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Three Months Free Service For New Virgin Mobile Customers

Virgin Mobile is running a promotion where new customers can get three months of free service.

The three months free deal is vaguely related to the "Virgin Mobile Catsie Awards" contest that Virgin is running. You submit a photo of your cat to enter the contest. The winner gets a Samsung Galaxy S5, $55 airtime card, wireless charger, remote control for the S5's camera, a "Cat Scratch DJ booth" and a bow tie for their cat.

However you don't need to enter or even own a cat to get the three months free deal. All you do need to is:
  • Buy a Samsung Galaxy S 5, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Ring or Galaxy Victory from virginmobileusa.com before 7AM EST 6/24/14
  • Activate the phone on new line of service on a $35/month or higher Virgin Beyond Talk plan and pay for the first month of service by 11:59PM ET 7/5/14
If you meet the requirements, you'll get a $105 credit (good for three months of service on the $35 plan) applied to your account by 7/24.
    The deal is good for activations on all three current Beyond Talk plans.
    • $35.00 month - unlimited messaging, unlimited* data and 300 minutes
    • $45.00 month - unlimited messaging, unlimited* data and 1200 minutes
    • $55.00 month - unlimited messaging, unlimited* data and unlimited minutes
    *Unlimited data includes 2.5GB of hi-speed per month with unlimited data throttled to 128 Kbps for the rest of the month after the 2.5GB is used.

    Not a bad deal if Sprint coverage works for you, especially if you're in an LTE market (all the eligible phones except the Samsung Galaxy Ring support LTE), and you fancy one of the eligible Samsung phones. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is currently on sale for $99.99, the Samsung Galaxy Victory is $149.99, the Samsung Galaxy S III is $249.99 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is $599.99.

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    1. The coverage map for my area shows no voice coverage. However it shows that there is coverage for LTE data, how is that possible? Could I use my Vonage app to make calls using LTE?

      1. I'm surprised that there's LTE without voice. But you could use Vonage or another VOIP app for calls but it wouldn't be as reliable as regular cellular voice.

    2. I tried VM during a promo and did everything right, it tool me over 60 days plus the original 30 to finally get it after about 4 hours playing phone tag, Facebook posts. When I finally got it I'd had enough and gladly ported out, just an fyi.

    3. Sprint is just messed up with its network deployment. I live in the center of Silicon Valley and there is no LTE coverage (maybe just small pockets of 1 to 2 sites) and EVDO network is super slow. When I went home to visit my parents in Central Valley recently, about 1.5 hr away, I was getting decent LTE coverage in the less populated areas like Tracy, Manteca, and Lathrop!

    4. Is the deal valid if you buy the phone from an another site or Location. For example amazon\bestbuy.

    5. Sprint went through a recent network expansion which, in my experience, has resulted in its "Distant Third among the Three Real Networks" position falling back even further.

      Worse coverage.

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