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Free Month of Service For New PagePlus Customers

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless is offering new Page Plus customers a free or discounted month of service.

If you do a new account activation, or a port a number to a new account using Kitty Wireless between now and 6 PM ET on 8/31/2014 you get your choice of:
  • A free month of service on the PagePlus $12/month plan which includes 250 minutes, 250 texts and 10MB of data. 
  • 10% off the price of the first month on Page Plus' $29.95, $39.95, $55.00 or $69.95 plans. 
  • Plus, if you are porting a number and you choose the $39.95 plan, Kitty Wireless will not only give you 10% off but also automatically upgrade you to the $55 plan at no extra charge for the first month. 
Activations and number ports are free at Kitty Wireless during July. Click: free activation or: free port to get started.

Details of the plans that work with the Kitty Wireless offers are listed below:
Page Plus Monthly Plans
NameMonthly Price VoiceDomestic Text/MMSData
The 12 Monthly Plan - First Month Free$12.00250 min, overage 5¢/min250 SMS or MMS*, overage 5¢/ea. 10 MB, overage 10¢/MB
Talk n Text 1200 Monthly Plan - 10% OFF$29.951200 minutes, overage 5¢/min3000 SMS or MMS*, overage 5¢/ea. 500MB, overage 5¢/MB
Unlimited Talk n Text Monthly Plan - 10% OFF and if porting a number a free upgrade to $55 Plan$39.95unlimited domestic, 100 min internationalunlimited SMS & MMS*1GB, overage 5¢/MB
The 55 Monthly Plan - 10% OFF$55.00unlimited domestic, 200 min internationalunlimited SMS or MMS*3GB, overage 5¢/MB
The $69.95 Plan - 10% OFF$69.95unlimited domestic, 400 min internationalunlimited SMS or MMS*5GB, overage 5¢/MB
* MMS data transport not included and reduces your data balance or is charged at overage rates if your data allowance is exhausted.

Page Plus Cellular is a major Verizon MVNO, for more about Page Plus see our Page Plus Prepaid Operator Profile.


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