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Updated, Sale Extended: $100 to $125 Off Moto X

Motorola's Moto Maker site is running a deal on the Motorola Moto X. While supplies last, all versions of the Moto X are on sale for $100 to $125 off the regular price.

The 16GB Moto X is $299.99, $100 off the regular price. The 32GB and 64GB models are $324.99 and  $374.99 respectively, which is $125 off their normal prices. Shipping is free and Moto X cases are half price during this sale.

The sale prices apply to the unlocked GSM models as well as all Moto X operator versions and developer editions.

The unlocked Moto X works with T-Mobile and AT&T and all their MVNOs and supports both operator's GSM, HSPA+ and LTE bands. It also supports global 3G and HSPA+ 4G.

Moto Maker lets you customize your Moto X with a choice of a black or white front, 27 different back colors (or 4 different wooden backs), and 7 different trim accent colors. There's a choice of wallpapers and you can have a  custom message engraved on the back and a custom message on the screen at boot up. Except for the wooden backs, which are $25 extra, there's no charge for customization.

The Moto X is the Motorola's current flagship. It runs Android 4.4 KitKat and has a dual core 1.7 Ghz Krait processor, 2 GB of RAM,  4.7" 720x1280px screen, 10 MP autofocus main camera with flash and a 2MP front cameras. It features Active Display, which wakes up the phone's screen when you pick it up or pull it out of your pocket to display notifications of things like missed calls, texts and upcoming calendar events.

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