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Music Oriented MVNO ROK Mobile "Launches" But it's Still Invite Only

Remember ROK Mobile, the new music focused MVNO that was supposed to launch July 4?  It's now July 7 and ROK is still invite only.

According to a GigaOm post, ROK is only sending invites people close to the company and a few of the people who requested an invite from the ROK site. ROK COO Gabriel René told GigaOM that the service will be opened to all but didn't provide a date for general availability. René claims that the limited rollout is intended to generate buzz through exclusivity. I think it's more likely that ROK wants to test and tweak the system under light loads before opening it to the masses.

Invited users can preview ROK's music service with a 14 day free trial using ROK's Android and iOS app. The app is only a demo, there's no way to use it past the trial period without signing up for ROK's $49.99 mobile service which includes unlimited voice, messaging, data and music.

Initial reports indicated that ROK would offer service on both the T-Mobile and Sprint networks, using different phones for each. For now at least, the service uses T-Mobile only. ROK users also get access to "over 5 million curated WiFi hotspots". ROK will sell high end Android and iOS phones and will also let customers use their own compatible devices.

ROK was founded by Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Patron Tequila billionaire John Paul DeJoria and British mobile and entertainment entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick.

ROK's signature feature is its music service which promises to combine the best features of Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music. Like Spotify it allows users create their own playlists from a library of 20 millions songs from the Sony, Warner Music and Universal catalogs. Like Pandora and Beats Music ROK can deliver a customized music stream based on the user's favorite songs, artists and genres. It will also use technology from Gracenote to modify streaming music selections to suit the user's mood.

I have no idea how many people ROK has accepted into the program. If you have managed to get an invite please leave a comment about your experiences with the service. I'm especially interested in hearing about the music service's selection and audio quality and whether the $50/month price is all inclusive or if their are additional taxes and fees.

New MVNO ROK Mobile to Launch July 4 With Unlimited Streaming Music, Talk, Text and Data for $49.99/Month


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  1. Really???? By invitation only, hahaha these people are a joke. The only invitation that they will have in a yea or two is bankrupt.

    1. People said Gmail by invitation only was a joke. Now who is laughing?

    2. Laughing? I'm crying due to such Gmail "features" as scrambling the inbox and losing emails and clumping them by subject (instead of presenting all in date,time order) and the recently forced boxes that channel off wanted emails into spam where I nevcer see them.

  2. How can you compare Gmail to just another MVNO in the market trying to stay alive. This is just another crappy MVNO who wants a piece of the cake already dominated by the well known names already stablished. I'm not trying to be negative, is just the truth. I would rather play Russan rullett than invest my money in an MVNO.

    1. "I'm not trying to be negative, ........ I would rather play Russan rullett (sic) than invest my money in an MVNO."
      You can't have it both ways. Which is it?
      Perhaps you are too young to remember that Google and Gmail started from nothing. If everyone had your attitude, they would still be nothing. And everybody would still be calling with AT&T wired phones and feeding pay phones in booths. Just the truth.

    2. You are really not making a point here Mr. Gmail defendant. You will remember this conversation in two years when this MVNO tanks just like many others.

  3. To the "How can you compare Gmail,,,,"

    Are you making this comment from a rotary-dial Princess phone you've been paying Ma Bell a $35 a month rental fee on since 1966?

    Because if the world worked the way you wanted it to, that is what you would be doing.

    1. Ahh, the memories of my pink Princess touch-tone, two button two-line phone....

      Compliments of New York Telephone, and the monthly rental fee that went along with it. Endless hours of needless chatter, all while holding that pink Princess handset against my ear! The worlds I changed using my pink Pricness phone.

      In later years, New York Telephone even made it easy for you to go to one of the new Phone Center Stores and change your rental Princess touch-tone, two button two-line phone for another color. Except, the service representatives over the telephone always "forgot" to tell you that a technician would have to make a "premises visit" to work on your jack because you "chose" the two button, two-line Princess phone.

      I always wanted the Snoopy phone from the Phone Center Store, but I remember my parents saying something to the effect that it was either the Snoopy phone, or open the windows during the winter to let the heat in.....I chose heat!....lol

      Just like Archie and Edith Bunker would sing weekly....."Those were the Days"....

      New York Telephone, which became NYNEX, then Bell Atlantic, which is now


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