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PTel and GIV Mobile Now Offering LTE On Most Plans

T-Mobile MVNO PTel Mobile announced today that 4G LTE data is now available on the following plans at no extra charge:
  • $50 Unlimited Everything
  • $40 Unlimited Everything
  • $1.50 Daily Unlimited
  • Real PayGo
New customers with a compatible device will receive LTE access immediately, existing customers will get LTE in the "near future" or can request that LTE be added to their account as soon as possible by contacting PTel support. I've found that this Web form on the Ptel site to be the fastest and easiest way to contact PTel technical support.

Update: a couple hours after I wrote this LTE popped up on PTel PayGo phone without me ever contacting PTel. LTE is also available now on PTel's sub-brand GIV Mobile.

T-Mobile's LTE is roughly twice as fast as its 4G HSPA+. PTEL is claiming download speeds of 10-20 Mbps, which are typical of the average LTE speeds achieved by T-Mobile customers. Maximum speeds of up to 60Mbps have been reported on T-Mobile itself. If you are getting LTE on your PTel account and happen to run a speed test, please share the results in a comment.

Here are the details of PTELs plans:
Plan Cost Voice Minutes Texts MMS Data
Real PayGo $10/60days 1 5¢/each 2¢/each 2¢/each 10¢/MB LTE Available
Daily Unlimited $1.50/day unlimited unlimited unlimited Varies 2 LTE Available
$35 Unlimited Everything $35/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps)
$40 Unlimited Everything $40/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 500 MB) LTE Available
$50 Unlimited Everything $50/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 2 GB) LTE Available
1 Other refill denominations are available; $20/90days, $30/120 days, $40/150 days, $50/180 days, $100/365 days.
2 $10 top up buys 6 days of service and 10 MB data, $20 13 days and 20 MB data, $30 buys 20 days and 30 MB data, $45 buys 30 days and 150 MB data.

If you are thinking of switching to PTel there are several promotional deals available to new customers:

10% off any SIM plus airtime or SIM plus Phone, plus airtime purchase with code PTELGET10

20% off any SIM plus airtime or SIM plus Phone, plus airtime purchase
with code PT20LS

Free month of service for new activations only. Purchase a SIM and a 2-month activation pack for the $40 or $50 Unlimited Everything Plan. At checkout enter the code PTBOGOHOLIDAY13 to get a $40 or $50 discount, which makes the 2nd month of the pack free.

Free month of service for porting your number to PTel from most carriers. This offer can be combined with the Free month of service offer above to get two free months. See Two Free Months of Unlimited Service For Porting Your Number to PTel for details.

Prepaid Operator Profile: PTel Mobile
PTel Now Supports All Non-Premium SMS Short Codes


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  1. $35 plan has cost of $40 ? weird or typo in the table above ?

  2. ARGH!!!!! Ptel's PayGo is the closest I've seen to a good usage-based system working on T-Mobile's network. Unfortunately, Ptel's PayGo seems like a VERY bad deal. In particular, their PayGo rates for data seem a bit high. On Ting, 500min/100sms/500mb would run a total of $30. On Ptel's PayGo, this same combination would run a total of $77. Ting is clearly much better for this kind of thing. I absolutely LOVE Ting's concept, but it's just such a shame that they have to be a Sprint-based MVNO. I just really wish there was an MVNO like Ting working on T-Mobile or better yet, AT&T, cause both of their networks absolutely blow Sprint out of the water in terms of coverage and reliability.

    1. Airvoice which runs on AT&T has a $30/mo plan with 500MB and unlimited talk and text. That's better then 500min, 100SMS and 500MB for $30.

    2. Paygo data is almost never a great deal.

      One thing I have heard (but have not verified myself) about PTel's paygo data is that they do not round up data usage.

      I have heard that other MVNOs often round paygo data use on a 'per-session' basis, whatever a session is considered to be. So if you use 50KB in one session and 100KB in another session, you'll get charged for 2MB. My understanding is that PTel doesn't do this.

    3. Yeah, but what if you go up to 1gb? How much would that cost? What if i only use 500mb some months and 1gb on others? Plus, the thing I like about Ting is that you can just use your phone services as needed, and get charged accordingly, without any need to top up or switch plans or any kind of hassle!

    4. 1GB plans start at $35 on T-Mobile MVNOs and $40 on Airvoice. If you use 500MB and 500 minutes or more every month you're better off with an unlimited plan.

  3. How about GivMobile there other MVNO?

    1. If they do they are they are keeping it a secret. No mention of LTE on GIV's site or Facebook page.

    2. Giv has posted on their Facebook page that they now have LTE too.

  4. Thanks for the heads up DENNIS... I was checking out the news on this site and saw this new LTE service for PTEL customers. I am a PTEL customer and I couldn't even find it on their site mentioning new LTE service... I switched on the LTE ( preferred option when available) on my smartphone and for the first time started receiving LTE on PTEL.
    Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  5. I asked CS for LTE yesterday, and they added it to my account. They said wait 4-24 hours for it to show up, but I still get the 3G icon on my T-Mobile iPhone 5. Called them back, and they said it must be the location. I told them that my phone says LTE with a T-Mobile SIM, in the same place, my house. They reset the data for me. I waited 10 minutes and restarted the phone. It still says 3G, and I am getting my typical Ptel/T-Mobile HSPA+ speeds: 14.75, 11.22, 2.1, 5.45, 7.59, 5.95, 1.86, (restart phone), 11.31, 9.01. I will have to test the phone in more areas to be sure, but it looks like my upgrade did not work.

    1. I believe iPhones require an updated carrier file from Apple to get LTE. Apple is unlikely to create an updated carrier file for PTel as they aren't an authorized iPhone vendor.

    2. I have a ticket in, asking about the settings file. My file is 16.1 with Ptel, and 'T-Mobile 16.1' with their SIM installed. I get the following speeds in the same location with the T-Mobile SIM installed and LTE service (3 bars): 21.45, 15.81, 14.69, 14.29. Upload is about 10X faster than Ptel: 17.15, 20.70, 20.52, 18.87. Ping with T-Mobile LTE is much shorter too.

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