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Zact Customers Getting Free Month of Service Before Rebranding and Relaunch

It looks like some big changes are coming to Zact Mobile, a Sprint MVNO that launched just a year ago. A Zact customer posted an email on HowardForums that they received from Zact. It reads:

We’re excited to celebrate the 4th of July as well as share some exciting news!

How are we going to celebrate? Well, at your next billing cycle start date, on or after July 4th, Zact won’t be charging you for your current recurring monthly plan. That’s right. Your next billing cycle on or after July 4th will be FREE.

You don’t need to do anything to enjoy this free service, simply use ZACT as you normally would and when your account cycles in July, you’ll get the same great service you have without the charge to your credit card.

So, what’s the exciting news?

We are pleased to let you know that there will be exciting changes coming. A new wireless service that offers the same features as your Zact service will be available very soon. This new service will include additional service plan options and choices to help you get the most out of your mobile experience.

If you’re interested, you will have the ability to move your Zact phones to the new service. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more details and information, so stay tuned!

Thank you for choosing Zact. Have a happy and safe Independence Day and enjoy your free service.

The Zact Team

A free month of service is nice but the email makes it sound like the Zact brand is going away to be replaced with a new un-named service.. Given that Zact says current customers will be able to move to the new service, but only if they are interested, and that Zact is seeking favor with a free month, suggests to me like the new brand will be a less attractive deal for at least some customers.

Zact current business model is a lot Ting's in that they let users build a custom plans by choosing from different sized buckets of minutes, texts and MBs of data. Also like Ting, a Zact plan can work as a family plan with multiple phones sharing the same bucket of minutes, texts and data. However, unlike Ting, Zact doesn't allow a customer to "bring your own Sprint phone" (BYOSP). A Zact handset is required and phone choices are limited, often out of stock and relatively expensive compared with used and in some cases even new Sprint phones on the open market.

Of course we don't know that Zact's replacement will be a worse deal. Hopefully it will be better for at least some customers and will offer more flexiblity in phone selection including BYOSP.

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  1. Or maybe they wises up and switch to a GSM provider so it will be a true BYOP.

  2. If they switched to a GSM network the Sprint CDMA phones will no longer work. Different technology.

    Doing the smallest bit of fact-checking reveals information on a Sprint deal with this company, complete with a press release at the bottom of the page:
    Looks like all Sprint phones will come with a "nanny" application to get subs to purchase additional airtime/data/services. No word on non-Android phones.

    Kroger i-Wireless (another Sprint MVNO) has also been discussing cryptic "changes" on their Facebook and Twitter accounts for the last few weeks, while promoting lower prices on the older Android phones it sells and their $35 "unlimited" talk/text and 500 MB data (was recently increased from the paltry 50 MB). I've been on this with a basic phone on their lowest service level for purely cost/convenience reasons since family shops mainly at a store owned by Krogers, so every few months service is free. Looks like I might need to double-check the comparison grids for a new provider, just in case.

  3. ROK mobile launches on July 4.... Any coincidence??? They might be the new ZACT.

    1. ROK Mobile is an all new MVNO. And it looks cool.

  4. It looks like a Zact is going to be absorbed into Sprint itself:


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