listed as $10 for 30 days or $100 for a year.

The Car Connection page is equally vague with just a picture of a small gizmo.The gadget carries Audiovox branding and is apparently this Audiovox Car Connection module. It plugs into the on board diagnostics (OBDII) port found on all US market cars sold since 1996. The Car Connection, which has a list price of $169.99, monitors your car's mechanical health, lets you track the vehicle on line and works with an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry app to block the driver's phone from being used for calls or texting. Car Connect plan prices are $10 for 30 days and $100 for a year

Source Straight Talk via HowardForums

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  1. At a walmart now in the Midwest and I see bring your own tablet activation kits, data refill cards, the remote alert and car alert system kits and also 30 day and 1 year connect cards. Personally I'm liking the 4 go 60 day data for tablet option. Especially if it can be via AT&T

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