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Virgin Mobile Launches $25/Month Unlimited Talk, Text and MMS Plan

Sprint's Virgin Mobile prepaid brand has launched a new "WI-FI Lover's Delight" $25/month Unlimited Talk and Messaging Plan.

The plan is a limited time promotion available to new Virgin Mobile customers from now through Sept 2, 2014.  The plan includes unlimited domestic calling and messaging, including MMS picture messaging, but doesn't include data. The only way to add data to the plan is by switching one of Virgin's regular plans which start at $35. The $25 plan available online and from Virgin Mobile dealers.

The $25 plan only works with the following Virgin Mobile Android phones, all of which have a suggested retail price of $200 or less.

Kyocera Event $49.99, currently on sale for $29.99
Kyocera Rise reg $79.99, on sale for $69.99
ZTE Awe reg $79.99, on sale for $69.99
ZTE Reef reg $99.99, on sale for $74.99
LG Optimus F3 reg $129.99, on sale for $79.99
Samsung Galaxy Ring reg $149.99, on sale for $99.99
Kyocera Hydro Vibe $149.99
LG Volt $179.99

The new plan competes directly with $25 unlimited talk and text plans from T-Mobile's MetroPCS and GoSmart and for AT&T's Cricket. There are differences between the four operator's $25 plans. MetroPCS' plan, which is also a limited time promotion for new accounts only, is restricted to feature phones. Cricket and GoSmart's plans are regular offerings available to all customers. Cricket's is officially limited to feature phones but reportedly works with Cricket SIMs in non-Cricket smartphones. GoSmart's $25 plan works with any phone and also includes untimited access to Facebook.com and Facebook's apps.

Unlimited talk and text plan prices have been in free fall for years. It looks like $25/month is rapidly becoming the new standard price for prepaid unlimited T&T with no data.

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  1. Seems that $25 is the price point now for unlimited talk and text, but if you have a GSM unlocked phone or ATT phone you can get unlimited talk, text and 500mb of data at H2O Wireless for $2 more ($27 with autopay). Yes, H2O throttles on the higher price plan but this 500mb is at 4G speed with no throttling.

    1. Good point. It should be emphasized that your alternative is on ATT, a better, more extensive network that Virgin's Sprint.

    2. H2O is great when they can get my MMS to work, which is rare.

  2. how much would this be with tax? It seems that most people would be better off with an ATT mvno that offers online pins or re-up such as Airvoice, redpocket, etc. In any case an ATT mvno would be better than a no roaming option and limited coverage.

    1. With Virgin tax depends on where you live. Virgin doesn't add any taxes but they don't pickup the tab for state and local sales tax and point of sale e911 fees like Cricket does.

      Here in California there are no sales or e911 taxes on prepaid airtime. I buy my VM airtime at Target when it's on sale (5% off right now) using my Red Card (another 5% off). So a $25 in VM airtime costs me $22.56.

      Cricket not only doesn't charge tax but they also absorb the cost of sales and point of sale e911 fees. But Target doesn't sell Cricket airtime so $25 worth of Cricket airtime would costs me $25.

      If your state charges taxes on prepaid airtime Cricket could be cheaper than VM with the Target discounts - or not depending on the tax rate.

    2. In VA, prepaid airtime is exempt under commonwealth law. Target charges it anyway, and adds the 50c e911 fee. It seems as if they are you selling you the paper card, not the airtime.

  3. Strange, flip phones like the Kona not allowed, why? I would put a parent on this but a smartphone is a big no.

    Also typo wotks for works.

    1. For the past year or so, whenever I activated a beyond talk line I could swap esn's to the Kona, Brio and Contact. Have to have a smartphone to initiate a Beyond Talk plan. Then you are free to switch to a feature phone. $25/month on a feature would be pretty good actually.

  4. Boost And Virgin also have added an new $5 a day hotspot plan on select phones.

  5. Republic Wireless gives you UnTnT + 5GB of 3g data for $25. The phone is $150, but still a better buy, I think.

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