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FreedomPop Tablets Now Available or Bring Your Own Sprint Tablet

Freemium Sprint MVNO FreedomPop is now offering LTE tablets. Users have a choice a 16GB 1st gen iPad Mini in white or black for $319 or a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in white or black for $199. The tablets are refurbished. Shipping on either tablet is $13.99. 

If you happen to have an unactivated Sprint Tablet laying around FreedomPop says they can activate it too. FreedomPop doesn't say which tablets are supported, but based on users' experiences with FreedomPop's bring your own phone option, I doubt that anything other than the LTE iPad Mini and LTE Samsung Tab 3 will work.

Update: FreedomPop has posted the following list of Sprint tablets eligible for bring your own device (BYOD):
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
  • iPad Mini 
  • iPad 4
Tablets are eligible for the same free plan as phones. It includes 500MB of data, 200 voice minutes and 500 texts per month. Voice and text use FreedomPop's VOIP calling and SIP messaging app. Users can upgrade to 2GB of data for $19.99/month or 4GB for $34.99/month. Unlimited talk and text is a $10.99/month add-on. New users get a 30 day trial of the 2GB plan and unlimited talk and text plan. If you don't want to keep either plan, be sure to cancel it before the end of the trail period to avoid being charged.

Click here to order a FreedomPop tablet. Click here to activate your own a Sprint tablet

Source FreedomPop via FierceWireless


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  1. I see that the combination of a very overpriced tablet and an iffy provider has provided a big lack of interest.

  2. Dennis, unrelated, just wondering: what's your opinion of the FreedomPop 4G LTE 803S hotspot on Newegg for $60. Would you buy one?

    1. I'm a happy FreedomPop customer with two WiMAX devices, a phone and USB stick.

      The LTE hotspot is a good deal but I wouldn't buy one for several reasons:
      Sprint hasn't enabled LTE where I live yet and WiMAX still works well here.
      When I get a FreedomPop LTE device it will be a phone because it's more versatile (most phones cam be hacked to work as hotspots). Phones on FreedomPop get free 3G as well as LTE. You have to pay extra for 3G on hotspots.

    2. Thanks! Great point about the phones (free 3G also).

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